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More Wikipedia Weirdness From Petraeusworld

In followup to yesterday's post about how Paula Broadwell's wikipedia page was edited in January 2012 to hint she was having an affair with General Petreaus, I stumbled across this post at Boing Boing a few hours ago with another interesting wikipedia find:

About two weeks after the Broadwell edit, on February 6, an editor from an IP address associated with the United States Central Command made an edit to the entry for Arcadia University to add Jill Kelley to its list of notable alumni. (Kelley is the Tampa woman to whom Broadwell later sent reportedly threatening emails) The edit read:

Jill Kelley, amateur ambassador and chess player

A few days later ", B.S.C." was added after Kelley's name as a mocking suffix of her degree by the same editor. The addition remained, unnoticed, for months! It was only removed a few days ago, after the scandal broke. The ambassador reference, of course, is a joke about Kelley's unofficial (read: made-up) "social liaison" status for MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa -- which is where the US Central Command is headquartered.

Reviewing the editing history of this IP address a bit further, I also noticed that seven minutes after the first Arcadia edit, the same person edited the wikipedia entry for ambassador to add:

"Occasionally, in some cultures, people can self-appoint themselves as "''ambassador''" by simply writing it to thier bio."

This is obviously another crack about Kelley. The edit remained for 10 days (someone helpfully corrected the misspelling) before it was removed as "preposterous".

Monday, November 12, 2012

Wikipedia Speculation About Petraeus Affair - 10 Months Ago

The day after Paula Broadwell appeared on The Daily Show in January 2012 to promote her book "All In" about General David Petraeus, a very brief wikipedia page was created for Broadwell by a new editor who appears to be a Daily Show fan. Within one hour of creation, an anonymous editor (IP address, their only edit ever to wikipedia) edited the page to add:

"Petraeus is reportedly one of her many conquests."

This was removed about an hour later by an infrequent editor (DSutton) with the commentary "Remove libel / vandalism." No attempt was made to re-add the information. About a month later, the article was speedily deleted as not showing how Broadwell was "notable". After deletion, this editing history was hidden from public view until after a new article on Broadwell was created on November 9 when news of her affair with Petraeus broke.

Hard to know whether this anonymous editor had real knowledge, or was just reacting to Broadwell's awkward interview on The Daily Show, but it appears no one commented on the video of Broadwell's interview at the Daily Show website (posted the day after her appearance) until the story broke, at least based on the comments that are currently available.

ETA 2:07 PT 11/12: Thanks to LGF for linking me and confirming the info. He could not trace the IP either.

ETA 8:53pm PT 11/13: New post: More wikipedia weirdness

Monday, August 13, 2012

Paul Ryan - Ayn Rand Lovefest

Mitt Romney's selection of Paul Ryan as his VP candidate has caused Wikipedia traffic on the "Ayn Rand" article to go thru the roof.
From 5,026 views on August 10, the day before the nomination, to more than 10 times that many the following day. This is more than double the average number of daily page views than the Barack Obama or Lagy Gaga articles normally get.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Orville (cat) - Wikipedia Entry

Below is the Wikipedia entry for "Orville (cat)" prior to its deletion on June 12, 2012.  A brief discussion of its deletion follows at the bottom.

Orville is a cat who was converted into a radio-controlled quadcopter and renamed Orvillecopter. After Orville was killed in a car accident, his owner, Bart Jansen,[1] collaborated with Arjen Beltman to create the "half cat, half machine." Orvillecopter based on Lotus T580, had his first test flight on March 9 2012.[2]
Orville was named for the aviator Orville Wright.[3] Jansen has said he did this to pay tribute to his pet.[4]
The Orvillecopter was exhibited at the KunstRAI art festival at Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre in Amsterdam in early June 2012.[5]


Paddy Johnson commented that deceased pets have been used in art before, calling it "sort of a European flavor of art making."[6] Katinka Simonse, a Dutch artist known as TINKEBELL, killed her cat Pinkeltje and made it into a purse.[6]
Graffiti reading "Kill the animal killers" and "Shame" was written on the RAI convention center.[7] The Dutch Party for the Animals condemned Orvillecopter and will send letters of complaint to KunstRAI organizers and RAI.[7][8] Organizer Liesbeth Hemelrijk defended Jansen to the Los Angeles Times, "Even though artist Bart Jansen loved his cat when it was still alive and cared so much for it that he turned it into art after it was run over by a car, people declare him the worst person in the country."[7]
The American People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals called Orvillecopter "a macabre way to honor a beloved family member."[6]
Due to the international attention, Orvillecopter's asking price has been raised from £8,000 (€12,500) to €100,000.[9][10]


Additional sources

"Dutch Artist Shocks with Dead Cat Helicopter". Der Spiegel Magazine. 6/5/2012. Retrieved June 05, 2012.

Deletion Analysis:

This article was deleted on June 12, 2012 after the closing of a deletion discussion which began on June 4. Essentially, its just another entry in the ongoing Wikipedia Wars over when something of brief popularity should be covered by an Everlasting Encyclopedia. There's no question that all or most of the content in the article could be verified with reputable news sources. Is the quantum of human knowledge somehow demeaned if Wikipedia does not include an article on the Orvillecopter? Interestingly, the deletion discussion (aside from my ridiculous poem in it) was fairly rational, and seemed to recognize that silly things like Orville CAN become encyclopedic, as long as people keep mentioning it over time. For fun:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Hot Problems" - Yes, Of Course Its Fake

UPDATED 4/19: See updates at bottom for identities of who is behind the video.

This showed up on YouTube on April 15 and went viral on Tuesday after Huffington Post and other websites pimped it as the "next Rebecca Black".

Of course, this one is fake though.

It has some connection to CalState-Northridge film geeks. I may update this further, but just wanted to post to confirm for anyone who cares - yes, its fake. Fascinating though, that HuffPo and others posted it without caring that it was fake -- they just wanted to pretend it might be real, because that's more fun, I guess (and guarantees more ad impressions).

Here's some tweets I recently had with someone else confirming it:

As of April 17, when the story first broke, "OldBaileyProductions" which uploaded the video to youtube, had other videos on its channel, related to film projects at Cal-State Northridge. These were all quickly removed as the vid took off, and the channel reworked to be about "Double Take" the band (which "band" has no facebook, twitter, or other presence online at the moment.)

Just after OldBailey uploaded the video though, it did post on another video a joke about its new bad video. The post says "Come check out my page if you want to get a fucking laugh at the new artist 'Double Take'!!!" (The comment was made on the Lexi St. George video -- Lexi is a post-Rebecca Black creation by ARK Music Factory).

OldBailey has some connection, I'm not sure what, to Alex Goyette, who posts funny parody vids on Youtube as well, under the JouleTheif channel. On one old JouleTheif video, OldBailey posts that Alex is his roommmate.

ETA 9:42am PDT: Fuse has spoken with "OldBailey Productions." This confirms the CalStateNorthridge connection again.

ETA 11:10am PDT: One of the girls' (alleged, not proven yet) moms posted on the Fuse article:

ETA: 12:19pm PDT - It is now is clear I should mention that two of the original tags on the video (later removed as of late April 17) were "Drew G*****" and "Lauren W*****" - probably the names of the girls.

Yes, it is. Since they appear to be minors I will not post any additional information about them.

ETA 5:30am PDT 4/19
- The song is finally up on itunes now.

ETA 4/17 5:50am: Old Bailey Productions is probably a guy named Connor Abrams (at least he used to be a big part of it). He has videos up on other sites like this one credited to Old Bailey. He's from the same hometown and high school as the two girls in the vid.

ETA 4/17 6:04am: And Connor Abrams of Northridge, CA currently has a soundcloud account as "oldbailey", clearly he has the ability to record similar music.

ETA 6:15am PDT: Here's a radio interview the girls (Lauren and Drew) did this morning: kiss92.5. The girls don't admit its fake, but clearly they imply its a joke. It might have been more fun if they claimed it was real.

ETA 4/19 10:56am PDT: The girls did interviews with MTV and CNN this morning, based on their new twitter account @DoubleTakeMus1 (which I can verify is real, despite it looking new and fakey.)

Friday, March 30, 2012

YouTube Song of the Day: La Sera - Break My Heart

Youtube link
Mp3 available at Stereogum

La Sera is the solo-project of Katy Goodman of Vivian Girls. I shall never tire of perfect two minute punky post-Pixies/Blake Babies/Beach Boys/Buzzcocks female-fronted compositions. I share only the best ones with you, dear friends. Now LISTEN. OR ELSE. Upload to your mp3 player, roll down your car windows, put it on, and drive somewhere. Anywhere. Of course in 2 minutes you probably can't make it very far, but you get the idea.

La Sera's second album, "See the Light" was released this week.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Do Asian Women Have Sideways Vaginas?


Ah, the power of the Internets! Just when you think you've heard of every possible sexual slang term or depraved fetish that could ever exist, you learn a new one. Earlier this week, the parody of Pete Hoekstra's racist "debbie spend it now" ad revealed to me the claim that Asian or Chinese women have "sideways vaginas."


I mean who hasn't heard about vaginas with teeth, but -- sideways vaginas? And even though its been the subject of internet speculation since as far back as 1993--making it ancient already, and remains an important topic for the pathetic yahoo answers crowd, its quite an authentically old myth.

A video clip with a sideways vagina joke:

UC-Santa Cruz professor Judy Yung has written that the rumor dates back at least to the 1850s. It may have arisen from the interface of the Chinese with the English, who took over Hong Kong in the 1840s. British writer Colin Watson, writing in 1971 about the treatment of Asian subjects in English crime stories, noted "the widespread belief that the labial plane of a Chinese vagina was horizontal instead of vertical and consequently less prized by native sensualists." Apparently, you could titillate British audiences with stories of white women and their superior vertical vaginas being kidnapped for exploitation in the Chinese brothel market.

A 1970 erotica study opines that the myth is "American folklore" that has persisted because Chinese-Americans were historically segregated from the general American population. In other words, because men were unable to regularly sample Chinese vajayjays in the name of science or otherwise, American men were forced to conclude the rumor must be true. However, since many American men in the military served in Asia between WWII and Vietnam, the myth may have been kept alive as an obvious joke. Certainly the joke seems to have been fairly well spread among American men by the 1940s.

The exact reason why the idea of the sideways vagina was invented is unclear. Intense investigation of internet speculation suggests two theories (1) Asians have "slanted" eyes, so someone suggested that Asian vaginas are slanted as well; and (2) Asian women are generally smaller and thus have smaller and "tighter" vaginas, and somehow this makes them sideways for no clear reason.

Cracked magazine suggests that sailors visiting Asia probably came up with it, since they already believed manatees were really hot mermaids. And considering the problems of having sex with mermaids, I guess sailors must be really fucked up to come up with these things. Probably just extremely horny, actually.

Today the sideways vagina legend has become solely the stuff of humor. In a 2001 Saturday Night Live skit, Alex Baldwin played on a number of well-known Chinese stereotypes, and exclaimed, "I know the womenfolk have sideways vaginas! But underneath their scales, they're just like you and me."

And then there's this joke I picked up in my researches:
A man picks up a Chinese hooker, and as she's taking him upstairs, he asks, "Is it true Oriental women have a horizontal vagina?

She looks at him and says, "Why, do you play harmonica?"
So there you have it. If you don't believe me, google up some asian porn.

1. Yung, Judy. Unbound voices: a documentary history of Chinese women in San Francisco, p. 136 (1999)
2. Edwardes, Allen et al. The cradle of erotica:
a study of Afro-Asian sexual expression and an analysis of erotic freedom in social relationships
, p. 44 (1970) ("American folklore has the has the Chinese vagina "sideways". In the United States, Chinese-Americans remain for the most part self -segregated and their women will seldom have anything to do sexually with a non-Chinese male. Thus, by want of opportunity to put it to the test, the legend of the sideways' vagina is maintained.")
3. Watson, Colin. Snobbery with violence: English crime stories and their audience (1971)
4. Flox, AV (6 July 2007). The Sideways Vagina, Blackheart Magazine
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8. Yahoo Answers (2010 thread). Is it true that Chinese girls have horizontal vaginas?
9. straightdope.com (March 2004 thread). Where Did The Belief That Asian Women Are 'Sideways' Originate? (worthwhile comment: "but I've run across the concept in fiction from the 1940s (artfully relayed so that they convey the idea without being gross and explicit). Those sources treated it as an old joke, and an obviously ridiculous one. I don't think any of these took it at all seriously, or intended it as racist")
10. The Amazing Ben. The Sideways Vagina Song (March 2010) (the only known song dedicated to sideways vaginas)

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Friday, February 03, 2012

Komen Founder Admitted in 2010 Memoir That Dropping PP Funding Would Be "Turning Our Backs" On Poor Women

There is a huge and growing uproar this week over the Komen Foundation's politically-motivated decision to cut its funding for breast cancer screening to Planned Parenthood.

The decision could cut off the only access to breast health counseling available to poor women in some parts of the United States. An inflammatory claim to be sure, but the founder of the Komen group has told us that is exactly what may happen.

In 2010, Komen founder and Nancy Brinker published "Promise Me", a memoir of how the group was founded and grew, starting from the deathbed promise made to her sister, Susan G. Komen, who died of breast cancer in 1980.

In the book, she discusses how the Curves workout chain withdrew their support to Komen in 2004 due to Komen's grants to Planned Parenthood centers. Brinker is clear about why they refused to buckle to Curves' pressure:
"The grants in question supplied breast health counseling, screening, and treatment to rural women, poor women, Native American women, many women of color who were underserved--if served at all--in areas where Planned Parenthood facilities were often the only infrastructure available. Though it meant losing corporate money from Curves, we were not about to turn our backs on these women."
Until this week, apparently. Wow.

Brinker continues to make clear that Komen's PP funding has nothing to do with abortions, and that although they were sad to lose Curves' support -- "we remain focused on our mission."

Until now it seems. Ugh.

Book excerpt below

ETA 9:15am PST: Komen seems to be backing down today, but its a bit ambiguous. The admission by Brinker in 2010 above is important in any event.

ETA: 1:11pm PST: Thanks to John Green, Little Green Footballs, Shoq and all who have retweeted, reposted, facebooked, etc., this story.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Northeastern Quartersphere - Wikipedia

Northeastern Quartersphere

This is the Wikipedia article for "Northeastern Quartersphere" as it appeared on January 26, 2012, shortly prior to its expected deletion as original research.

The terms Northeastern Quarter or Northeastern Quadrant or simply Northeast are sometimes applied to the portion of the Northern Hemisphere in the Eastern Hemisphere or vice versa. If it's lateral boundaries are based on the Prime Meridian, this region includes most of Asia and Europe, a large portion of Africa and some islands in Oceania. The Northeast covers about two fifths of the Earth's land surface area and hosts 75-80% of the world's population. It is the only quarter bounded by the Prime Meridian and Equator that is mostly land. The Northeast hosts about two fifths of the world's economic activity.
Eastern portion of Earth's Northern Hemisphere


* Europe
o If the Prime Meridian is used as the Western boundary, all except Portugal, most of the United Kingdom, much of Spain and France. If the 20th meridian west, then all of Europe.

* Africa
o If the Prime Meridian is the lateral boundary, then all of Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, most of Somalia, most of Kenya, most of Uganda, Southern Sudan, part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic, parts of Gabon, parts of Equatorial Guinea, parts of Rio Muni, parts of Sao Tome and Principe, Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Chad, most of Niger, part of Mali, most of Algeria, Libya and Tunisia are in this region. If the 20th meridian west is used, then all of Africa North of the Equator.

* Asia
o all except some portions of Indonesia.

* Oceania
o If Prime Meridian is used as the lateral boundary, then Palau, Guam, the Marianas Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, part of Kiribati and Wake Island. If the 20th meridian west is used as the boundary in the West and the 160th meridian east in the East, then only Palau, Guam, the Marianas, and the Federated States of Micronesia.

Bodies of water

* The Arctic Ocean in the Eastern Hemisphere,
* The Western portion of the North Sea, most of the Mediterranean Sea, and all of the Baltic Sea and Black Sea of the Atlantic Ocean,
* The Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean,
* The Eastern Bering Sea, the Sea of Okhotsk, the Sea of Japan/East Sea, the Yellow Sea, East China Sea the South China Sea, the Philippine Sea, Sulu Sea, Celebes Sea, Gulf of Thailand and open ocean in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

ShayTards - Wikipedia article

This is the wikipedia article for "ShayTards" as it existed on January 2, 2012, prior to its ridiculous deletion the following day.


Genre: vlogging, reality, comedy
Created by: Shay Butler
Starring: Shay Butler (ShayCarl/DaddyTard)
Colette Butler (Katilette/MommyTard)
Country of origin: United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 1,053 (as of 01/02/2012)
Location(s) California, Idaho
Running time Approx. 8 - 25 minutes
Production company(s) VLOG Entertainment[1]
Original channel Alt text
Picture format 720p HD
Audio format MP3, AAC
Original run October 2, 2008 – Present
Related shows Internet Killed Television
External links

ShayTards is a web series which documents the lives of entrepreneur, actor, and Youtuber Shay Butler and his family on the SHAYTARDS Youtube channel. The ShayTards consists of himself, his wife (known by the pseudonym Katilette), their four children, their dog and various family and friends.


1 Background
2 Production
3 Recognition
4 Main cast
5 Related channels
6 References
7 External links


After Shay and his wife, Colette, had their third child Shay became interested in YouTube, amazed at the content posted by other users. Shay started his own channel "ShayCarl" and eventually entered a contest hosted by Philip DeFranco. His video was featured by DeFranco and he started getting subscribers on this channel. Shortly afterward, he started the SHAYTARDS channel with the intention of dedicating it to weight loss. Approaching his 29th birthday, Shay wanted to do something special for the last year of his twenties and began filming daily vlogs of his life in Idaho every day for an entire year, becoming the ShayTards series. The family has now been uploading videos for over three years.

Along with Ben Donovan, Lisa Nova, Dan Zapplin, Ezra Cooperstein, and others, he founded Maker Studios, a company dedicated to making digital video content for YouTube.

Shay & Colette recently started a podcast called "When the Kids go to Sleep", which has once reached the top 10 podcast downloads on iTunes.[3][4]


The show is currently filmed primarily in various locations throughout Los Angeles, California.[5][6][7][8]

The series started using personal video cameras by Flip Video, upgrading to a FlipUltra HD on June 11, 2009. On some occasions, other devices are used, such as the Canon Powershot SD3500 IS, Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS and iPhone. The vlogs were originally edited by Shay himself; however, in its third year an editor, Youtuber BrettTheIntern, was hired. The vlogs are currently edited using Final Cut Pro on an Apple MacBook Pro.

The series begins each episode with a user-created fan video. The music for the theme song in these videos are composed by other Youtubers TeraBrite,[9] NicePeter,[10] OMGIsThatMyles[11] and Callie Moore[12] (sister of Katilette).
[edit] Recognition

The series is currently the 61st most subscribed, with over 1,000,000+ subscribers.[13] Top named celebrities & other YouTubers have been briefly featured and/or have fully appeared on the show including James Blunt (whose album, Some Kind of Trouble, features their youngest daughter in the cover artwork),[14][15] Dave Ramsey,[16][17][1] TJ Smith,[18] Perry Farrell,[19] Skrillex,[19] Ashton Kutcher,[20] Nathan Kress,[21] Adam Carolla,[22] BrettTheIntern,[23][24] Ray William Johnson,[25] KassemG, Smosh,[26] LisaNova, Sam Macaroni,[27] Philip DeFranco, and Charles and Alli Trippy.[28][29][30]

Shay was cast & minorly featured in No Ordinary Family.[31] Shay and Katilette were also featured as guests on the radio talk show/podcast The Parent Experiment, hosted by Adam Carolla's wife Lynette Paradise.[32] Clips of ShayTards were also featured briefly on a 20/20 television special called "Generation YouTube". He was also briefly featured on Last Call. [33][34]
[edit] Main cast

The family uses pseudonyms instead of their real names (for anonymity). The cast of the show consists of the ShayTards entire family and friends, primarily focusing on the immediate family:

Shay Carl - The head of the family.
Katilette (or MommyTard) - Shay's wife.
SonTard - The family's eldest child and son.
PrincessTard - The family's oldest daughter.
BabyTard - The family's youngest daughter.
RockTard - The family's youngest child and son.
Malachi - The family's dog, a great dane.

Related channels

The family has several accounts set up on YouTube, including:

ShayCarl (main channel)- ShayCarl's sketch comedy channel
ShayTards (vlog channel)- ShayCarl and his family vlog their daily life
ShayLoss - previously a weight loss channel (2010 - 2011), now an accountability channel on goal making/life decisions for himself.
iPhoneTard - One-take updates or merchandise giveaways.
Katilette (Shay's wife's channel, often Q&A videos)- She make skits and had a Q and A show on this channel
CaseyLavere (Shay's younger brother's channel, main videos being vlogs)- He vlogs on this channel
CarlieStylez (Shay's sister's channel, similar videos to those on the Katilette channel)
LoganMcKay55 (Shay's youngest brother's channel, also vlogging)- Logan vlogs about his daily life in Idaho.
WhenTheKidsGoToSleep (podcast channel) (also on iTunes)- Shay and Colette discuss personal issues/events in their lives when also giving advice to families etc.
HeyKayli (Shay's sister in laws channel, Casey's wife ) Kayli does tutorials on hair and cooking she also gives Mom advice.
HushinWithLavere (Casey's Hunting Channel)- Casey goes out and hunts for animals with commentary.
TheMomsView (Mom Channel) A channel about how it is being a mom with LisaNova, Katielette and more


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External links

SHAYTARDS - Main Youtube channel
Official website