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Shaycarl - Wikipedia article

(Deleted today by Wikipedia)

Shaycarl (birth name: Shay Butler) is a comedian and YouTuber,[1] producing videos for his three YouTube channels, ShayCarl, Shaytards and ShayLoss.

As of 21 December 2009 Shaycarl has two places in the 25 most subscribed entertainment channels on YouTube: Shaycarl is 13th, with Shaytards also in the top 25. He has over 550,000 subscribers between all three of his YouTube channels. In 2009, Shaytards won the "Best YouTube Channel or Personality" category of Mashable's Open Web Awards.[2]


Shaycarl was an evening DJ for radio station KFTZ in Idaho when video blogger Philip DeFranco held a contest for which Shaycarl posted a video response. DeFranco saw the video and decided to promote Shaycarl's content, boosting the number of views for the Shaycarl channel.

He left KFTZ during the summer of 2009 to move to Los Angeles, to enter into business with other YouTubers in a video platform known as TheStation.

Shaycarl is a YouTube partner with Shaycarl and Shaytards. Since March 5, 2009, he has posted a video each day to Shaytards documenting everyday occurrences in his life. As of 26 December 2009 he has created 297 of these videos.

He also created a ShayLoss channel where he vlogs occasionally about his efforts to lose weight. He discusses his raw food diet and invites others to discuss their own diets via video response.

Besides making videos for his own channels, Shaycarl can be seen on the live broadcasting site BlogTV, where as of 21 December 2009 he had 193 live shows and 234 recordings. In November 2009, Shaycarl appeared in a flash mob which used Midi Mafia's PHamous as a backing track. Shaycarl has three children with colette his wife, "sontard","princesstard" and "babytard". Colette anounced on shays Vlog that she is pregnent with a Child"tard" number four!. the kids names are Gavin,Avia and Emmi.


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Wikipedia's deletion rationale: paraphrase: he sorta meets our rules, but the new york times (or whoever) has not sucked shaycarl's dick yet and done a profile on him yet.

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Rachel Uchitel - Wikipedia article

Here is the exact text of the Rachel Uchitel article on Wikipedia as it read at 6:33am GMT on December 8, 2009. (Below that is an explanation for why I posted it here).

Rachel Uchitel

Rachel Uchitel (born 1975)[1] is a nightclub manager who has managed the VIP section of "some of the most successful clubs in New York".[2] In 2005-06, she was the VIP hostess at Tao in Las Vegas.[3][4][5]

Uchitel graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1996 with a degree in psychology.[6] She spent five years after college as a news producer in New York for Bloomberg television.[7]


Her fiance, investment banker James Andrew O'Grady, was killed in the September 11 attacks of the World Trade Center.[8] A few days later, she appeared on the front page of the New York Post holding a picture of O'Grady.[9][7] [10][11] Uchitel and her fiance's family subsequently debated the disposition of his estate.[12][8]

In 2004, she married Wall Street trader and childhood friend Steven Ehrenkranz.[13] Their marriage lasted four months.[14]

Uchitel is the granddaughter of Maurice Uchitel, who was a restaurant and nightclub owner in the 1950s and 1960s, including the El Morocco club.[15][16]

Tiger Woods

In late 2009, The National Enquirer published a story that alleged that Uchitel had had an affair with Tiger Woods, which she denied.[17] She later scheduled a news conference to discuss Woods' alleged affairs, but she and her attorney Gloria Allred cancelled due to "unforeseen circumstances".[18]


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(this reposting is intended to be in accordance with wikipedia's licensing policies. this is a copy of a now-deleted wikipedia article and all credit goes to authors of article and wikipedia)

Deletion Status (for those with an interest in wiki geekdom)

On December 8, 2009, the Rachel Uchitel page was deleted from Wikipedia following a "deletion discussion." If you don't follow wikipedia, the process here is that any editor can nominate pages for deletion that they believe shouldn't exist. (You can see that discussion here.) The deletion decision is now up for what's called a "deletion review" (think of this as like an appeal of a prisoner on death row, except the prisoner is already dead subject to resurrection by the wikigods), where people will hem and haw over whether the deletion was appropriate. You can see that here. A lot of this, in this case, has to do with protecting the reputation of a "living person" (BLP = biography of living person in wikispeak). However, it is impossible to surf the internet without running into stories about Ms. Uchitel, many of which are drama-fests and probably more damaging than the fairly neutral article that many wikipedia editors had jointly created. Not having a page on wikipedia is not going to help Ms. Uchitel.

In the meantime (the deletion review will likely run for 7 days, through December 15), this source of information that was likely to be the least biased and best summary piece about the subject will be gone from the internets. And people are looking for this information. In fact, over 180,000 viewers in the past week (not counting mirrors that copy the page):
Stats via

The wikieditor who originally created the Rachel Uchitel page blogged last week about the difficulties he faced trying to get an accurate article about Ms. Uchitel on wikipedia. His original attempt was deleted without any discussion, then reinstated before further deletion drama began.Ass Clown "Editors" Killing Wikipedia (Bonzerwolf, Nov. 29, 2009).

Article chronology:
*Nov. 28 - Creation
*Nov. 29 - Deleted. Re-created and re-deleted.
*~Nov. 30 - Recreated
*Dec. 1 - nominated for deletion
*Dec. 8 - deleted
*Dec. 8 - deletion review begins

I'm not going to engage in a huge discussion on Wikipedia deletionism here, I mostly wanted to preserve the article and document the debate to date.

ETA 12/10 2am GMT: Just FYI, a blogpost from the wikipedia admin who deleted the article: Coffee's Thoughts: Politics at Deletion Review. It would be uber-inside-wiki-baseball to explain my problems with this, its just interesting to see he seems pretty miffed that people are questioning his outcome. wiki editors, for the most part, are pretty serious about their work, which is one of the reasons the project has prospered.

ETA 12/10 5am GMT: noticed a forum thread discussing this deletion: " 'The result was no consensus to keep, default to delete.' " That's so retarded. The default should be keep. Onus should be on the deletionists to make a solid case for deletion. So fucking retarded."

ETA June 14, 2010: Someone recreated Ms. Uchitel's article on June 12, 2010, it was very soon renominated for deletion. So far, its looking like it will be deleted again.

ETA June 21, 2010:
The article was kept as there being "no consensus" to delete! Oh well, there go all the hits my blog was getting. :-)