Thursday, June 25, 2009

World Hungers For Maria Belen Shapur Pictures

As Allahpundit notes via twitter, "Maria now number two search on all of Google, "mark sanford mistress photo" number three

NOTE: As of 9:50am PT, 12:50pm ET, (ETA: 11:30am PT, 2:30pm ET - still nothing) no credible (or even possibly credible) pictures have emerged of Maria Belen Shapur. Do some work and check again later people! I do promise to update this blogpost with a link when the pics inevitably emerge.

ETA 6pm PT 9pm ET: was suspected, but not her:

This now claimed to be her:

(See also No photo found yet, news report (12:48pm ET))

It amazes me how many spam website links already pop up for those searches. Trust me, the first pics won't show up on or, despite your wildest dreams. These sites which all append "PHOTO" to their titles to make you click on them are not legitimate.

This is a picture that is not of Maria Belen Shapur:
maria belen shapur

maria pictures on google

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