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Northeastern Quartersphere - Wikipedia

Northeastern Quartersphere

This is the Wikipedia article for "Northeastern Quartersphere" as it appeared on January 26, 2012, shortly prior to its expected deletion as original research.

The terms Northeastern Quarter or Northeastern Quadrant or simply Northeast are sometimes applied to the portion of the Northern Hemisphere in the Eastern Hemisphere or vice versa. If it's lateral boundaries are based on the Prime Meridian, this region includes most of Asia and Europe, a large portion of Africa and some islands in Oceania. The Northeast covers about two fifths of the Earth's land surface area and hosts 75-80% of the world's population. It is the only quarter bounded by the Prime Meridian and Equator that is mostly land. The Northeast hosts about two fifths of the world's economic activity.
Eastern portion of Earth's Northern Hemisphere


* Europe
o If the Prime Meridian is used as the Western boundary, all except Portugal, most of the United Kingdom, much of Spain and France. If the 20th meridian west, then all of Europe.

* Africa
o If the Prime Meridian is the lateral boundary, then all of Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, most of Somalia, most of Kenya, most of Uganda, Southern Sudan, part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic, parts of Gabon, parts of Equatorial Guinea, parts of Rio Muni, parts of Sao Tome and Principe, Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Chad, most of Niger, part of Mali, most of Algeria, Libya and Tunisia are in this region. If the 20th meridian west is used, then all of Africa North of the Equator.

* Asia
o all except some portions of Indonesia.

* Oceania
o If Prime Meridian is used as the lateral boundary, then Palau, Guam, the Marianas Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, part of Kiribati and Wake Island. If the 20th meridian west is used as the boundary in the West and the 160th meridian east in the East, then only Palau, Guam, the Marianas, and the Federated States of Micronesia.

Bodies of water

* The Arctic Ocean in the Eastern Hemisphere,
* The Western portion of the North Sea, most of the Mediterranean Sea, and all of the Baltic Sea and Black Sea of the Atlantic Ocean,
* The Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean,
* The Eastern Bering Sea, the Sea of Okhotsk, the Sea of Japan/East Sea, the Yellow Sea, East China Sea the South China Sea, the Philippine Sea, Sulu Sea, Celebes Sea, Gulf of Thailand and open ocean in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

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ShayTards - Wikipedia article

This is the wikipedia article for "ShayTards" as it existed on January 2, 2012, prior to its ridiculous deletion the following day.


Genre: vlogging, reality, comedy
Created by: Shay Butler
Starring: Shay Butler (ShayCarl/DaddyTard)
Colette Butler (Katilette/MommyTard)
Country of origin: United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 1,053 (as of 01/02/2012)
Location(s) California, Idaho
Running time Approx. 8 - 25 minutes
Production company(s) VLOG Entertainment[1]
Original channel Alt text
Picture format 720p HD
Audio format MP3, AAC
Original run October 2, 2008 – Present
Related shows Internet Killed Television
External links

ShayTards is a web series which documents the lives of entrepreneur, actor, and Youtuber Shay Butler and his family on the SHAYTARDS Youtube channel. The ShayTards consists of himself, his wife (known by the pseudonym Katilette), their four children, their dog and various family and friends.


1 Background
2 Production
3 Recognition
4 Main cast
5 Related channels
6 References
7 External links


After Shay and his wife, Colette, had their third child Shay became interested in YouTube, amazed at the content posted by other users. Shay started his own channel "ShayCarl" and eventually entered a contest hosted by Philip DeFranco. His video was featured by DeFranco and he started getting subscribers on this channel. Shortly afterward, he started the SHAYTARDS channel with the intention of dedicating it to weight loss. Approaching his 29th birthday, Shay wanted to do something special for the last year of his twenties and began filming daily vlogs of his life in Idaho every day for an entire year, becoming the ShayTards series. The family has now been uploading videos for over three years.

Along with Ben Donovan, Lisa Nova, Dan Zapplin, Ezra Cooperstein, and others, he founded Maker Studios, a company dedicated to making digital video content for YouTube.

Shay & Colette recently started a podcast called "When the Kids go to Sleep", which has once reached the top 10 podcast downloads on iTunes.[3][4]


The show is currently filmed primarily in various locations throughout Los Angeles, California.[5][6][7][8]

The series started using personal video cameras by Flip Video, upgrading to a FlipUltra HD on June 11, 2009. On some occasions, other devices are used, such as the Canon Powershot SD3500 IS, Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS and iPhone. The vlogs were originally edited by Shay himself; however, in its third year an editor, Youtuber BrettTheIntern, was hired. The vlogs are currently edited using Final Cut Pro on an Apple MacBook Pro.

The series begins each episode with a user-created fan video. The music for the theme song in these videos are composed by other Youtubers TeraBrite,[9] NicePeter,[10] OMGIsThatMyles[11] and Callie Moore[12] (sister of Katilette).
[edit] Recognition

The series is currently the 61st most subscribed, with over 1,000,000+ subscribers.[13] Top named celebrities & other YouTubers have been briefly featured and/or have fully appeared on the show including James Blunt (whose album, Some Kind of Trouble, features their youngest daughter in the cover artwork),[14][15] Dave Ramsey,[16][17][1] TJ Smith,[18] Perry Farrell,[19] Skrillex,[19] Ashton Kutcher,[20] Nathan Kress,[21] Adam Carolla,[22] BrettTheIntern,[23][24] Ray William Johnson,[25] KassemG, Smosh,[26] LisaNova, Sam Macaroni,[27] Philip DeFranco, and Charles and Alli Trippy.[28][29][30]

Shay was cast & minorly featured in No Ordinary Family.[31] Shay and Katilette were also featured as guests on the radio talk show/podcast The Parent Experiment, hosted by Adam Carolla's wife Lynette Paradise.[32] Clips of ShayTards were also featured briefly on a 20/20 television special called "Generation YouTube". He was also briefly featured on Last Call. [33][34]
[edit] Main cast

The family uses pseudonyms instead of their real names (for anonymity). The cast of the show consists of the ShayTards entire family and friends, primarily focusing on the immediate family:

Shay Carl - The head of the family.
Katilette (or MommyTard) - Shay's wife.
SonTard - The family's eldest child and son.
PrincessTard - The family's oldest daughter.
BabyTard - The family's youngest daughter.
RockTard - The family's youngest child and son.
Malachi - The family's dog, a great dane.

Related channels

The family has several accounts set up on YouTube, including:

ShayCarl (main channel)- ShayCarl's sketch comedy channel
ShayTards (vlog channel)- ShayCarl and his family vlog their daily life
ShayLoss - previously a weight loss channel (2010 - 2011), now an accountability channel on goal making/life decisions for himself.
iPhoneTard - One-take updates or merchandise giveaways.
Katilette (Shay's wife's channel, often Q&A videos)- She make skits and had a Q and A show on this channel
CaseyLavere (Shay's younger brother's channel, main videos being vlogs)- He vlogs on this channel
CarlieStylez (Shay's sister's channel, similar videos to those on the Katilette channel)
LoganMcKay55 (Shay's youngest brother's channel, also vlogging)- Logan vlogs about his daily life in Idaho.
WhenTheKidsGoToSleep (podcast channel) (also on iTunes)- Shay and Colette discuss personal issues/events in their lives when also giving advice to families etc.
HeyKayli (Shay's sister in laws channel, Casey's wife ) Kayli does tutorials on hair and cooking she also gives Mom advice.
HushinWithLavere (Casey's Hunting Channel)- Casey goes out and hunts for animals with commentary.
TheMomsView (Mom Channel) A channel about how it is being a mom with LisaNova, Katielette and more


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