Friday, April 17, 2009

Webkinz World: The Next Athens/Seattle?

I am always on the lookout for good new music, and have corrupted (I hope) my youngins with my love of indie pop/rock and good old "college rock". But when my 5 year old asked me to make him a CD with the song "Where Did You Get Those Stripes", and said it came from, I steeled myself for some horrific abomination of children's music.

But, actually, the song is pretty darn good! Its a sweet little roots rock influenced number, with cute lyrics about the "Alley Cat" Webkin that is being pushed this month on the site.

(If you are already complaining about the blatant commercialism involved here, I would remind you that The Monkees debuted 43 years ago, so this is old hat. At least there is no Miley Cyrus connection.)

Whoever wrote/performed the thing understands how to do a good ol' rock and roll tune that still sounds fresh. Its also, by far, the most viewed video posted by Ganz (the Webkinz people) on YouTube, with over 150,000 views. And the comments are overwhelmingly positive both on youtube and scattered around the internet by pre-tween internet users and surprised stay-at-home moms.

Watch out Williamsburg, here come the Webkinz hipsters!

And for you mp3 and ipod lovers, here you go (right click to download):

Webkin z - Where Did You Get Those Stripes.mp3

(Note: mp3 links are for listening purposes only for a short time. If you’re an artist or label who wants a song taken down, please email at milo_went (at)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Strangerlove: Wedding Engagement!

I just found this posted on a dating website message board -- apparently the phenomenally popular new internet chat service has already produced its first serious love connection - resulting in a wedding engagement!

the guy may actually be hyemew
you know that actually could be lindsay lohan