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Shaycarl - Wikipedia article

(Deleted today by Wikipedia)

Shaycarl (birth name: Shay Butler) is a comedian and YouTuber,[1] producing videos for his three YouTube channels, ShayCarl, Shaytards and ShayLoss.

As of 21 December 2009 Shaycarl has two places in the 25 most subscribed entertainment channels on YouTube: Shaycarl is 13th, with Shaytards also in the top 25. He has over 550,000 subscribers between all three of his YouTube channels. In 2009, Shaytards won the "Best YouTube Channel or Personality" category of Mashable's Open Web Awards.[2]


Shaycarl was an evening DJ for radio station KFTZ in Idaho when video blogger Philip DeFranco held a contest for which Shaycarl posted a video response. DeFranco saw the video and decided to promote Shaycarl's content, boosting the number of views for the Shaycarl channel.

He left KFTZ during the summer of 2009 to move to Los Angeles, to enter into business with other YouTubers in a video platform known as TheStation.

Shaycarl is a YouTube partner with Shaycarl and Shaytards. Since March 5, 2009, he has posted a video each day to Shaytards documenting everyday occurrences in his life. As of 26 December 2009 he has created 297 of these videos.

He also created a ShayLoss channel where he vlogs occasionally about his efforts to lose weight. He discusses his raw food diet and invites others to discuss their own diets via video response.

Besides making videos for his own channels, Shaycarl can be seen on the live broadcasting site BlogTV, where as of 21 December 2009 he had 193 live shows and 234 recordings. In November 2009, Shaycarl appeared in a flash mob which used Midi Mafia's PHamous as a backing track. Shaycarl has three children with colette his wife, "sontard","princesstard" and "babytard". Colette anounced on shays Vlog that she is pregnent with a Child"tard" number four!. the kids names are Gavin,Avia and Emmi.


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Wikipedia's deletion rationale: paraphrase: he sorta meets our rules, but the new york times (or whoever) has not sucked shaycarl's dick yet and done a profile on him yet.

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Rachel Uchitel - Wikipedia article

Here is the exact text of the Rachel Uchitel article on Wikipedia as it read at 6:33am GMT on December 8, 2009. (Below that is an explanation for why I posted it here).

Rachel Uchitel

Rachel Uchitel (born 1975)[1] is a nightclub manager who has managed the VIP section of "some of the most successful clubs in New York".[2] In 2005-06, she was the VIP hostess at Tao in Las Vegas.[3][4][5]

Uchitel graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1996 with a degree in psychology.[6] She spent five years after college as a news producer in New York for Bloomberg television.[7]


Her fiance, investment banker James Andrew O'Grady, was killed in the September 11 attacks of the World Trade Center.[8] A few days later, she appeared on the front page of the New York Post holding a picture of O'Grady.[9][7] [10][11] Uchitel and her fiance's family subsequently debated the disposition of his estate.[12][8]

In 2004, she married Wall Street trader and childhood friend Steven Ehrenkranz.[13] Their marriage lasted four months.[14]

Uchitel is the granddaughter of Maurice Uchitel, who was a restaurant and nightclub owner in the 1950s and 1960s, including the El Morocco club.[15][16]

Tiger Woods

In late 2009, The National Enquirer published a story that alleged that Uchitel had had an affair with Tiger Woods, which she denied.[17] She later scheduled a news conference to discuss Woods' alleged affairs, but she and her attorney Gloria Allred cancelled due to "unforeseen circumstances".[18]


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(this reposting is intended to be in accordance with wikipedia's licensing policies. this is a copy of a now-deleted wikipedia article and all credit goes to authors of article and wikipedia)

Deletion Status (for those with an interest in wiki geekdom)

On December 8, 2009, the Rachel Uchitel page was deleted from Wikipedia following a "deletion discussion." If you don't follow wikipedia, the process here is that any editor can nominate pages for deletion that they believe shouldn't exist. (You can see that discussion here.) The deletion decision is now up for what's called a "deletion review" (think of this as like an appeal of a prisoner on death row, except the prisoner is already dead subject to resurrection by the wikigods), where people will hem and haw over whether the deletion was appropriate. You can see that here. A lot of this, in this case, has to do with protecting the reputation of a "living person" (BLP = biography of living person in wikispeak). However, it is impossible to surf the internet without running into stories about Ms. Uchitel, many of which are drama-fests and probably more damaging than the fairly neutral article that many wikipedia editors had jointly created. Not having a page on wikipedia is not going to help Ms. Uchitel.

In the meantime (the deletion review will likely run for 7 days, through December 15), this source of information that was likely to be the least biased and best summary piece about the subject will be gone from the internets. And people are looking for this information. In fact, over 180,000 viewers in the past week (not counting mirrors that copy the page):
Stats via

The wikieditor who originally created the Rachel Uchitel page blogged last week about the difficulties he faced trying to get an accurate article about Ms. Uchitel on wikipedia. His original attempt was deleted without any discussion, then reinstated before further deletion drama began.Ass Clown "Editors" Killing Wikipedia (Bonzerwolf, Nov. 29, 2009).

Article chronology:
*Nov. 28 - Creation
*Nov. 29 - Deleted. Re-created and re-deleted.
*~Nov. 30 - Recreated
*Dec. 1 - nominated for deletion
*Dec. 8 - deleted
*Dec. 8 - deletion review begins

I'm not going to engage in a huge discussion on Wikipedia deletionism here, I mostly wanted to preserve the article and document the debate to date.

ETA 12/10 2am GMT: Just FYI, a blogpost from the wikipedia admin who deleted the article: Coffee's Thoughts: Politics at Deletion Review. It would be uber-inside-wiki-baseball to explain my problems with this, its just interesting to see he seems pretty miffed that people are questioning his outcome. wiki editors, for the most part, are pretty serious about their work, which is one of the reasons the project has prospered.

ETA 12/10 5am GMT: noticed a forum thread discussing this deletion: " 'The result was no consensus to keep, default to delete.' " That's so retarded. The default should be keep. Onus should be on the deletionists to make a solid case for deletion. So fucking retarded."

ETA June 14, 2010: Someone recreated Ms. Uchitel's article on June 12, 2010, it was very soon renominated for deletion. So far, its looking like it will be deleted again.

ETA June 21, 2010:
The article was kept as there being "no consensus" to delete! Oh well, there go all the hits my blog was getting. :-)

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Drudge, Beck, Limbaugh Hate America, Want It To Fail

What the fuck are these stories about Drudge, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh savoring the elimination of Chicago from the selection of the 2016 Summer Olympics site? Just because Obama tried to lend some support to it?

Its pathetic.

Obama is not America, yet these clowns apparently think it to be the case, so they want to destroy it. America, that is.

You can debate the extent of economic benefit or detriment caused by hosting an Olympics, but its an honor for any city that is chosen to showcase itself to the world. Was Limbaugh pulling his hair out in distress when Atlanta and Salt Lake City, those well-known liberal cities, were awarded an Olympics? (Atlanta's win was announced in September 1990, when elder Bush was prez, and Salt Lake City during Clinton's first term).

Obama didn't lose; America lost. Is it a big deal that we lost the 2016 Olympics bid? No. Personally, I assumed Rio was going to win since South America has been snubbed so long. But rooting for America to lose is pathetic.


Weekly Standard (they edited it out the !! and cheers part, but other sites got screenshots):


Drudge. Nice little Obama-as-Messiah reference, no? (That's the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio.)

drudge does know that most of his readers hate teh gays, no?

Hot Air. Calls it comedy gold that the CNN anchor is suprised when Chicago gets voted out. Apparently, he should have exclaimed "America is pwned motherfuckers!"

can we root to lose WWII retroactively as well?

Not everyone on the right is an idiot however; they just don't have much influence:

Joe Scarborough: "what we saw from some conservative corners regarding the President's failed Olympics bid was just plain stupid."
not a total nutjob

See also Conservatives Revel In America's Olympic Defeat (Talking Points Memo)

Like minded thought from MSNBC's David Shuster:

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

World Hungers For Maria Belen Shapur Pictures

As Allahpundit notes via twitter, "Maria now number two search on all of Google, "mark sanford mistress photo" number three

NOTE: As of 9:50am PT, 12:50pm ET, (ETA: 11:30am PT, 2:30pm ET - still nothing) no credible (or even possibly credible) pictures have emerged of Maria Belen Shapur. Do some work and check again later people! I do promise to update this blogpost with a link when the pics inevitably emerge.

ETA 6pm PT 9pm ET: was suspected, but not her:

This now claimed to be her:

(See also No photo found yet, news report (12:48pm ET))

It amazes me how many spam website links already pop up for those searches. Trust me, the first pics won't show up on or, despite your wildest dreams. These sites which all append "PHOTO" to their titles to make you click on them are not legitimate.

This is a picture that is not of Maria Belen Shapur:
maria belen shapur

maria pictures on google

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The Revolution Will Be Devoid of Comments

Sunday's NY times has a silly article about how .. gasp .. most blogs don't bring fame and fortune.

Blogs Falling in an Empty Forest (kudos to whoever titled that).
According to a 2008 survey by Technorati, which runs a search engine for blogs, only 7.4 million out of the 133 million blogs the company tracks had been updated in the past 120 days. That translates to 95 percent of blogs being essentially abandoned, left to lie fallow on the Web, where they become public remnants of a dream — or at least an ambition — unfulfilled.
Talk about random comments being portrayed as unrealistic expectations:
"To be honest, I would love a book deal to come out of my blog,” she wrote. “Or I would love for [my blog] to give me a means to be financially independent to continue pursuing and sharing what I love with the world.”
But the greatest sin of the article is its failure to quote from the Sprites fantastic song "I started a blog that nobody read"
.. I started a blog which nobody viewed
It might be in cache
The topics include:

"George Bush is an evil moron"
"What's the story with revolving doors?"
"I'm in love with a girl who doesn't notice me"
"Nobody hates preppies anymore"
And silly NY Times articles like this (though this is chump stuff, its no classic like the Man Date) are guaranteed to elicit lots of commentary from the unpaid blogger horde!

From the "blog herald", Blog Bashing: New York Times On Orphaned Blogs
It is an inane article bordering to sensational journalism, masking itself in NYT’s legacy. I’m sorry, but this is just stupid... Want to start blogging? Consider this first:
* Blogging does not equal financial freedom by itself, although you can make money.
* You will likely not make money.
* The money you might in fact make will probably not cover your Starbucks bill.
This is why I do not patronize Starbucks. That free wi-fi is a scam!!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Carrie Prejean Probably Was Jailbait (17) In Sideboob Picture

but, judge, she told me she was 21.

the one sentence summary: Confirmed pic of Carrie Prejean at age 17 suggests that she really is jailbait in the reported noodz.

ETA 5/11: Scroll to the bottom for updated information.

Original Post
: One of the biggest meaningless news stories of the week is that topless pictures of Miss "I fear the gayz" California Carrie Prejean have emerged. Carrie, however, has stated that she was 17 when these pictures were taken, as TMZ and other sources are citing. So only one partially nude sideboob pic has emerged to date, as first posted by gossip site The Dirty. (And I'm already feeling a bit dirty writing about this subject...)

Many others, however, doubt the underage claim, and think it may be a ploy to prevent release of the other pics, which are promised to be more revealing. These people cite the eternal defense of statutory rapists ("she told me she was 18 when i picked her up at the middle school"), believing there is no way she was under 18.

Carrie turned 18 on May 13, 2005. Apparently Victoria's Secret first said that the pink undies in the released pic were not made by them before 2006, but then backed down and said they couldn't confirm who manufactured said undergarments. So the debate continues.

It appears that Carrie's first pageant appearance was at the Miss Vista (California) pageant on April 16, 2005 - a month before she became street legal -- where she was 2nd runner up. (Grijalva crowned Miss Vista 2005 - North County Times, April 18, 2005). I am sure pics of that exist somewhere, but I haven't found any. (I mean, if a beauty pageant happens and no one takes pics, did it really happen?)

However, the local Vista, CA paper ran a story on Prejean on December 4, 2004 -- five months before her 18th birthday -- about a food drive she did. With a picture. See the comparison:

the girls in my high school didn't look like this

While this isn't definitive, I'd say they are a pretty good match. The confirmed pic of 17-year old Carrie does look a lot like Sideboob Carrie, so her claim that these pics are underage could well be true. Plus, her hair is much blonder in recent pics. And I don't think that you can tell from the sideboob pic that it was taken after her recently installed fake boobs, as some have argued. I do wonder if she was really a "model" when the topless pic was taken though, it doesn't look professional at all.

What does all of this have to do with Prejean's ill-fated statement at the Miss USA pageant? Beats me. Its just another example of the modern internet rule that when someone gets famous (conservative or liberal), the dirty laundry is coming right around the corner.

ETA 5/11/09 7am PDT: There is a report on TMZ this morning that questions the under-18 claim made by prejean. It an anonymous tip from one of her "former pageant sponsors" (what's that? a sugar daddy?) that says Carrie sent him one of the topless pics after Jan 6, 2009 asking "if she was in good enough shape for the Miss USA Pageant." Jan 6 is the day Carrie apparently got her boobs done.

The information on TMZ is too sketchy to evaluate. I think the last few days have shown that Prejean and/or her handlers are not afraid to make stupid claims (like that the second sideboob pic released is not really her body but a photoshop job? COME ON!), so her claim that she was 17 when the pics were taken is still up for debate. But how did Prejean "send" this pic to her "former pageant sponsor"? Do kids send pics by any way these days other than email? And if so, where's the email? TMZ hedges on giving out too many details.

Digg link to this post

ETA: Dec 11, 2009: In light of the revelations last month that Carrie Prejean was age 20 when the nude videos about her were made, where she again insisted she was 17, I think that casts great doubt on my suggestion above that she really may have been 17 when the semi-nude photos were snapped. Its still possible, but Prejean cannot be seen as credible on pretty much anything at this point.

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Webkinz World: The Next Athens/Seattle?

I am always on the lookout for good new music, and have corrupted (I hope) my youngins with my love of indie pop/rock and good old "college rock". But when my 5 year old asked me to make him a CD with the song "Where Did You Get Those Stripes", and said it came from, I steeled myself for some horrific abomination of children's music.

But, actually, the song is pretty darn good! Its a sweet little roots rock influenced number, with cute lyrics about the "Alley Cat" Webkin that is being pushed this month on the site.

(If you are already complaining about the blatant commercialism involved here, I would remind you that The Monkees debuted 43 years ago, so this is old hat. At least there is no Miley Cyrus connection.)

Whoever wrote/performed the thing understands how to do a good ol' rock and roll tune that still sounds fresh. Its also, by far, the most viewed video posted by Ganz (the Webkinz people) on YouTube, with over 150,000 views. And the comments are overwhelmingly positive both on youtube and scattered around the internet by pre-tween internet users and surprised stay-at-home moms.

Watch out Williamsburg, here come the Webkinz hipsters!

And for you mp3 and ipod lovers, here you go (right click to download):

Webkin z - Where Did You Get Those Stripes.mp3

(Note: mp3 links are for listening purposes only for a short time. If you’re an artist or label who wants a song taken down, please email at milo_went (at)

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Strangerlove: Wedding Engagement!

I just found this posted on a dating website message board -- apparently the phenomenally popular new internet chat service has already produced its first serious love connection - resulting in a wedding engagement!

the guy may actually be hyemew
you know that actually could be lindsay lohan

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The Sequel You Never Wanted: Evolution of Dance 2

Evolution of Dance 2 is now UP!


If you are a mild follower of YouTube and internet video, you may know that for over two years, Judson Laipply's Evolution of Dance, an "overlong mollycoddle mime dancing sketch", reigned as the most viewed video ever on YouTube. (Until beaten by Avril Lavigne. No comment on that.)

Well, on Monday, the "long awaited" Evolution of Dance 2 appeared, and debuted on The Today Show?!. (See Today show video - witness the crowd of .... 20!?)

WHY OH WHY is this claptrap getting press!?!?!

The video was released to the public late Sunday evening and now has about 1.1 million views, probably mostly curiousity seekers from the press coverage. Its hard to imagine it that could ever rival the 109 million views of its predecessor. The first installment hit YouTube in April 2006, when YouTube was a tiny place with a dearth of good content. It made the most viewed list, which was not a hard feat at the time, considering that one of the top channels was a booty-shaking-all-the-time chick called sexxiebabe23. Then it stayed on the most viewed list by some strange gravitational force. (E.g., NewViewer: "Hmm, I wonder what the most viewed video ever on this youtube thing is?" -click- "OMG! MY EYES! MY EYES!" View counted as viewer fumbles to close browser.)

I'm sorry, but Evolution of Dance 2 is crap.

Its inoffensive crap, but nothing noteworthy. The only positive thing I can say is that Judson Laipply gets credit for squeezing every last drop out of this "phenomenon." More power to him. Evolution of Dance DVDs, t-shirts, fast food franchises, the possibilities are endless.

As the amazingly snarky folks at youtube reviewed say: many times can you go to the well of “goofy white dude in an Orange Crush T-Shirt doing booty-shakin’ moves to retro jams” before it gets old? Turns out the answer is once. You can go to that particular well exactly once. Because after that, it just comes across as tired, uninspired and, frankly, kind of annoying.

So my recommendation: RUN AWAY FROM YOUR KEYBOARD NOW! But like 2girls1cup, many will be unable to resist.