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Shaycarl - Wikipedia article

(Deleted today by Wikipedia)

Shaycarl (birth name: Shay Butler) is a comedian and YouTuber,[1] producing videos for his three YouTube channels, ShayCarl, Shaytards and ShayLoss.

As of 21 December 2009 Shaycarl has two places in the 25 most subscribed entertainment channels on YouTube: Shaycarl is 13th, with Shaytards also in the top 25. He has over 550,000 subscribers between all three of his YouTube channels. In 2009, Shaytards won the "Best YouTube Channel or Personality" category of Mashable's Open Web Awards.[2]


Shaycarl was an evening DJ for radio station KFTZ in Idaho when video blogger Philip DeFranco held a contest for which Shaycarl posted a video response. DeFranco saw the video and decided to promote Shaycarl's content, boosting the number of views for the Shaycarl channel.

He left KFTZ during the summer of 2009 to move to Los Angeles, to enter into business with other YouTubers in a video platform known as TheStation.

Shaycarl is a YouTube partner with Shaycarl and Shaytards. Since March 5, 2009, he has posted a video each day to Shaytards documenting everyday occurrences in his life. As of 26 December 2009 he has created 297 of these videos.

He also created a ShayLoss channel where he vlogs occasionally about his efforts to lose weight. He discusses his raw food diet and invites others to discuss their own diets via video response.

Besides making videos for his own channels, Shaycarl can be seen on the live broadcasting site BlogTV, where as of 21 December 2009 he had 193 live shows and 234 recordings. In November 2009, Shaycarl appeared in a flash mob which used Midi Mafia's PHamous as a backing track. Shaycarl has three children with colette his wife, "sontard","princesstard" and "babytard". Colette anounced on shays Vlog that she is pregnent with a Child"tard" number four!. the kids names are Gavin,Avia and Emmi.


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Wikipedia's deletion rationale: paraphrase: he sorta meets our rules, but the new york times (or whoever) has not sucked shaycarl's dick yet and done a profile on him yet.

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