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Itawamba "Private" Prom was Continuation of School Sponsored PROM - BREAKING NEWS

So if you are reading this you probably have heard all about how Itawamba High School held a "secret" "private" prom on Friday April 2, 2010, and did not invite gay classmate Constance McMillen, who was instead directed to attend a fake decoy prom attended by only 7 students, including 2 learning-disabled ones.

Yes, very horrible. But there's also WORSE proof that the "secret" prom was the school prom all along.

So ... on facebook I see classmates and parents of the bigoted students defensively saying crap like "Constance got to go to the 'prom', she can't complain" and refer to the real prom as a "party". Example:

oh we've foooled constance now!

Of course that was posted on a "prom 2010" photo folder.

Well, as you probably know, the "private party" line is a COMPLETE LIE. The Secret Prom was the REAL PROM all along. And Constance was intentionally excluded from it in violation of the US Constitution. When NMisscommentor first broke the story about the secret prom, he noted, "Meanwhile, there’s a rumor that school officials were directly involved in setting up the “fake” prom."

This rumor seems to be true.

On February 5, 2010, Itawamba students were sent a flyer explaining the rules for the prom and that the theme was MASQUERADE:

we gotz rulz

(Note also that dates MUST BE of the opposite sex.)

After they claimed to cancel the official prom to avoid Constance from attending, a federal judge ruled that that act violated the Constitution. But he didn't require the school to reinstitute the prom because he was told a private prom was being planned that ALL students could attend. In fact, however, USAToday reported that Constance would not be permitted to bring a same-sex date or wear a tux to it (which is what the federal judge already had said was discrimination). Well, they ended up "cancelling" that prom too after claiming Constance was "one hour" late trying to buy a ticket for it.

Then, about a day after that "private" prom was "cancelled," a new prom was announced to be held at the local country club. But what really happened is that the real prom moved somewhere else, and Constance was directed to go to the fake prom. (Whether or not she knew there was another real "party" going on, its clear she was not invited to it.)

And at the secret real prom, guess what the theme was and what decorations they used?? Yep -- Masquerade!! They used all the decorations intended for the original prom! Could it not be any clearer that this was intended to be the continuation of the original prom?

busted! if it wasn't for those darn kids and that dog scooby!

ETA 9:45pm PDT 4/8/10:2nd pic
here we are at the realz prom

This, it seems to me, in addition to being sicker than sicker, is a direct and unbelievable breach of what the school district promised the federal judge.

Constance WAS NOT invited to the real prom - she was segregated and sent to a decoy prom. And they laughed their asses off at her, while "Masquerade 2010" went on.

haha constanz you suxxorz

Sick sick sick.

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ETA: 6:40am PDT 4/9 (another facebook comment showing continuity of proms leading to the secret prom):
can't wait

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ETA 2:15pm PDT 4/9 Here's some more info, this is a bit odd. Its some local forum posts in MS which seem to initially deny that any secret prom took place, but there are some references to a "birthday party". Then there are pics from the prom with people pointing to an old greek/roman bust. I know this many be loony but could this be the "birthday party" guest of honor (i.e., a cover story for the prom). I wish someone would just tell me what that bust was for!

ETA 7:53 PDT 4/9: Best info I can gather is that there is no "birthday-bust" connection. A private informant tells me: "that little man in the pictures is this tradition at the school. Every year a senior steals the little man, and takes it somewhere with them and takes pictures with it. Something silly!"

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REPOST: What Happened At Constance McMillen’s Prom - from nmisscommenter

What Happened At Constance McMillen’s Prom

(reposted from - the nmisscommentor website was down earlier today due to traffic overload - as of 1:35pm PDT i am removing the full post now that's it back up)
Here’s the news, from a source I view as extremely reliable. The prom the school district promised at the country club in Fulton was a ruse. Only seven kids, Constance, and her date showed, and at the same time, everyone else held a “real” prom at a secret location out in the county.


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From Earlier, when the original source was down:

nmisscommenter (Tom Freeland) is on twitter at and has posted:

# NMissCommentor readers: My hosting service is overcapacity due to hits from the Constance McMillen story. Am working on some solution. (circa 9am PDT)

# Well, NMC readers, upped blog server capacity by 1/3- best I can do quickly- but w/ links from Gawker & Perez Hilton you'll need patience. (circa 10am PDT)

# My blog isn't dead, but it's still sleeping. (circa 10:50am PDT)

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ETA 12:12pm PDT: MSNBC Report

ETA: 12:57 PDT: the Gawker Post on this story has been updated with a note that at least once prom-goer at Itawamba Agricultural High School has posted prom pictures on their facebook. This does check out---I doubled checked and found that if you peruse Itawamba Agricultural High 2010 profiles on facebook, there are many profile pics for the students which are clearly of prom dresses/couples.

ETA: 1:09 PDT NE Miss Daily Journal article confirms details.

ETA: 1:33 PDT nmisscommentor blog is coming back up, please read the full post there...

Haggard's Law - wikipedia article

Haggard's Law
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, as it existed on March 28, 2010 (prior to its deletion on April 5, 2010)

Haggard's law is an Internet adage or epigram named after Pastor Ted Haggard that is typically stated as: "The louder and more frequent one's objections to homosexuality are, the more likely one is of being a homosexual.".

It is used as either a purely sarcastic musing that people whom are strongly objective of homosexuality are more likely to engage in homosexual activities, or in a reflection of the probability based on the numerous public scandals[1][2][3][4] of famous figures in the opposition of homosexuality and homosexual behavior.


The Internet adage made it's first published appearance in an article[5] written by Dennis DiClaudio of Comedy Central fame [in March 2010] and is named after American evangelical preacher Ted Haggard. It was created after and is reference to a scandal[2] involving prostitute and masseur Mike Jones who alleged that Haggard had paid Jones to engage in sex with him for three years and had also purchased and used crystal methamphetamine[6]. Although he denies using the methamphetamine or having sex with Mr. Jones, the scandal has caused many to view Pastor Haggard being extremely hypocritical about his spoken views, as he was known to publicly preach against Homosexuality[7].

Original quote by author Dennis DiClaudio:
Haggard's Law –
The likelihood of a person harboring secret desires to engage in sexual and/or romantic activities with members of the same sex is directly proportional to the frequency and volume of said person's vocalized objections to homosexuality.[5]
The "law" is more generally used to reference extreme hypocrisy in public figures whom lead the moral opposition of homosexuality and then whom come to find out engage is homosexuality or homosexual behavior.

See Also

* Homosexuality
* Ted Haggard
* Association fallacy
* Internet adage


1. ^ Florida State Representative Accused of Offering to Perform Oral Sex Claims Innocence, Fox News, July 27, 2007
2. ^ a b "Haggard admits 'sexual immorality', apologizes". MSNBC. 2006-11-05. Retrieved 2010-23-03.
3. ^ US anti-gay rights senator Roy Ashburn comes out, BBC News, March 8, 2010
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Also (added by me):
*Stereodax - Haggard’s Law, a Oct 29, 2008 blogpost declaring a coinage of the term.
*March 4, 2007 blogpost defining term as "Haggard's Law: that which a conservative is speaking against most strongly is that which the conservative will inevitably be found to be guilty of."

Analysis of Deletion (for wikigeeks only)

So, believe it or not, this article was appropriately deleted from wikipedia. The article appears to have been created sometime around March 23, 2010, based on an online article from earlier in the month trying to coin and/or cement the existence of the term. (It has been on urban dictionary since March 5, 2010.) On April 5, 2010, it was nominated for deletion, and was speedily deleted in about 30 minutes, on the grounds that it was a neologism, "with a side order of common sense." Yes, its true that not every cool term someone thinks up should immediately be the subject of a wikipedia article. Otherwise wikipedia would be filled with terms that no one uses except in some random and briefly popular blog entry. The same thing goes for articles about drinks or drinking games that people make up during some recent drunken binge, which is attempted quite often.

Haggard's Law got only about 200 views during its existence, despite the folksy truth it espouses. (See Reaction Formation and Is homophobia associated with homosexual arousal? (abstract), both mentioned in the comments to the original Comedy Central article. And Latent homosexuality and The lady doth protest too much, methinks. from wikipedia.)