Friday, December 15, 2006

Cara Brimley EXPOSED!

But in a tasteful way, I hope. Yes, milowent tries to figure out how to make a video. Sort of.

ETA: Prior story

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Cara Brimley is ... Mary Newman!

Credit to spbfilm at Anchor Cove for connecting the dots!

theres something about mary. ouch thats corny of me

Mary's website. She lists nohogirls on her resume, in case you don't believe that pic is her!

Mary's IMDB entry. She has been cast in a small role in an upcoming film, The Jane Austen Book Club, starring Kathy Baker, Maria Bello, and Marc Blucas. Very cool.

Anchor Cove thread scroll to the bottom.

More news at 11, or whatever .....

A minor note. Anyone thinking of posting crap on youtube or elsewhere 'oh, your real name is mary, you @#$@#!DFS", that's just lame. We always knew Cara was an actress, and it became clear over time that she is a talented one. So, stay cool.

ETA: video expose!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Official LG15 Chat - What Should Daniel Do? [12/7/06]

Watch Daniel's new "The Test" video 1st to understand what the chat is supposed to be about.

[22:33:42] coofie has left the room `General`.
[22:33:50] coofie: woops
[22:33:57] Ennovi: holly, seems like most of us want jonas b/c the streets are too dangerous, we have no proof he is evil, the home is bugged, and for the sake of the plot. :)
[22:34:00] sweetie55: jonas may be a trap, but they can go into it trying to take advantage of the situation
[22:34:05] royplay94: ya
[22:34:06] coofie: hey its blu
[22:34:07] Dannie717: yup basically
[22:34:07] royplay94: so
[22:34:11] Treefunk: We want jonas because that's what we're supposed to say
[22:34:12] royplay94: lets take a vote now?
[22:34:21] adritha: yes (tent)
[22:34:24] Dannie717: yeah
[22:34:25] angelsdown has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[22:34:26] royplay94: ok
[22:34:26] beachlovr9: enn, thanks for reminding about the video from opahid, you're right, I don't think they should go home. At the end it says, "The shifts of Fortune test the reliability of friends" if you play it backwards
[22:34:27] Treefunk: because this is disingenuous fan interaction
[22:34:30] khjq: Well like I said, if Jonas is EVIL, then Bree and Daniel SHOULD go to his house, that way something entertaining will happen
[22:34:37] royplay94: all in favor of oging to jonas say JONAS!
[22:34:45] HoorayForMakingOut: Youre evil Queenie
[22:34:46] OhEmGeeItsLily: I've been saying to go to Jonas' since he showed up.
[22:34:51] sweetie55: lol
[22:34:51] OhEmGeeItsLily: Go to Jonas's
[22:34:52] khjq: I know
[22:34:53] omegawoman has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[22:34:53] adritha: JONAS
[22:34:55] Paulo: JONAS
[22:34:56] Ennovi: jonas
[22:34:57] sweetie55: JONAS
[22:34:57] OhEmGeeItsLily: I want him to be evil too.
[22:35:01] Treefunk: protest vote = anywhere but Jonas'
[22:35:02] OhEmGeeItsLily: We need something.
[22:35:03] HoorayForMakingOut: Lmao
[22:35:05] heather: JONAS
[22:35:06] milowent: Paul and Andrea!
[22:35:07] khjq: JONAS
[22:35:09] khjq: JONAS
[22:35:11] khjq: JONAS
[22:35:12] beachlovr9: jonas
[22:35:15] Treefunk: here here milowent
[22:35:15] royplay94: ok thats 8
[22:35:18] HoorayForMakingOut: JONAS!
[22:35:20] sweetie55: as long as they never trust him completely
[22:35:21] khjq: ONLY IF HE IS EVIL THOUGH
[22:35:24] GoodGollyItsHolly: im answering some messages so i may be in and out
[22:35:28] khjq: ONLY IF HE IS EVIL THOUGH
[22:35:29] royplay94: beach, kh, adritha, paulo, sweetie, heather and me
[22:35:30] HoorayForMakingOut: Haha Queen
[22:35:33] Treefunk: Sanjo
[22:35:34] GoodGollyItsHolly: but i am taking all of your ideas into account!
[22:35:37] sweetie55: kk holly, doing a great job!
[22:35:38] royplay94: and lily
[22:35:44] Dannie717: should we just pm holly what we think thye should do...?
[22:35:47] Treefunk: poor holly
[22:35:49] Ennovi: [to milowent] hey milowent. I sent you a message but the forum was down. :) I am the same ennovi. but that sillicon valley boy took all the credit. :( LOL
[22:35:54] CranberryApple has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[22:35:54] HoorayForMakingOut: Did Daniel ever say who the person was going to be in the forums??
[22:35:59] Treefunk: mmm
[22:36:00] sweetie55: holly
[22:36:01] khjq: Holly
[22:36:02] Treefunk: cranberry apple
[22:36:04] GoodGollyItsHolly: me
[22:36:07] khjq: carrot cake
[22:36:08] GoodGollyItsHolly: i have the golden ticket
[22:36:08] milowent: cool, ennovi, i bow before you
[22:36:09] sweetie55: =)
[22:36:09] Treefunk: yum
[22:36:11] GoodGollyItsHolly: so to speak
[22:36:12] HoorayForMakingOut: Where did he say that
[22:36:16] CranberryApple: haha hey treefunk
[22:36:17] Paulo: I want to see Jonas do the dance of the sugar plum fairies in a tutu... that will prove he's trustworthy.
[22:36:17] sweetie55: daniel came here
[22:36:21] Ennovi: he he thanks milo ;)
[22:36:23] Dannie717: yeah the creators confirmed it on the boards
[22:36:27] Rolland has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[22:36:29] HoorayForMakingOut: Where
[22:36:32] Treefunk: Paulo has devised a fullproof test
[22:36:34] HoorayForMakingOut: I wanna see
[22:36:37] Treefunk: lol
[22:36:37] royplay94: i am listening to i ron man
[22:36:37] HoorayForMakingOut: !!
[22:36:38] sweetie55: he has?
[22:36:43] Paulo: Evil people can't wear tutus.
[22:36:44] Dannie717: in "the test" thread
[22:36:48] Treefunk: exactly
[22:36:49] Rolland: HOLLY CONGRATULATIONS!
[22:37:05] CranberryApple: so all we have to do is get jonas in a tutu?
[22:37:05] milowent: does holly have to devise a test, or just make the choice?
[22:37:19] Ennovi: make a choice..
[22:37:20] Treefunk: just choice of whether to go to Jonas' or to go home
[22:37:24] jsmith has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[22:37:27] adritha: choice
[22:37:28] Treefunk: which really isn't much of a choice imao
[22:37:30] OhEmGeeItsLily: Hey Jd.
[22:37:31] cloud_ax: if they go they should keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.
[22:37:36] Treefunk: (in my angry opinion)
[22:37:37] Ennovi: the test is getting the approval of the fans
[22:37:37] jsmith: sorry for killing the chat a few moments ago
[22:37:41] sweetie55: well whatever the decision may be, it will be the best one we can give in the current situation
[22:37:43] Paulo: She is to tell them what the majority think.... Unless Holly is evil with her own agenda. :-)
[22:37:47] sweetie55: ah np jd
[22:37:49] Dannie717: yep the choice is the test... :[22:37:49] Treefunk: no worries jd
[22:37:50] GoodGollyItsHolly: hey jd
[22:37:51] Musique36 has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[22:37:54] Paulo: Holly, you mean "internet friends" not "fans".
[22:37:55] jsmith: holly you are an admin now
[22:37:55] HoorayForMakingOut: Holly I just noticed that youre an admin!
[22:37:59] GoodGollyItsHolly: it was a welcome break :)
[22:38:04] GoodGollyItsHolly: i noticed
[22:38:08] Treefunk: lol poor holly
[22:38:09] sweetie55: hehe
[22:38:09] GoodGollyItsHolly: it confused me at first
[22:38:13] Treefunk: I don't think this is a very easy job
[22:38:16] Musique36: Good gawd
[22:38:20] milowent: holly is canon!
[22:38:22] Musique36: what is the matter with my connection tonight
[22:38:24] Treefunk: mine is easier; I just vent
[22:38:28] Dannie717: lol
[22:38:33] royplay94: i dont get that opaphid video "home alone"
[22:38:38] Musique36: took me five minutes to load this homepage
[22:38:41] Treefunk: why not roy?
[22:38:45] Dannie717: me too. >
[22:38:49] khjq: so is there a poll yet on the forums, or is there gonna be?
[22:38:50] Ennovi: it is probably the website musique
[22:38:51] royplay94: its weird
[22:39:00] Ennovi: we have all gotten kicked out of here once already
[22:39:02] Treefunk: it's not your connection musique, I thnk the servers are a bit overloaded
[22:39:06] sweetie55: we running out of time to choose?
[22:39:08] Musique36: *goes back on audio*
[22:39:08] HoorayForMakingOut: Me too Musi!
[22:39:10] jsmith: musique
[22:39:12] royplay94: i dont relly get any of them, exept the baby sitting one, that one u see bree and daniel getting 'ransacked'
[22:39:14] jsmith: it isn't your ocnnection
[22:39:17] Musique36: yessir ?
[22:39:17] jsmith: it's the server
[22:39:20] Musique36: ok
[22:39:21] Musique36: ty jd
[22:39:31] jsmith: in all reality, i should shut the chat down
[22:39:38] sweetie55: really?
[22:39:39] royplay94: lolzers
[22:39:40] Treefunk: jd, did too many people swarm the forum? what happened?
[22:39:40] Rolland: Holly, how are you gonna meet Daniel? don't you live in Windy City?
[22:39:44] Ennovi: why?
[22:39:46] HoorayForMakingOut: why Jd?
[22:39:57] Musique36: *hugsss Mimo*
[22:39:58] jsmith: flash media server uses 99% CPU even while idle
[22:40:03] Dannie717: :(
[22:40:06] jsmith: it needs its own physical server
[22:40:09] GoodGollyItsHolly: i can leave chat and answer messages for awhile jd if it helps
[22:40:17] jsmith: so there is no room for the webserver to work
[22:40:22] sweetie55: ohh
[22:40:29] sweetie55: thats not good
[22:40:32] Dannie717: dang
[22:40:33] omegawoman has left the room `Should they go?`.
[22:40:35] HoorayForMakingOut: dun dun dun
[22:40:37] Treefunk: ah, does that happen when there are too many people in this chat? or just whenever it's active?
[22:40:40] jsmith: we are working really fast to fix it
[22:40:50] milowent: flash not a good choice for superbusy chat, i;ve heard
[22:40:51] samara has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[22:40:52] Ennovi: that sucks jd :(
[22:40:52] jsmith: i'm not sure the trigger
[22:40:55] adritha: who is this jsmith??
[22:40:55] Treefunk: well, don't mind me and keep up the good work
[22:40:57] jsmith: we are just gonna move it onto its own server
[22:40:58] sweetie55: such a hard worker jd
[22:41:04] Treefunk: jsmith is site admin
[22:41:04] Dannie717: yay
[22:41:05] milowent: cool
[22:41:06] Ennovi: admin, main admin of the site
[22:41:06] HoorayForMakingOut: Jsmith is the lead programmer
[22:41:09] OhEmGeeItsLily: jsmith is the guy who makes things happen for you
[22:41:17] sweetie55: jd is da man!
[22:41:22] adritha: ok
[22:41:22] Dannie717: word
[22:41:23] Ennovi: where is hyemew???
[22:41:24] Treefunk: w/o jd--no site
[22:41:27] Treefunk: no chat
[22:41:29] Musique36: Can you guys hear me on audio ok?
[22:41:32] sweetie55: no love
[22:41:41] Treefunk: say something musique
[22:41:47] Treefunk: yes
[22:41:48] OhEmGeeItsLily: Hi Maggie!
[22:41:53] Treefunk: lol at lily
[22:41:58] OhEmGeeItsLily: Haha.
[22:41:59] Treefunk: who was that?
[22:42:01] trainer101 has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[22:42:02] sweetie55: so, what are we doing now?
[22:42:02] jsmith: lately it seems even with me there is no site and no chat ^_^
[22:42:03] jsmith: lol
[22:42:08] Treefunk: who can hear musique?
[22:42:14] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL JD
[22:42:18] HoorayForMakingOut: Lies! all Lies!
[22:42:19] sweetie55: lol
[22:42:20] Treefunk: don't worry jd, you've got an impossible job
[22:42:32] beachlovr9: i can hear you musique
[22:42:35] samara: I hear nothing. But I see quite a bit.
[22:42:35] HoorayForMakingOut: so Holly, how do ya feel?!
[22:42:36] coofie has left the room `Should they go?`.
[22:42:36] Treefunk: and you're doing a fabulous job
[22:42:36] Dannie717: i can hear
[22:42:40] laurenesque has left the room `Should they go?`.
[22:42:42] beachlovr9: it's very echoey
[22:42:46] Dannie717: amazing^
[22:42:51] royplay94: ok so holly r u close to deciding?
[22:42:56] HoorayForMakingOut: Were you surprised they picked you?
[22:42:58] GoodGollyItsHolly: not really
[22:43:05] GoodGollyItsHolly: i thought i might sleep on it
[22:43:08] Treefunk: not surprised?
[22:43:10] Treefunk: lol
[22:43:12] Ennovi: ha ha that was funny
[22:43:17] CranberryApple: holly how did you know to come to the chat right after the vid was posted?
[22:43:28] Ennovi: wow.. holly.. .it is really going to your head isn't it?! ;)
[22:43:28] sweetie55: okay, so at least we know you have at least all night to think
[22:43:37] samara: I say send them...only because they need to do something. Anything!
[22:43:38] Treefunk: they must have contacted holly beforehand
[22:43:44] khjq: Holly the answer is easy, for the sake of us being entertained, they need to go to Jonas' house, only if he is EVIL though
[22:43:45] CranberryApple: hmm i see
[22:43:55] khjq: thats right
[22:43:55] Dannie717: woah audio is weird... echo echo
[22:44:02] Treefunk: so echoey!!!
[22:44:09] khjq: What echo?
[22:44:10] Treefunk: sounds like a submarine!
[22:44:13] Dannie717: haha
[22:44:21] Treefunk: lol
[22:44:25] sweetie55: we all live in a yellow submarine
[22:44:28] GoodGollyItsHolly: i came in to talk about the video like always
[22:44:29] milowent: they had to know holly would be around, obviously, it wouldnt be good if she's just left for a week at Disneyworld and daniel posts her name
[22:44:32] GoodGollyItsHolly: im here all the time
[22:44:33] royplay94: lets all sing fresh prince of bellaire
[22:44:35] sweetie55: yup
[22:44:38] Treefunk: lol at holly
[22:44:39] Treefunk: ;)
[22:44:40] Dannie717: woot
[22:44:47] sweetie55: yay for being here!
[22:44:48] GoodGollyItsHolly: i live here
[22:44:50] royplay94: ok
[22:44:51] sweetie55: lol
[22:44:52] Ennovi: holly, hopefully you will have a ggggggreeeat Jonas dream and that will help you decide. ;)
[22:44:52] GoodGollyItsHolly: its obscene
[22:44:55] royplay94: one line at a time
[22:44:55] CranberryApple: hahah
[22:44:56] royplay94: who goes first?
[22:44:57] OhEmGeeItsLily: I SLEEP here.
[22:44:58] Treefunk: lol
[22:45:05] sweetie55: a shirtless jonas dream?
[22:45:10] GoodGollyItsHolly: ahhh... jonas dream....
[22:45:11] GoodGollyItsHolly: :)
[22:45:13] Treefunk: who goes FFIRRST?
[22:45:15] Ennovi: ;)
[22:45:16] samara: Actually, I take back what I said. They should meet JOnas in a public place first...record it, and then let use decide.
[22:45:24] CranberryApple: in west philidelphia, born and raised...
[22:45:33] GoodGollyItsHolly: hey samara i saw your video
[22:45:35] Treefunk: now this is a story all about how
[22:45:35] angelsdown has left the room `Should they go?`.
[22:45:36] Dannie717: on the playground is where i spent most of my days..
[22:45:42] Treefunk: lol
[22:46:09] royplay94: thats not how it goes
[22:46:11] royplay94: it goes...
[22:46:12] royplay94: Now, this is a story all about howMy life got flipped-turned upside downAnd I liked to take a minuteJust sit right thereI'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air
[22:46:12] Treefunk: who besides musique is talking? so confused
[22:46:14] royplay94: Now, this is a story all about howMy life got flipped-turned upside downAnd I liked to take a minuteJust sit right thereI'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air
[22:46:14] royplay94: Now, this is a story all about howMy life got flipped-turned upside downAnd I liked to take a minuteJust sit right thereI'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air
[22:46:16] khjq: Well obvisously they are gonna go to Jonas' house wether anyone likes it or not, I only want them to go to Jonas' house if he is EVIL
[22:46:18] Dannie717: woah
[22:46:19] Treefunk: lol at spam
[22:46:21] samara: Nobody took it seriously, Holly. There's trouble among the ranks..........
[22:46:26] Rosie_b has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[22:46:29] adritha: chillen out realxin all cool shootin some be bop outside of the school when a couple of guys who were up to no good started makin trouble in my neighbor hood
[22:46:32] immortal1 has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[22:46:34] sweetie55: pretty sure nobody really trusts jonas
[22:46:47] Treefunk: hey immortal
[22:46:48] Dannie717: i got in one little fight and my mom got scared ^.^
[22:46:51] Treefunk: She said
[22:46:52] Ritchie2006 has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[22:46:53] Dannie717: ok i'll stop now
[22:46:56] Treefunk: lol
[22:47:14] adritha: she said ur movin to ur uncles and ur aunts in bel air
[22:47:15] khjq: I want some roast beef
[22:47:20] sweetie55: so its not a question of if we trust him, but do we trust bree to not be swayed by his mantasticness
[22:47:26] Ennovi: focus on jonas people... :)
[22:47:31] Treefunk: lol at sweetie
[22:47:35] Ennovi: LOL sweetie
[22:47:40] CranberryApple: mantasticness, eh
[22:47:40] cloud_ax: lol
[22:47:50] Treefunk: jonas killed cassie
[22:47:53] Ritchie2006: ok i say its sort of ironic that jonas has them sleep on seperate floors
[22:47:54] khjq: OMG
[22:47:58] Treefunk: cassie was Jonas' sibling!
[22:48:00] khjq: OMG
[22:48:01] adritha: cassie is holly!!!!!!
[22:48:03] sweetie55: hmm
[22:48:03] khjq: OMG
[22:48:03] popculture has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[22:48:04] Treefunk: that's why he wants more!!!
[22:48:06] beachlovr9: why do you say that jtree?
[22:48:13] Treefunk: I know!
[22:48:16] Treefunk: Jonas lies
[22:48:18] popculture: Lilyyyyyyy
[22:48:21] adritha: exactly
[22:48:24] Ritchie2006: jonas is evil!!!
[22:48:25] Musique36: DILLLOOON!!!
[22:48:26] Treefunk: hey pop
[22:48:28] sweetie55: apparently everyone lies in lg world
[22:48:30] OhEmGeeItsLily: I would like it if Bree and Daniel go to Jonas' only if he is EVIL.
[22:48:31] Treefunk: lol
[22:48:33] khjq: Jonas is gonna get eaten by a whale
[22:48:35] popculture: I watched the first 2 shows
[22:48:36] Treefunk: Treefunk lies
[22:48:38] OhEmGeeItsLily: Hi dillion!!!!
[22:48:39] Ritchie2006: lol
[22:48:39] cloud_ax: lol
[22:48:39] popculture: Musique :)
[22:48:40] sweetie55: lol
[22:48:41] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL QUEEN
[22:48:43] Dannie717: OMG its all coming together
[22:48:47] Ritchie2006: ...
[22:48:51] adritha: .....
[22:48:51] Ritchie2006: just now?really?
[22:48:54] Dannie717: and now its gone
[22:48:59] sweetie55: lol
[22:49:03] Musique36: Popculture, get your EMO derriere on audio... I wanna talk !
[22:49:04] Ritchie2006: thought so...
[22:49:05] CranberryApple: well that was short lived
[22:49:09] HoorayForMakingOut: IMMO IS HERE!
[22:49:09] Paulo has left the room `Should they go?`.
[22:49:22] sweetie55: jonas should buy them an RV.
[22:49:28] Ritchie2006: lol
[22:49:28] popculture: I dont want to talk
[22:49:36] Musique36: Pleeeeeease ?
[22:49:38] milowent: what if holly says they can go to jonas, but they have to meet jonas' nanny 1st
[22:49:40] HoorayForMakingOut: IMMOOOO
[22:49:43] CranberryApple: and if not the RV then he should just pay for a hotel room
[22:49:46] popculture: SO! I counted my shoes today.
[22:49:47] immortal1: HOOOOOO
[22:49:49] The Creators has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[22:49:53] Ritchie2006: i say that if they stay at jonas' that they should sleep in the same room
[22:49:55] sweetie55: hello
[22:49:56] adritha: hotels are not safe cranberry
[22:49:57] HoorayForMakingOut: Hey Creators!
[22:49:59] popculture: I have 19 pairs of heels, all Dolce.
[22:50:02] khjq: I am really really really really really hoping that Jonas is evil
[22:50:05] OhEmGeeItsLily: Hey CREATORS!
[22:50:07] CranberryApple: motels are not sad adritha
[22:50:07] khjq: hey creators
[22:50:08] Musique36: Heels/?
[22:50:08] Dannie717: yay!
[22:50:10] Treefunk: immortal just reminded me of thundercats lol
[22:50:13] sweetie55: lol
[22:50:13] Treefunk: hey miles?
[22:50:13] popculture: all worth well over $100
[22:50:14] immortal1: shhh they're invisible
[22:50:17] Musique36: Pop, can you hear me alright ?
[22:50:18] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL IMMO
[22:50:21] Treefunk: oops
[22:50:22] Treefunk: shhh
[22:50:22] milowent: awe-inspriing music fades in . . .
[22:50:25] popculture: I'm not listening
[22:50:27] popculture: hahaha
[22:50:30] popculture: I have HIM on
[22:50:33] HoorayForMakingOut: Pop. its disturbing to think of a man in heels...
[22:50:33] cloud_ax: bow to the creators!!
[22:50:36] Treefunk: Creators! We know you're in here!
[22:50:44] OhEmGeeItsLily: Ahaha.
[22:50:45] Treefunk: pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!
[22:50:45] glowe126 has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[22:50:51] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL TREE
[22:50:52] sweetie55: okay, so jonas is not to be trusted, and bree/daniel use him to their advatage wether or not he's evil
[22:51:00] khjq: Stop spying on us Creators
[22:51:00] popculture: I walk better in heels than barefoot.
[22:51:01] OhEmGeeItsLily: I think Treefunk is imagining things.
[22:51:04] Treefunk: lol
[22:51:05] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[22:51:08] popculture: I can run through snow in heels
[22:51:09] Treefunk: Miles is stalking us
[22:51:12] HoorayForMakingOut: POP HAHA
[22:51:12] GoodGollyItsHolly: you guys seem very split on this
[22:51:13] Musique36: O.o
[22:51:15] adritha: creators??? where
[22:51:15] Treefunk: I won't be fooled
[22:51:16] Musique36: Um... Pop?
[22:51:16] beachlovr9: hahhaa treee
[22:51:17] samara: The best, most cautious appraoch would be to have them meet JOnas in a public locale with a 4th person there, too. Nikki, perhaps? Someone else? Jonas won't try anything if the camera is rolling and they meet up first....and they have questions that Jonas should answer before they agree to anything. Perhaps questions we come up with.
[22:51:18] sweetie55: treefunk is drinking cactus juice
[22:51:23] OhEmGeeItsLily: Haha.
[22:51:23] Treefunk: lol
[22:51:24] Musique36: Pop... you ARE Dillon... yes?
[22:51:29] OhEmGeeItsLily: Cactus juice.
[22:51:29] GoodGollyItsHolly: my messages are about 50..50.. on trusting jonas
[22:51:30] OhEmGeeItsLily: nice.
[22:51:30] royplay94: can we try that 2 chat rooms, one yes one no, thing again
[22:51:32] popculture: Yes
[22:51:34] Treefunk: no I'm on my usual apple cranberry juice
[22:51:36] glowe126: omg, jonas is not dangerous
[22:51:39] Treefunk: let me tip that holly
[22:51:42] immortal1: I suspected as much holly
[22:51:45] Treefunk: I vote no trust
[22:51:48] adritha: i think that would would work roy
[22:51:50] sweetie55: okay holly, its up to you then
[22:51:51] Ennovi: not everyone is on the chat. some people left already....
[22:51:52] CranberryApple: ooh apple cranberry juice
[22:51:54] khjq: The fact of the matter is that B&D are gonna end up at Jonas' house, he just better be evil though
[22:51:55] OhEmGeeItsLily: I don't trust Jonas. I want BRANIEL go to Jonas' only if he's evil.
[22:51:56] cloud_ax: Go to jonas
[22:51:57] Treefunk: Jonas killed kassie
[22:52:05] Treefunk: and he'll kill braniel
[22:52:06] Dannie717: !!!
[22:52:06] GoodGollyItsHolly: Do we have any reason to not trust him
[22:52:06] royplay94: ok who wants to make a chat room saying "no on jonas" and iw ill make a chat room "yes on
[22:52:10] beachlovr9: the thing is, even though some people don't trust jonas, we don't trust opahid either, so neither is really an option
[22:52:12] Ritchie2006: i say they should stay at daniel's friends place where he was when they were just figuring all this out
[22:52:14] twjaniak has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[22:52:15] CranberryApple: braniel? ahh that's terrible
[22:52:17] OhEmGeeItsLily: TW!!!!!!!
[22:52:19] glowe126: yeah fun
[22:52:20] GoodGollyItsHolly: so far he has seemed very nice!
[22:52:21] sweetie55: he wont' show any of the rooms
[22:52:23] Ennovi: there is NO reason not to trust him
[22:52:26] HoorayForMakingOut: Hey TW!
[22:52:27] khjq: I don't trust Jonas, and I want Bree and Daniel to go stay with him
[22:52:29] adritha: yeah but creepy
[22:52:31] Treefunk: go to Paul's house
[22:52:34] cloud_ax: he is a shady person
[22:52:40] glowe126: i want the order to take holly and beat her up
[22:52:43] twjaniak: Hi guys
[22:52:44] Dannie717: 0.0
[22:52:46] glowe126: is that bad
[22:52:48] Treefunk: red cross shelter!
[22:52:49] khjq: hey twj
[22:52:49] sweetie55: and he seems soo intent to have them stay
[22:52:50] GoodGollyItsHolly: do you think jonas could help them find brees parents
[22:52:55] adritha: no]
[22:52:55] immortal1: you don't need reasons NOT to trust him but you do need reasons TO trust him.
[22:52:56] Treefunk: better idea than kassie killer
[22:52:58] sweetie55: i think he can
[22:53:01] Ennovi: we should trust him more cause Gemma doesn't like him and Gemma wants them home and the home is rigged which means that daniel and bree would.... :`o die
[22:53:03] OhEmGeeItsLily: Me and Mr. khjq are on the same page.
[22:53:03] popculture: Blehh. Chat is so screwed up
[22:53:05] samara: Holly, it *was* weird that he wouldn't show them the rooms, only the hallway. He seems quite mysterious about his life outside that library.
[22:53:07] sweetie55: wether or not he's with the order
[22:53:07] twjaniak: [to GoodGollyItsHolly] Holly what a cross you have to bear.
[22:53:07] khjq: I will only like Jonas if he is evil
[22:53:08] Ritchie2006: showing them,then murdering them...
[22:53:11] adritha: her parents are not a main concern right now...not until their safe
[22:53:15] Treefunk: lol at tw
[22:53:16] cloud_ax: only if he knows where they are
[22:53:20] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL TWJ, I know, i feel bad for her!
[22:53:21] royplay94: ok how bout this
[22:53:21] adritha: i think holly's being coached into asking questions
[22:53:25] GoodGollyItsHolly: its a cute cross
[22:53:27] Treefunk: it's ok
[22:53:30] Dannie717: lol
[22:53:31] Treefunk: Holly is with the Order
[22:53:32] royplay94: there is 2 chat rooms, on YES ON J and one NO ON J
[22:53:32] sweetie55: hehe holly
[22:53:33] glowe126: haha
[22:53:33] GoodGollyItsHolly: solid gold, and diamond encrusted
[22:53:36] GoodGollyItsHolly: :)
[22:53:36] Treefunk: she's not disinterested
[22:53:37] Ennovi: its a hollly cross
[22:53:39] royplay94: and then which ever one u wana go to, u go to
[22:53:42] HoorayForMakingOut: Haha Holly
[22:53:45] royplay94: then holly see's the final outcome
[22:53:47] immortal1: it's too risky so he's presumed guilty before innocent.
[22:53:50] trainer101: Are you sure it's not a rose cross?
[22:53:52] Musique36: popculture, you doing ok tonight?
[22:53:57] glowe126: holly said she slept in the same bed as jonas, jonas has to be okay then?
[22:53:59] Treefunk: lol at trainer
[22:54:06] popculture: Yeah
[22:54:07] sweetie55: its like mexico, guilty until proven innocent
[22:54:10] popculture: I'm a bit tired
[22:54:15] Ritchie2006: i think that jonas is trustworthy on some levels but not to live with,he can provide money for them & stuff
[22:54:18] royplay94: woah holly
[22:54:20] Musique36: well turn on me audio and listen !
[22:54:21] popculture: and depressed
[22:54:22] HoorayForMakingOut: Trainer!!!!!!!!! I havent seen you in forever!
[22:54:25] Musique36: lemme make you chuckle !
[22:54:31] Treefunk: jonas is presumed guilty becasue he seems like an internet loon
[22:54:35] holypunkrock has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[22:54:42] trainer101: I've been a little under the weather
[22:54:43] sweetie55: they should go, but then knock em out and tie em up
[22:54:46] Treefunk: I've gotten good at identifying internet loons by chatting with you guys
[22:54:51] Treefunk: yup
[22:54:52] royplay94 has left the room `Should they go?`.
[22:54:54] Dannie717: hahaha
[22:54:55] popculture: Mus, I'm listening to a CD my Ex made for me
[22:54:56] Ennovi: in that case, we are all guiltyl.. which one of us woudn't want B & D with us to keep them safe?
[22:55:01] HoorayForMakingOut: Aww I'm sorry to hear that trainer
[22:55:02] Treefunk: ;)
[22:55:03] Ennovi: *guilty
[22:55:03] OhEmGeeItsLily: I WANT A FACE TO AN EVIL PERSON.
[22:55:10] Treefunk: lol at Musique's echo
[22:55:13] Musique36: :-( ! Pop
[22:55:18] twjaniak: I think Jonas has a secret, but feels he can't share it in public spotlight of the Internet.
[22:55:18] sweetie55: oh no i'm guilty!!
[22:55:19] Ritchie2006: i want them to meet my three dogs!!!
[22:55:25] khjq: SO IF YOU WANT JONAS TO BE EVIL SAY "I"
[22:55:25] GoodGollyItsHolly: what do you think will happen if they go home instead
[22:55:27] Treefunk: it's someone else echoing you
[22:55:27] trainer101: Full recovery is imminent
[22:55:27] adritha: their already is a villian KHJQ uhhhhhh the order!!!!
[22:55:31] OhEmGeeItsLily: AYE!!!!
[22:55:34] CranberryApple: [to adritha] the order will get them!
[22:55:34] sammy420 has left the room `Should they go?`.
[22:55:36] Dannie717: I
[22:55:39] Ennovi: Holly, the order will get them at home...
[22:55:40] HoorayForMakingOut: Aye Captain!
[22:55:42] sweetie55: if they go home...hmm good question holly
[22:55:50] cloud_ax: they are watching their houses
[22:55:50] Ritchie2006: half Aye half Nay
[22:55:51] twjaniak: If they go home OpAphid will definitely spy on them.
[22:55:54] Ennovi: In other words, they KNOW where they live.
[22:55:54] sweetie55: i mean so far the watchers have done nothing
[22:55:59] glowe126: if they go home, then they'll be set up. they took their money so they would have to go home
[22:56:00] immortal1: I think her parents will be waiting but will be all Stepfordized
[22:56:03] Treefunk: If they go home, for one, they'd know whether Daniel's parents have disappeared
[22:56:07] samara: They have other options, Holly. It's not just one or the other.
[22:56:07] Treefunk: that's kind of important to find out
[22:56:14] GoodGollyItsHolly: daniel is tired
[22:56:15] Rolland: not that anyone's paying me any attention, but here's my opinion: It's for the story's best interest that Daniel and Bree go to Jonas'
[22:56:16] trainer101: If they go home they will fall into the clutches of the Order
[22:56:18] Treefunk: thank you samara
[22:56:19] sweetie55: how would they get home though?
[22:56:24] Ennovi: I think gemma is evil..... the dead rose.... the creepy color changing eyes.. the weird date story.....
[22:56:24] glowe126: go to jonas just for one night
[22:56:27] Treefunk: stay in character rolland!
[22:56:31] GoodGollyItsHolly: i think he wants to wither go home or go to jonas house to make bree happy
[22:56:40] GoodGollyItsHolly: deep down i think he knows its not safe to go home
[22:56:41] Ritchie2006: but then sleep in the same room for cautionary reasons
[22:56:43] Musique36: Is anyone else on audio, besides myself and beachlovr ?
[22:56:46] OhEmGeeItsLily: If they go home...they might have to run again after they find out for sure that it's not safe and then they'll end up at Jonas' anyway!
[22:56:48] OhEmGeeItsLily: GASP!!!!!!!
[22:56:54] adritha: well he likes bree so he needs to stay with bree and bree wants to go to jonas's
[22:56:55] lets_steal_everythin has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[22:56:55] immortal1: hey don't speak for Daniel!
[22:56:55] Treefunk: lol at lily
[22:56:55] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[22:56:57] Dannie717: i think itd be a lot safer at jonas's than on the streets or GASP hom
[22:56:59] Treefunk: that's exactly what will happen
[22:57:08] HoorayForMakingOut: QUEEN!
[22:57:09] khjq: GOT THAT
[22:57:09] GoodGollyItsHolly: i think gemma is just as confused as we are
[22:57:13] HoorayForMakingOut: WE KNOW!
[22:57:13] Treefunk: because we know that they're inevitably going there...
[22:57:15] HoorayForMakingOut: LMAO
[22:57:17] sweetie55: Yeah for sure
[22:57:20] trainer101: Lily is right - Go to Jonas' and get on with the story
[22:57:28] glowe126: go to jonas
[22:57:31] khjq: SERIOUSLY
[22:57:33] Treefunk: go first to home to have an encounter with the Order!
[22:57:35] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[22:57:38] beachlovr9: yeah I think they should go to Jonas's, the only reason Gemma say's not to go there is because she is being forced to say this by the order
[22:57:40] GoodGollyItsHolly: we cant predict the future, we have no idea what will happen, we just have to make an educated decision
[22:57:40] OhEmGeeItsLily: I like my idea.
[22:57:42] cloud_ax: gemma might not be trustworthy
[22:57:42] Treefunk: why not if they're going to jonas anyway
[22:57:47] OhEmGeeItsLily: I change my mind.
[22:57:47] HoorayForMakingOut: I agree with Tree!
[22:57:47] lets_steal_everythin: jonas said bree can get her own bedroom, but i think she and daniel need to share. they shouldn't be separateddddddddd
[22:57:48] OhEmGeeItsLily: go home.
[22:57:50] Ritchie2006: GET MONEY FROM JONAS!!!
[22:57:50] sweetie55: Go to Jonas, but still don't trust em, just pretend to
[22:57:51] popculture: *listens to Mus*
[22:57:52] OhEmGeeItsLily: It's not safe anyways!
[22:58:08] adritha: omg who is making u say this crap holly
[22:58:10] OhEmGeeItsLily: They'll end up at Jonas' no matter what.
[22:58:13] OhEmGeeItsLily: Haha.
[22:58:13] popculture: Hahaha
[22:58:14] NumberoUno has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[22:58:15] Treefunk: they should go rob Jonas and then leave
[22:58:16] popculture: Hello doll.
[22:58:16] glowe126: omg, have them go hom eand then show the creators burning down bree's house yelling we told you to go to jonas, this is not a gam enaymore
[22:58:19] Ritchie2006: they shouldnt be on different floors
[22:58:19] popculture: How are you?
[22:58:19] GoodGollyItsHolly: its just my opinion
[22:58:20] samara: Educated decision: meet Jonas in public first...don't go straight to his house.
[22:58:23] sweetie55: yeah tree!!!
[22:58:28] NumberoUno: they should NOT go
[22:58:29] lets_steal_everythin: they cant just rob him and leave, he lives in the middle of nowhere
[22:58:33] lets_steal_everythin: according to him
[22:58:36] adritha: the way u are sayign things i dont' think it is
[22:58:36] Treefunk: ;)
[22:58:40] adritha: tis robotic
[22:58:41] sweetie55: they can steal his car?
[22:58:43] CranberryApple: maybe the could steal his car at the same time
[22:58:44] twjaniak: I think the Order/Watchers could have taken Bree/Daniel at any point... they've alway known where they were hiding. Why would Jonas' be any different. At least they can use his place to be the launching point for their next step, and they could always benefit from his wealth too.
[22:58:45] Treefunk: they can steal his car!
[22:58:46] Treefunk: lol
[22:58:49] popculture: Sighhhh.
[22:58:52] Treefunk: rob the guy blind
[22:58:53] GoodGollyItsHolly: im trying to say it clearly and to the point so there isnt confusion
[22:58:54] NumberoUno: why can't Jonas send them money?
[22:58:58] Ennovi: going to jonas will be far more intriguing than the last homeless vids.
[22:59:01] GoodGollyItsHolly: i really want to make the right decision
[22:59:02] lets_steal_everythin: but bree and daniel have been on the move
[22:59:06] popculture: So many people in here.
[22:59:06] sweetie55: hangin their holly!
[22:59:12] popculture: I want... less.
[22:59:13] Treefunk: going home when OpAphid is there will be even more intriguing
[22:59:16] Ennovi: plus if the order goes to jonas' house... then JONAS can beat them up. :) :D
[22:59:17] lets_steal_everythin: staying at jonas' would make them sooo much easier to be in danger
[22:59:20] GoodGollyItsHolly: i would never forgive myself if they were hurt because of our decision
[22:59:21] Ritchie2006: it is kinda boring now...they should head to jonas'
[22:59:21] Treefunk: especially since they'll go to Jonas' anyway
[22:59:21] glowe126: just becaus eyou say something doens't mean that they will do oit
[22:59:25] adritha: yeah but sometimes ur just WAY off subject and don't blame it on the forums cause earlier u weren't going in and out so much
[22:59:31] Dannie717: but its not real......
[22:59:35] OhEmGeeItsLily: If they go to Jonas' now, they'll never know what exactly is happening at home. So they should go home first. Decide it's still not safe and then go to Jonas'. I'm assuming he'll always be there so he's always an option.
[22:59:41] cloud_ax: i would say go home if they still has a car for a fast getaway
[22:59:42] Treefunk: exactly lily
[22:59:43] trainer101: Of course it's real!
[22:59:47] Ennovi: jonas can beat the order up holly... he has boxing gloves ;)
[22:59:49] immortal1: good point lily
[22:59:54] glowe126: holly, they should rob jonas and beat him up
[22:59:55] samara:'s fiction. No matter the decision, there will be a way out. :)
[22:59:57] GoodGollyItsHolly: what if they go home and are taken against their will
[22:59:57] sweetie55: remember holly: it was the best decision based on things we know. nothing to blame yourself on.
[22:59:58] OhEmGeeItsLily: Thanks people who agree.
[23:00:00] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL GLOWE
[23:00:02] Treefunk: jonas will beat up daniel when they go
[23:00:08] Treefunk: no good
[23:00:12] HoorayForMakingOut: I agree with Lily and Treefunk!!
[23:00:13] Treefunk: stop musique!!
[23:00:17] Treefunk: get out of the submarine!!!!
[23:00:18] lets_steal_everythin: yeah i bet joans and daniel will be hating each ohter
[23:00:19] Treefunk: ah
[23:00:21] adritha: if they go home they have places (trees, cars) to hide in and scope the place out
[23:00:22] GoodGollyItsHolly: i think jonas and daniel could be best mates:)
[23:00:23] popculture: Hmm?
[23:00:24] lets_steal_everythin: fighting over bree
[23:00:29] Treefunk: yes adritha!
[23:00:30] milowent: DAniel should ask for proof of Jonas' parents disappearance - news articles or sumthin
[23:00:32] Treefunk: hide inthe trees!
[23:00:34] sweetie55: if he's not out to get daniel
[23:00:39] samara: a love triangle would be fun to watch
[23:00:40] holypunkrock has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:00:40] sweetie55: and vice versa
[23:00:41] popculture: I'm having an... emo night.
[23:00:42] OhEmGeeItsLily: Well if they go home and they know there's a risk it isn't safe, they're going to be REALLY careful about going back.
[23:00:43] immortal1: that can be faked milo
[23:00:49] Ennovi: I agree milo.. he should show them a news clipping and some pictures...
[23:01:00] popculture: I miss Jerry.
[23:01:03] popculture: A lot.
[23:01:04] immortal1: hello?! photoshop
[23:01:04] Ritchie2006: i say stay at jonas' but then head to the house to make sure,so then they have a place to run back to & still take showers...showers are very important
[23:01:06] glowe126: i need me some 90210 action, get to jonas fast so there can be fights
[23:01:07] popculture: A really big lot.
[23:01:08] Treefunk: yeah, but we're apparently not allowed to suggest reasonable things like that milo...
[23:01:11] cloud_ax: if they go home they need protection
[23:01:11] popculture: Mmhmm.
[23:01:13] NumberoUno: why can't Jonas send them money?
[23:01:20] beachlovr9: musique, I notice when I turn off my microphone, the echo is gone
[23:01:21] NumberoUno: why do they have to go there?
[23:01:21] samara: miloe....EXACTLY. And he should bring it when they meet in a publc place, first!!!
[23:01:22] GoodGollyItsHolly: do you think jonas knows much about the order?
[23:01:26] khjq: THATS ALL
[23:01:27] popculture: He used to hit me
[23:01:28] sweetie55: maybe
[23:01:30] Dannie717: me too
[23:01:33] immortal1: gimmie an hour, I can fake a newspaper
[23:01:33] lets_steal_everythin: holly i think jonas is in the order
[23:01:36] Ennovi: money is useless... if they go to a hotel then the order will find them again
[23:01:43] milowent: i think paul and andrea should be asked to go check out jonas' place 1st
[23:01:44] Treefunk: I don't think he knows anything about the order beyond Braniel's videos
[23:01:45] samara: I think Jonas knows ALL about the irder, Holly.
[23:01:45] adritha: i've said from the begining way before this episode to go home and scope it out. but then i came to a decision of a tent in the backyard. easy escape
[23:01:47] popculture: I put gasoline in his food
[23:01:47] GoodGollyItsHolly: what makes you think that steal?
[23:01:48] sweetie55: does he make any signal looking movements in his vids?
[23:01:49] popculture: It was bad
[23:01:53] popculture: We're done.
[23:01:54] glowe126: jonas is not in the order, the order is middle-aged pagan types with no hair
[23:02:03] Ennovi: LOL
[23:02:04] cloud_ax: lol
[23:02:07] sweetie55: lol
[23:02:08] Treefunk: Jonas doesn't seem like the order type at all
[23:02:08] khjq: LUCY HAS HAIR
[23:02:09] Ritchie2006: he can be a new member!
[23:02:09] lets_steal_everythin: glowe---thats why you use a young, rich, goodlooking guy
[23:02:10] HoorayForMakingOut: I SAY THEY MEET UP WITH JONAS AT THE CARNIVAL!!! That would be fun ^^. Hooray for Cotton Candy!!
[23:02:12] Treefunk: he's way too slacker
[23:02:18] lets_steal_everythin: exactly!! he seems like he wouldn't be in it
[23:02:19] NumberoUno: Why don't they call Boris for help?
[23:02:20] sweetie55: lol mimo
[23:02:21] glowe126: lucy is a pagan lesbian whore
[23:02:26] khjq: LUCY IS HOT
[23:02:29] milowent: hooray, good idea, meet at a neutral place
[23:02:32] HoorayForMakingOut: LoL
[23:02:34] Dannie717: w00t candy!
[23:02:42] popculture: There are way to many people in here. I'm going.
[23:02:43] HoorayForMakingOut: Not just CANDY!
[23:02:43] khjq: I WANT TO SEE MORE LUCY
[23:02:45] Ennovi: the creators made a good choice casting Jonas. :) cause if he was ugly.. we would not trust him (at least the girls) ha ha
[23:02:45] Treefunk: I think he's not in the order--he's just a deranged psycho with weird spaghetti and meatball shrines to Bree
[23:02:46] sweetie55: my vote now goes for cotton candy
[23:02:46] samara: milo....that's what I've been saying for 30 minutes. LOL
[23:02:51] HoorayForMakingOut: COTTON candy!
[23:02:52] adritha: alright we all agree meet in a neutral place.....
[23:02:55] Nat has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:02:57] popculture: BABYYYYY
[23:02:57] lets_steal_everythin: thats why we shouldn't trust him.. he's far too goodlooking
[23:02:57] sweetie55: yea
[23:03:02] popculture: BBBBAAAAAABYYYYYYYY
[23:03:04] adritha: if he seems safe go if not go back home and scope it out
[23:03:05] sweetie55: neutral placy
[23:03:05] Dannie717: lol
[23:03:06] glowe126: no make jonas pick them up ina nice car
[23:03:06] OhEmGeeItsLily: i didn't agree on a neutral place.
[23:03:11] Ritchie2006: if we let them stay with jonas,there can be a whole bunch of plot twists waiting to happen
[23:03:14] popculture: Aww
[23:03:17] Dannie717: yay!
[23:03:19] popculture: Shes not allowed back
[23:03:21] sweetie55: twists are fun!
[23:03:23] popculture: without the baby
[23:03:23] GoodGollyItsHolly: i trust george clooney and hes good looking
[23:03:24] beachlovr9: I say go to JONAS
[23:03:25] OhEmGeeItsLily: I agreed for them to go home, find out what the heck is going on then run away again.
[23:03:26] GoodGollyItsHolly: :)
[23:03:33] sweetie55: lol pop
[23:03:35] lets_steal_everythin: hahaha but george clooney isn't begging bree to come stay with him
[23:03:36] HoorayForMakingOut: But Lily, it's Cotton candy goodness!!!!!
[23:03:38] cloud_ax: lol
[23:03:39] beachlovr9: hands up for jonas
[23:03:40] Treefunk: yes, but ritchie, they'll wind up at Jonas' house anyway after fun with OpAphid back at home
[23:03:42] GoodGollyItsHolly: good point
[23:03:42] Ennovi: yep.. better than watching bree and daniel dig through trash and run from the order
[23:03:44] lets_steal_everythin: i wish he'd beg me to stay wtih him ;)
[23:03:48] glowe126: if they go home, then they will be caught, if they go to jonas then who knows? at least there will be some wild 90210 action before he says he's in teh order
[23:03:50] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:03:51] Treefunk: If they go home they can find out what's happening with their parents
[23:03:52] adritha: Im goign with OhEM
[23:03:53] twjaniak: Maybe Jonas, Bree and Daniel should meet in Bree's Room. ;)
[23:03:58] OhEmGeeItsLily: Haha.
[23:03:59] OhEmGeeItsLily: Tw...
[23:04:03] lets_steal_everythin: oh man hahaa
[23:04:03] samara: I don't trust George Clooney...those gray haired hunks are nothing but trouble
[23:04:09] GoodGollyItsHolly: and do a play with pmonkey and owen
[23:04:14] Treefunk: At Jonas' Daniel will wind up with a black eye and Bree will disappear into the basement
[23:04:15] GoodGollyItsHolly: like oldtimes
[23:04:15] lets_steal_everythin: ahhh owen
[23:04:18] twjaniak: Make cookies
[23:04:19] Ennovi: Can we all stay with Jonas? then we can protect bree and daniel.. Plz. :)
[23:04:20] Ritchie2006: i know that but so many more decisions can happen if they stay at jonas'
[23:04:22] OhEmGeeItsLily: Haha, treefunk.
[23:04:24] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL TREE
[23:04:26] GoodGollyItsHolly: BK suggested i let owen decide
[23:04:27] Treefunk: I'm scared of Jonas
[23:04:28] sweetie55: I think the question is are Bree and Daniel ready to face the order if need be?
[23:04:29] beachlovr9: me too, I think Sean Connery is a hottie
[23:04:30] cloud_ax: jonas should go with them to check their houses
[23:04:30] popculture: I know what I want.
[23:04:30] immortal1: focus people! focus! gosh...
[23:04:34] Rolland: First, congratulations on being chosen. Second, I think we both agree that they should go to Jonas'. It's quite impossible to know Jonas' intentions on such short notice, but he seems so oblivious to everything outside his house that he doesn't seem evil to me. Daniel can always have a contigency plan ready in case he turns out evil. A good test to see if they can trust Jonas: make him show them his parents bedroom
[23:04:34] NumberoUno: Tom Cruise is good looking, is that a good reason to shack up with him? C'mon. DOn't send them only because Jonas is HAWWT
[23:04:35] popculture: I want a piercing.
[23:04:35] Dannie717: maybe they should go home... its so stupid it just MIGHT work!
[23:04:35] GoodGollyItsHolly: hes being very wishy washy
[23:04:39] lets_steal_everythin: does bree and daniel like... not have any family memebrs anywhere??
[23:04:39] Joe5764 has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:04:45] popculture: I am going to go pierce my nose
[23:04:46] Treefunk: I like cloud's idea better
[23:04:47] popculture: right now
[23:04:49] popculture: BRB
[23:04:50] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:05:01] Ennovi: what would P. Monkey do?
[23:05:07] OhEmGeeItsLily: Go home first. Jonas later!
[23:05:09] GoodGollyItsHolly: rolland: what if showing the room puts them in danger, what if the order is watching
[23:05:09] cloud_ax: thanks treefunk
[23:05:13] adritha: HOME FIRST
[23:05:14] Ritchie2006: yea it does seem they have no connections ANYWHERE!!!
[23:05:16] Eli has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:05:18] Treefunk: Lily wins
[23:05:22] Treefunk: she has the best plan
[23:05:26] Ennovi: Home... for what?!!! to get killed?! :`o
[23:05:26] sweetie55: If Bree and Daniel are ready to face the order if need be, going home would be best so they can start searching for clues
[23:05:27] OhEmGeeItsLily: Thanks Treefunk.
[23:05:28] GoodGollyItsHolly: i hear ya lily :)
[23:05:30] beachlovr9: that's a good point holly
[23:05:30] Ritchie2006: were they like loners in high school or something?
[23:05:32] lets_steal_everythin: but how far from home are they
[23:05:32] GoodGollyItsHolly: i will keep that in mind
[23:05:32] twjaniak: P.Monkey would turn Gemma over to the police... then worry about Jonas.
[23:05:34] OhEmGeeItsLily: Thanks Holly
[23:05:36] Musique36: Aye, Rolland brought up a very good point.
[23:05:39] Treefunk: too bad about their car though..
[23:05:39] GoodGollyItsHolly: but im worried that home is too dangerous
[23:05:46] popculture: man
[23:05:46] sweetie55: yeah..
[23:05:47] Dannie717: gotta go.hopefully you guys figure something out before tomorrow.:)
[23:05:48] HoorayForMakingOut: GO HOME. GO TO CARNIVAL. GO TO JONAS' HOUSE. ... See?? It all fits Lily!!!
[23:05:50] Treefunk: everywhere is dangerous!!!!
[23:05:50] adritha: they aren't gonna get killed!!
[23:05:50] Musique36: Yes it is Holly.
[23:05:51] OhEmGeeItsLily: Tell them to be VERY careful.
[23:05:53] popculture: i cant find my rings
[23:05:54] GoodGollyItsHolly: oppy tortured owen... who knows what she would do to them
[23:05:57] OhEmGeeItsLily: and I mean REALLY.
[23:05:57] Treefunk: Bree said the order is everywhere
[23:05:58] glowe126: home is too dangerouus, JONAS, JONAS, JONAS
[23:06:01] Dannie717 has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:06:01] adritha: noones listening OH EM
[23:06:06] popculture: .. my nose
[23:06:07] immortal1: you know what they need to do? capture a watcher and torture him for information. that's what Jack Bauer would do.
[23:06:08] Treefunk: that includes jonas', home, street, gemma's flat
[23:06:09] Rolland: the order is watching the house too, so it's the same thing. both options have great risks. Either way its a risk. But going to Jonas' is more of a calculated risk
[23:06:12] Treefunk: everwhere!
[23:06:13] Ennovi: NOT HOME ! :( the order wants that.. I am sure they will catch them.
[23:06:15] popculture: i already did down there
[23:06:17] popculture: no
[23:06:21] cloud_ax: safty in numbers
[23:06:21] Treefunk: go home!
[23:06:24] popculture: grls style
[23:06:26] OhEmGeeItsLily: GO HOME.
[23:06:27] Treefunk: home is where the heart is!
[23:06:31] lets_steal_everythin: since op is canon now... how come they haven't mentioned anything about their rooms being watched
[23:06:31] adritha: not he order wants them to keep moving
[23:06:32] OhEmGeeItsLily: They're going to wonder if they don't go home!
[23:06:33] sweetie55: i mean, how is jonas going to help more? all he is doing is helping them stall
[23:06:34] HoorayForMakingOut: GO CARNIVAL!
[23:06:40] Ennovi: Home is riskier than Jonas. :(
[23:06:40] Treefunk: agreed with sweetie
[23:06:42] khjq: HOOOOOOOOORAY
[23:06:42] OhEmGeeItsLily: Knowing is better than wondering!
[23:06:44] Ritchie2006: would any of us really be so nice to invite some people who are wanted by more freaky people into our home? it has to be some sort of set up
[23:06:50] trainer101 has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:06:52] Treefunk: jonas won't help unless he comes with them to home anyway
[23:06:53] HoorayForMakingOut: How can you turn down Cotton Candy!!! and Ferris Wheels!
[23:06:55] DogNamedZippo has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:06:56] Ennovi: we have a reason not to go home... we DO NOT have a reason not to go to jonas
[23:07:04] khjq: THATS ALL I WANT
[23:07:11] beachlovr9: I agree with enn
[23:07:12] lets_steal_everythin: yeah riitchie definately. its setting up jonas to be in danger............if he isn't part of the order, that is.
[23:07:13] Treefunk: if they want to resolve there problems, they need to confront them. And that will be at home, not at Jonas' playboy mansion
[23:07:15] adritha: jonas is creepy ennovi
[23:07:18] Musique36: I couldn't agree more with what Rolland is saying. If Bree and Daniel go back to her house, it isn't safe... the Order already knows where she lives, they watch the videos, they'll know she's returned... they probably have the house staked out.
[23:07:19] popculture: I think there needs to be some action [with Jonas and Daniel]
[23:07:21] popculture: I'm done
[23:07:28] sweetie55: okay.
[23:07:30] sweetie55: hehe
[23:07:32] beachlovr9: hehehe
[23:07:33] khjq: WHAT KIND OF ACTION......
[23:07:33] HoorayForMakingOut: LOLLLLL POPPP
[23:07:37] khjq: EWWWWWW
[23:07:38] glowe126: they took her monoey, so she would have to go home, listen to me people
[23:07:40] sweetie55: lol
[23:07:43] GoodGollyItsHolly: we dont have time to test jonas
[23:07:43] HoorayForMakingOut: POP IS BIASED! DONT LISTEN TO HIM!
[23:07:44] lets_steal_everythin: someone is watching my webcam!!!
[23:07:47] glowe126: haha POPPP
[23:07:49] lets_steal_everythin: its the orderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[23:07:50] GoodGollyItsHolly: wehave to decide based on what we know
[23:07:52] popculture: Biased.
[23:07:56] Musique36: LMAO Mimo
[23:07:57] GoodGollyItsHolly: what we have seen of him
[23:07:59] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:07:59] popculture: My opinion has been swayed.
[23:08:02] Ennovi: holly, the home is not a good option.
[23:08:03] NumberoUno: If Jonas is a nice guy, why doesn't he send them money, and then they don't have to go to a stranger's house
[23:08:06] beachlovr9: nothing really
[23:08:14] glowe126: YES, you know you want to see him roll over in bed, holly, you know you do
[23:08:16] immortal1: we know nada, zilch, zip, nil...
[23:08:17] sweetie55: honestly we have nothing on jonas at all
[23:08:20] Ritchie2006: its sort of like a double edged sword,if they go to jonas' it can be a trap & if they dont they will probably not survive so its either die or die quickly,its simple
[23:08:23] GoodGollyItsHolly: they cant run forever
[23:08:23] sweetie55: just some dude
[23:08:23] adritha: home=good option
[23:08:27] popculture: LG15 GONE WILD "Dude, Where's my mom?"
[23:08:32] Treefunk: some creepy internet dude!
[23:08:33] HoorayForMakingOut: LOLLLLLLLLLLL
[23:08:33] lets_steal_everythin: umm it says the creators are watching my webcam.
[23:08:36] glowe126: we don't even know who really plays jonas in real life
[23:08:47] Ritchie2006: then im glad i dont have one lol
[23:08:53] sweetie55: they either need to face the order or find someone who will.
[23:08:57] glowe126: haha you're being watched
[23:09:05] Musique36: Well, put yourself in Bree and Daniel's shoes for a moment... if you were in this situation, and you're living out on the street like this, picking through the garbage, with your only shelter options being either an abandoned warehouse, or a Salvation Army Shelter...
[23:09:05] lets_steal_everythin: the creators are watching me
[23:09:06] Ritchie2006: creepy aint it?
[23:09:06] NumberoUno: and going to a stranger's house is still running. The will be followed there cause everyone knows the tracking device is in the stuffed animals
[23:09:11] adritha: didn't ur mother ever tell u if u seperate her to go back home
[23:09:12] popculture: I'm a sick cry for help.
[23:09:12] Treefunk: but Holly, going to Jonas is still just running
[23:09:14] glowe126: they're trying to find an attractive fan to put on camera
[23:09:15] Ennovi: glowe, it is jackson "franco" davis or something like that
[23:09:19] Treefunk: they should go home to confront their problem
[23:09:28] lets_steal_everythin: wtf now they're gone
[23:09:37] HoorayForMakingOut: Pop, I couldnt agree with you more.
[23:09:37] glowe126: hahah they heard you
[23:09:41] popculture: OH O)H!! Jonas can be like a BDSM bondage master.
[23:09:43] lets_steal_everythin: AHHHH
[23:09:44] immortal1: where's jonas how can he not know what's going on? that fact that he's NOT here says something
[23:09:47] Musique36: ... then you find you have a more comfortable option, of being invited to stay in a WARM house, with someone who probably has a little pull in the research area, and MONEY over all... which would you choose?
[23:09:48] popculture: and Danny can be in leather
[23:09:48] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL OMGGG
[23:09:49] popculture: and
[23:09:52] popculture: a ball gag
[23:09:52] samara: Oh, send them to Jonas. The watchers will follow them anyway.
[23:09:52] HoorayForMakingOut: POP
[23:09:52] popculture: tHEN
[23:09:53] Eli has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:09:55] popculture: i'll stop
[23:09:56] HoorayForMakingOut: THIS ENDS NOW!!
[23:09:58] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:10:02] adritha: this is driving me nuts
[23:10:09] OhEmGeeItsLily: Okay, Braniel are running right now. They are not even sure if anyone is after them, no? So they should GO HOME and find out for sure. They have to be extra careful about it though. Keep both eyes open. HOME is probably dangerous anyways so they'll have to run again. Instead of running aimlessly, this time, they'll know that they can run to JONAS.
[23:10:10] khjq: I'M A WATCHER, AND I'M WATCHING
[23:10:13] milowent: if they go to jonas, jonas needs to show he doesn't have any symbols on his body, no watcher stuff
[23:10:21] popculture: YESS
[23:10:22] Ritchie2006: i say go to jonas' it doesnt really seem like they have much of a choice,& while they stay at jonas'(if they arent found by the watchers)then go home...if something is wrong then run back to place they can actually call home
[23:10:22] adritha: we need to take a poll or something needs to be done quickly so we can quit argueing about it
[23:10:27] popculture: Get Jonas naked
[23:10:28] Treefunk: I second lily's motion
[23:10:32] khjq: EW
[23:10:32] sweetie55: hey, does Jonas see tachyons vids?
[23:10:35] Rolland: yes set up a poll in the forums
[23:10:35] popculture: I like Milo
[23:10:38] khjq: NASTY POP
[23:10:44] Ritchie2006: i agree with pop
[23:10:46] GoodGollyItsHolly: i feel like maybe jonas can help them find their parents
[23:10:46] Treefunk: rolland, there is a poll already
[23:10:48] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:10:52] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:10:52] Rolland: d'oh
[23:10:57] popculture: I know
[23:10:58] sweetie55: maybe he can get tachyon and bree together to figure something out
[23:10:58] adritha: Im with LILY (3)
[23:10:59] beachlovr9: where's the pol
[23:11:02] beachlovr9: poll
[23:11:05] samara: Jonas can't even find his OWN parents!
[23:11:05] OhEmGeeItsLily: Thanks adritha.
[23:11:07] popculture: Its sad when I crush on internet boys
[23:11:11] GoodGollyItsHolly: rich people usually have conections you know
[23:11:15] sweetie55: yeah
[23:11:17] immortal1: uh Holly if he was with the Order he could help find her parents too
[23:11:22] lets_steal_everythin: especially if you're in ht orderrrrrrrrrrr
[23:11:23] GoodGollyItsHolly: true
[23:11:25] glowe126: jonas better come rollin' up soon or else daniel and bree will smell like worms by the time he gets there
[23:11:25] OhEmGeeItsLily: Why exactly is Jonas rich?!!?!?!?!
[23:11:26] Treefunk: but Jonas doesn't have connections--he's isolated
[23:11:27] GoodGollyItsHolly: win win right :)
[23:11:29] OhEmGeeItsLily: HMMM?!
[23:11:30] Treefunk: he's said that already
[23:11:32] Ennovi: [to lets_steal_everythin] Perhaps Jonas can help. :) they could use his car and money to go after the order
[23:11:33] HoorayForMakingOut: Im with LILY, But with the Carnival added to the equation!
[23:11:35] popculture: LG Mafia.
[23:11:39] Rolland: Jonas doesnt seem to have any connections
[23:11:41] NumberoUno: if he had connections he could send them money. How will staying at his house protect them?
[23:11:42] Ritchie2006: but whats really on my mind is how jonas' parents disappeared...
[23:11:47] sweetie55: or maybe Daniel will find files on Tachyon?
[23:11:47] Rolland: he rarely goes out of the house...
[23:11:48] Treefunk: It's because Jonas is so isolated taht he's desparate fore Braniel's company
[23:11:49] popculture: HEY
[23:11:49] glowe126: jonas is rich because his parents fortune went to him in trust when they died
[23:11:54] popculture: ITS 11:11
[23:11:54] OhEmGeeItsLily: Just for the record, who's with me?
[23:11:54] samara: Holly, he can't fins his own parents. How will he help them find Bree's?
[23:11:58] lets_steal_everythin: jonas likes breeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[23:12:00] popculture: MAKE A WISh
[23:12:03] HoorayForMakingOut: I AM LILY
[23:12:09] adritha: ME
[23:12:12] sweetie55: I say go to Jonas! He may have info they need.
[23:12:14] milowent: i want jonas to have the poochie episode of simpsons playing on his tv when bree and daniel arrive.
[23:12:15] Treefunk: musique, do you sing?
[23:12:20] Musique36: I'm with you Lily... but I forget why.
[23:12:22] lets_steal_everythin: oh no the creators are gone again, i want them to play with me
[23:12:23] popculture: She plays Harp
[23:12:28] Treefunk: you have a very nice voice ;)
[23:12:29] cloud_ax: go to jonas, then all three check out the houses. team of three better than two.
[23:12:37] OhEmGeeItsLily: Okay, three people that I know of.
[23:12:38] beachlovr9: sing for us
[23:12:42] popculture: Can I go now?
[23:12:42] GoodGollyItsHolly: maybe jonas is just bored and a fan and wants to help
[23:12:42] adritha: i was thinkin that to cloud
[23:12:43] GoodGollyItsHolly: you know
[23:12:46] glowe126: omg the creators just walked into my house
[23:12:49] Ennovi: [to lets_steal_everythin] I agree holly
[23:12:51] adritha: but if jonas is part of the order then he will alert them
[23:12:53] Treefunk: I'm going to take a wild guess--do you sing musical theatre?
[23:12:58] adritha: its better they take a chance on their own
[23:13:02] khjq: BIG TIME
[23:13:04] samara: We're all bored fans and want to help.
[23:13:05] Ritchie2006: i say jonas is the place to go to,but they should sleep in the same room(Braniel) so that it could be a cautionary move
[23:13:07] Treefunk: ah, well I'm not too far off
[23:13:08] Ennovi: I hope gemma is evil
[23:13:13] lets_steal_everythin: ritchie i agree
[23:13:16] popculture: Will you sing Eminem to me Mus?
[23:13:16] adritha: then holly they should be aloud to go to any fan's house
[23:13:16] CranberryApple has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:13:19] Ritchie2006: THANK YOU!
[23:13:21] HoorayForMakingOut: Gemma IS evil
[23:13:23] sweetie55: hmm
[23:13:24] immortal1: The face of out true enemy has not yet revealed themselves.
[23:13:26] cloud_ax: if they go home and the order is watching it doesn't matter
[23:13:26] Treefunk: lol
[23:13:27] glowe126: yeah bree should definitely sleep with jonas AND daniel
[23:13:28] lets_steal_everythin: they should not be separated at ALL
[23:13:29] popculture: I tried
[23:13:30] Treefunk: lol at pop
[23:13:33] laurenesque has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:13:33] sweetie55: i think gemmas blackmailed
[23:13:36] glowe126: all in the same room
[23:13:36] adritha: thats why they hide!!!!
[23:13:40] Ennovi: [to HoorayForMakingOut] so if gemma wants them home... why are you sending them home?
[23:13:44] beachlovr9: me too sweettie
[23:13:50] cloud_ax: :0
[23:13:52] lets_steal_everythin: what was up with gemma saying she might not have seen a watcher anyway? definately dodgy.
[23:13:53] HoorayForMakingOut: Because Im evil!!
[23:14:01] popculture: I'm going to school in full drag makeup
[23:14:05] Joe5764 has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:14:07] Ennovi: :`o
[23:14:07] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:14:09] popculture: I gotta get up an hour earlier
[23:14:10] laurenesque: Because she's working for The Order.
[23:14:10] OhEmGeeItsLily: Haha, Dilllion.
[23:14:13] beachlovr9: i think Gemma is lying, but she is trying to tell Bree she is lying because she is being forced to lie
[23:14:14] immortal1: Hoo you drank the orange slurpee?
[23:14:15] HoorayForMakingOut: Haha no Im not evil!
[23:14:18] popculture: Why not?
[23:14:19] HoorayForMakingOut: Yes I did!
[23:14:20] Ritchie2006: i say gemma is actually the one to avoid listening to
[23:14:22] sweetie55: can anyone tell me if my audio is working?
[23:14:23] Treefunk: wtglowe?
[23:14:26] popculture: HAHA
[23:14:26] HoorayForMakingOut: and It was GOOOOOD
[23:14:27] beachlovr9: therefore, she is really telling bree to go to jonas's house
[23:14:27] adritha: im with u beachlovr9
[23:14:30] popculture: I have pictures
[23:14:34] Treefunk: hooray killed kassie!
[23:14:35] popculture: I'm not showing
[23:14:37] lets_steal_everythin: yeah going home =bad
[23:14:40] immortal1: welcome to the dark side Hoo!
[23:14:42] glowe126: huh tree?
[23:14:43] adritha: no
[23:14:43] HoorayForMakingOut: I didnt kill her!
[23:14:45] Treefunk: lol
[23:14:49] popculture: I won a drag contest
[23:14:50] beachlovr9: :) adritha
[23:14:51] HoorayForMakingOut: Shes still alive... in my basement...
[23:14:52] adritha: btu not the part about going to jonas's
[23:15:00] Treefunk: lol at hooray
[23:15:00] OhEmGeeItsLily: they can go home have it not be safe and Bree can yell at daniel and say "I told you so!"
[23:15:05] popculture: No
[23:15:05] lets_steal_everythin: eat more garbage, sleep outside. best option.
[23:15:06] HoorayForMakingOut: LLOL
[23:15:15] popculture: I MAYBE sent sam my nudes
[23:15:16] popculture: maybe
[23:15:17] cloud_ax: MMMM garbage
[23:15:19] Treefunk: I'd be impressed if you won a drag race pop
[23:15:20] lets_steal_everythin: hahahaha
[23:15:21] HoorayForMakingOut: LOLLLLL
[23:15:21] glowe126: best option -- bumfights
[23:15:22] OhEmGeeItsLily: Everyone likes throwing a "I told you so!" at someone.
[23:15:25] HoorayForMakingOut: HE TOTALLY DID
[23:15:28] glowe126: TEAM Homeless watcher all teh way
[23:15:29] HoorayForMakingOut: SAM IS SCARRED FOR LIFE
[23:15:31] popculture: It was so funny
[23:15:32] adritha: then they go their seperate ways LILY
[23:15:35] HoorayForMakingOut: Hahaha
[23:15:37] lets_steal_everythin: being homeless is totally in
[23:15:40] OhEmGeeItsLily: Dun dun dun!!!!!!!
[23:15:41] HoorayForMakingOut: I was like peeing myself
[23:15:46] adritha: that's exciting
[23:15:51] Musique36: LMAO @ Mimo
[23:15:52] popculture: AND THEN MIMO
[23:15:54] popculture: SENT HIM
[23:15:56] popculture: HERS
[23:15:56] Treefunk: the shirtless homeless guy was awesome!!!
[23:15:58] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:16:00] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:16:01] HoorayForMakingOut: I DID NOT
[23:16:03] Ennovi: where is holly?
[23:16:05] Ritchie2006: the one iwth the beard?
[23:16:06] Treefunk: awesome homelesss style
[23:16:07] popculture: TOTALY DID
[23:16:09] GoodGollyItsHolly: im here
[23:16:10] HoorayForMakingOut: LIEING SACK OF POO!
[23:16:10] OhEmGeeItsLily: Well, Daniel will stick with Bree..he doesn't trust Jonas and if he really cares for her, he'll be with her....
[23:16:13] GoodGollyItsHolly: im observing
[23:16:13] lets_steal_everythin: i mean haven't you seen zoolander
[23:16:17] Treefunk: who's sam?
[23:16:24] Ennovi: ha ha...
[23:16:25] Treefunk: ah
[23:16:29] GoodGollyItsHolly: gathering your, sometimes silly, ideas :)
[23:16:33] glowe126: Team homeless watcher
[23:16:46] samara: HOnestly, it doesn't matter where they go...something will happen either way. Just send them somewhere. What the hell...go to Jonas. Also, get a female need some sappy romantics here.
[23:16:46] popculture: bed please?
[23:16:47] sweetie55: I VOTE GO TO JONAS. If he is with the Order, he will have info they may need.
[23:16:48] Treefunk: holly, write down: Mimo said, Lieing sack of poo
[23:16:49] adritha: the decsion needs to be made soon
[23:16:57] NumberoUno: so vote 1 for send them money and 2 for go to his house
[23:16:59] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL TREE
[23:17:00] Ritchie2006: you mean "lying"
[23:17:02] NumberoUno: 1
[23:17:02] Rolland has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:17:04] lets_steal_everythin: when does the decision need to be made by, holly
[23:17:07] Ennovi: Just sleep on it holly... :) Think of Jonas... shirtless Jonas .. I am sure the decision will come to you naturally ;)
[23:17:11] popculture: im total gonna wtch porn now
[23:17:14] Treefunk: adieu pop
[23:17:16] NumberoUno: so vote 1 for send them money and 2 for go to his house
[23:17:17] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:17:21] NumberoUno: 1
[23:17:25] popculture: hahaha
[23:17:25] adritha: 1
[23:17:27] cloud_ax: go to jonas and if he is evil beat the crap out of him and take his car/money
[23:17:27] Ritchie2006: thank you for that WONDERFUL image pop
[23:17:29] khjq: 2
[23:17:29] lets_steal_everythin: 1
[23:17:30] khjq: 2
[23:17:30] khjq: 2
[23:17:30] sweetie55: maybe in jonas parents room is files on the order!
[23:17:31] khjq: 2
[23:17:31] khjq: 2
[23:17:32] khjq: 2
[23:17:33] HoorayForMakingOut: 2
[23:17:36] khjq: ONLY IF HE IS EVIL THOUGH
[23:17:38] heather: 2
[23:17:40] popculture: BABYYYY
[23:17:40] OhEmGeeItsLily: 1
[23:17:44] Ritchie2006: oh god
[23:17:46] Ennovi: 2
[23:17:47] Treefunk: lol at sweetie, trying to keep on topic
[23:17:49] GoodGollyItsHolly: hhaha
[23:17:53] OhEmGeeItsLily: I want Jonas to be Evil.
[23:17:54] sweetie55: hehe
[23:17:56] OhEmGeeItsLily: Haha.
[23:17:56] popculture: Type BABY if you want me to go to bed
[23:18:00] OhEmGeeItsLily: BABY
[23:18:04] jsmith has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:18:04] lets_steal_everythin: oh babybaby
[23:18:04] Musique36: LMAO
[23:18:04] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:18:04] Ritchie2006: BABY
[23:18:06] sweetie55: lol
[23:18:06] khjq: IF YOU WANT JONAS TO BE EVIL TYPE 3
[23:18:10] khjq: 3
[23:18:10] OhEmGeeItsLily: 3
[23:18:10] khjq: 3
[23:18:10] NumberoUno: khjq, you only get one vote
[23:18:10] khjq: 3
[23:18:10] khjq: 3
[23:18:11] khjq: 3
[23:18:12] khjq: 3
[23:18:12] lets_steal_everythin: lol you guys are crazy
[23:18:14] adritha: 3
[23:18:15] Treefunk: c|_|
[23:18:16] Musique36: I choose option 3... which is send both Jonas AND the money... to Me.
[23:18:17] sweetie55: 4
[23:18:18] Musique36: :-P
[23:18:20] Ritchie2006: 3
[23:18:21] HoorayForMakingOut: HAHA TREE
[23:18:22] laurenesque: ...Has it really degenerated to this? I thought it was bad enough earlier...
[23:18:24] lets_steal_everythin: yeah i need some money too
[23:18:26] Treefunk: I choose option c|_|
[23:18:27] HoorayForMakingOut: What is that?
[23:18:29] Ennovi: popculture you are freaking me out. :`o:[23:18:33] cloud_ax: 1,2,3:)
[23:18:36] sweetie55: i want to be surprised on wether or not he's evil
[23:18:39] popculture: Type 7 if you think typing numbers to show an opinion is dumb.
[23:18:39] HoorayForMakingOut: Is that a cup, Tree?
[23:18:41] samara: yes, lauren. :( Such maturity
[23:18:43] Treefunk: lol
[23:18:43] HoorayForMakingOut: OOOO
[23:18:44] OhEmGeeItsLily: 7
[23:18:44] adritha: christams is soon....i need presents
[23:18:45] cloud_ax: 7
[23:18:45] Ennovi: 7
[23:18:46] OhEmGeeItsLily: LMAO
[23:18:46] Ritchie2006: 7
[23:18:48] heather: 7
[23:18:49] HoorayForMakingOut: ITs a beer mug?
[23:18:55] Treefunk: c|_| ;)
[23:18:57] HoorayForMakingOut: Hahaha
[23:18:58] adritha: haha pop
[23:18:58] OhEmGeeItsLily: Oh mimo....
[23:19:00] lets_steal_everythin: mmm beeer
[23:19:02] HoorayForMakingOut: What Lily!
[23:19:03] GoodGollyItsHolly: you can send me messages
[23:19:07] GoodGollyItsHolly: that might be easier
[23:19:09] sweetie55: have you guys seen those self stirring mugs!!! they are soo coool!
[23:19:10] cloud_ax: Did someone say beer?
[23:19:13] lets_steal_everythin: i sent you one already holly
[23:19:17] Treefunk: I wonder if the Creators are still watching this nonsense
[23:19:19] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL POP
[23:19:21] adritha: self stirring i need one
[23:19:22] Ritchie2006: ok back to the topic!!!
[23:19:25] lets_steal_everythin: they were watching my webcam, tree
[23:19:26] sweetie55: prolly glancing tree
[23:19:27] adritha:
[23:19:31] HoorayForMakingOut: I am not an alcoholic!
[23:19:34] OhEmGeeItsLily: LMAO
[23:19:35] Treefunk: Where are you pop, that you need to go to bed now?
[23:19:36] sweetie55: it hurts to stare into the chat
[23:19:38] sweetie55: lol
[23:19:50] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:19:52] HoorayForMakingOut: Lily did
[23:19:54] lets_steal_everythin: i want them to come back
[23:19:55] GoodGollyItsHolly: i will read every pm i get
[23:19:57] heather has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:19:58] GoodGollyItsHolly: and take note
[23:19:58] popculture: im on audio
[23:19:58] HoorayForMakingOut: in a PM
[23:20:03] Ennovi: I need to go study... :( but I say JONAS.
[23:20:03] milowent: i think daniel should give jonas a quiz about lg15. like - what is the cornwallis effect?
[23:20:03] sweetie55: GL Holly!
[23:20:14] DogNamedZippo: Online security background check needs to be ran on jonas
[23:20:20] Treefunk: lol musique is saying things saying thing saying things
[23:20:26] lets_steal_everythin: oooooo yes zippo
[23:20:30] HoorayForMakingOut: Lily, did I come in here last night?
[23:20:30] samara: Send them to JOnas...but I'd suggest they met him in public first. That's my vote. The watchers will follow anyway.
[23:20:30] Treefunk: echo lol
[23:20:31] lets_steal_everythin: i bet jonas is a fake naaaaaaaame
[23:20:34] HoorayForMakingOut: I think I did
[23:20:35] popculture: mus
[23:20:38] twjaniak: I say, go with Jonas too... but what do I know.
[23:20:40] HoorayForMakingOut: but I thought I was dreaming
[23:20:42] popculture: unblock my mic
[23:20:48] milowent: agreed samara
[23:20:48] sweetie55: tw!!
[23:20:50] lets_steal_everythin: how can i listen to audio :(
[23:20:52] lets_steal_everythin: im silly
[23:20:58] laurenesque: TWJ; I thought you knew everything :D
[23:20:59] Ritchie2006: i say going home or going to jonas' will make some good videos so i dont really care,but i say jonas is best lol
[23:21:00] GoodGollyItsHolly: tw is the almighty knower
[23:21:01] sweetie55: on the right hand side steal
[23:21:02] GoodGollyItsHolly: :)
[23:21:03] popculture: anyone hear me?
[23:21:08] OhEmGeeItsLily: I really want Braniel to find out what's going on at home. It's going to be unsafe. They'll have to run again, but this time, straight to Jonas'.
[23:21:09] Treefunk: steak, clilck the mic on the right of peoples' names
[23:21:10] Treefunk: no pop
[23:21:14] HoorayForMakingOut: LILY!!
[23:21:16] lets_steal_everythin: all of them!
[23:21:18] HoorayForMakingOut: answer me!
[23:21:20] laurenesque: If TWJ doesn't know, then I think hope is lost.
[23:21:22] OhEmGeeItsLily: I really have a strong feeling that they will end up at Jonas' anyways.
[23:21:26] Musique36: turn on your speakers, then click the mic next to the name of the person in the list that you want to listen to. click that mic icon until that red circle disappears.
[23:21:26] popculture: Audio isnt loaded
[23:21:30] Ennovi has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:21:31] popculture: great
[23:21:34] popculture: I need to exit
[23:21:39] GoodGollyItsHolly: uno and enn - dually noted!
[23:21:42] lets_steal_everythin: haha i hear so much typing
[23:21:43] popculture: it will take me ages to get back on
[23:21:44] twjaniak: I once knew Pi to 50th decimal place... but I've forgotten in now. ;)
[23:21:53] Treefunk: lol at tw
[23:21:57] sweetie55: hmm. okay if they will end up at jonas' anyways, I SAY GO HOME FOR MORE ACTION!
[23:21:58] Treefunk: were you a MIT student??
[23:21:59] HoorayForMakingOut: have someone kick you pop
[23:22:04] GoodGollyItsHolly: is that a pick up line tw
[23:22:11] Treefunk: I know their fight song is pi...
[23:22:17] popculture: someone kick me please
[23:22:28] laurenesque: I like Pi.
[23:22:28] twjaniak: [to OhEmGeeItsLily] No.. I was an FIT student though.
[23:22:29] lets_steal_everythin: haha who is talkingggggggg
[23:22:30] HoorayForMakingOut: LILY
[23:22:31] Treefunk: yeah khjq... *grumble*
[23:22:35] laurenesque: But not pie.
[23:22:35] lets_steal_everythin: they have a cute little voice
[23:22:37] twjaniak: [to OhEmGeeItsLily] I meant that for treefunk
[23:22:43] Treefunk: ;) got it tw
[23:22:43] popculture: KICK ME PLEASE
[23:22:46] Musique36: Nooo, a good pick up line would be "Hey baby... what's your sign? Mine's PI "
[23:22:47] OhEmGeeItsLily: What mimo?
[23:22:49] cloud_ax: holly deep down what do you think they should do? what does your gut say
[23:22:54] HoorayForMakingOut: Did i come in here last night?
[23:22:56] sweetie55: what if they went home and daniel was the only one captured? then bree would flee to jonas
[23:22:56] HoorayForMakingOut: Im not sure
[23:22:57] popculture has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:23:04] Treefunk: yes you did hooray
[23:23:05] HoorayForMakingOut: I felt like i was dreaming
[23:23:07] Treefunk: c|_|
[23:23:08] HoorayForMakingOut: I did?
[23:23:09] OhEmGeeItsLily: Yes mimo, you were in here.
[23:23:11] HoorayForMakingOut: what happened
[23:23:11] OhEmGeeItsLily: Not coherent.
[23:23:12] popculture has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:23:12] cloud_ax: did someone say pie
[23:23:14] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:23:15] Treefunk: absolutely did c|_|
[23:23:16] OhEmGeeItsLily: Spammer you!
[23:23:17] sweetie55: pie!!!
[23:23:19] Ritchie2006: i like your mind sweetie
[23:23:19] popculture: mus
[23:23:21] popculture: mic
[23:23:21] HoorayForMakingOut: Spammer?
[23:23:24] OhEmGeeItsLily: yes you!
[23:23:25] HoorayForMakingOut: what
[23:23:28] Treefunk: hooray went on a spamming spree
[23:23:29] OhEmGeeItsLily: Kept writing your name.
[23:23:32] OhEmGeeItsLily: One letter at a time.
[23:23:32] sweetie55: my mind is nuts
[23:23:33] khjq: HOOOOOOOOOOORAY
[23:23:34] popculture: you hear me?
[23:23:35] HoorayForMakingOut: lol omg
[23:23:36] sweetie55: like jonas lol
[23:23:38] HoorayForMakingOut: ahahah I did?
[23:23:40] HoorayForMakingOut: lmao!
[23:23:40] OhEmGeeItsLily: And someone was ANGRY
[23:23:44] Treefunk: no pop
[23:23:44] lets_steal_everythin: haha i hear an echo
[23:23:44] OhEmGeeItsLily: And there was an argument.
[23:23:45] HoorayForMakingOut: who?
[23:23:45] Treefunk: sorry
[23:23:45] cloud_ax: Pie!!!!!
[23:23:46] samara: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510
[23:23:46] popculture: its dead
[23:23:48] HoorayForMakingOut: what happened
[23:23:48] Ritchie2006: but Daniel is to important to kick off,without him it just seems kind of worthless
[23:23:48] popculture: brb
[23:23:52] Treefunk: lol at samara
[23:23:57] sweetie55: takes a nut to figure out what to do!
[23:24:06] cloud_ax: blueberry sounds good
[23:24:12] Treefunk: sometimes you feel like a nut?
[23:24:16] adritha: homeward willy!!!!
[23:24:16] laurenesque: Did the real Jonas ever show up here? I left for a little while.
[23:24:21] sweetie55: sometimes ya don't
[23:24:21] popculture: its not working
[23:24:30] popculture: yes
[23:24:31] Treefunk: speak pop
[23:24:35] lets_steal_everythin: jonas did show up?
[23:24:38] sweetie55: i think jonas is sleeping
[23:24:41] Ritchie2006: he did!
[23:24:42] Treefunk: there you are
[23:24:45] Ritchie2006: when?
[23:24:45] OhEmGeeItsLily: I don't want Daniel to go...! :( I want Braniel to get together at the very end.
[23:24:49] sweetie55: he did not
[23:24:55] laurenesque: I know a fake Jonas came...
[23:24:55] sweetie55: haha
[23:25:03] Ritchie2006: dammit!
[23:25:06] Treefunk: yep, echoey of course...
[23:25:11] lets_steal_everythin: should i plug my mic innnnnn
[23:25:12] HoorayForMakingOut: [to OhEmGeeItsLily] there was an arguement? between who
[23:25:15] Treefunk: Holly!
[23:25:18] OhEmGeeItsLily: It would be interesting to see more than two characters in a video!!!!
[23:25:20] Treefunk: Are you in the library?
[23:25:21] adritha: bree and daniel will get together...its just one of those prediction things
[23:25:28] GoodGollyItsHolly: no
[23:25:32] Treefunk: lol
[23:25:35] GoodGollyItsHolly: im at home
[23:25:35] adritha: omg complain much!!
[23:25:43] GoodGollyItsHolly: you cant stalk me down at the library you!
[23:25:44] cloud_ax: can you eat pie in a library
[23:25:46] Treefunk: ;)
[23:25:50] laurenesque: Haha @ Cloud
[23:25:51] GoodGollyItsHolly: that would be creepy...
[23:25:54] brianmpei has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:25:55] Treefunk: I can find you and take your screen name!
[23:25:56] sweetie55: holly, which choice are we leaning towards now?
[23:25:57] Ritchie2006: yay!
[23:25:59] Treefunk: and tell Daniel to go home!
[23:26:01] sleeperxii has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:26:01] Moonpies has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:26:02] immortal1: but not McCreepy
[23:26:04] Ritchie2006: holly in the library
[23:26:13] Ritchie2006: very stalkerish
[23:26:14] lets_steal_everythin: i want vicodin!
[23:26:14] sweetie55: baldy mcCreepy!!!
[23:26:18] laurenesque: The whole time I was gone, I was telling my fiance about this whole thing while we walked our dog. He just rolled his eyes.
[23:26:19] Treefunk: lol
[23:26:24] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL OMG
[23:26:25] sweetie55: lol
[23:26:30] Treefunk: lol at laurenesque
[23:26:30] GoodGollyItsHolly: im no sure,
[23:26:32] sweetie55: thats my hubby too!
[23:26:38] cloud_ax: holly in the library with pie
[23:26:38] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:26:40] GoodGollyItsHolly: i feel like we should trust jonas
[23:26:46] Ritchie2006: me too
[23:26:46] sweetie55: really?
[23:26:48] HoorayForMakingOut: Haha But im sure i wasnt doing it on purpose, I was just being silly
[23:26:53] immortal1: why Holly?
[23:26:53] GoodGollyItsHolly: it seems like you guys do too
[23:26:53] Treefunk: boooooo
[23:26:57] GoodGollyItsHolly: well.. some of you
[23:26:58] Treefunk: booooo
[23:27:01] Treefunk: *hiss*
[23:27:02] sweetie55: somewhat
[23:27:02] OhEmGeeItsLily: It was a little excessive, Mimo.
[23:27:04] immortal1: not me
[23:27:04] GoodGollyItsHolly: but i am for sure going to sleep on it
[23:27:10] OhEmGeeItsLily: I was getting annoyed too.
[23:27:14] GoodGollyItsHolly: and make sure to read all the messages before i decide
[23:27:16] sweetie55: he will be useful for info, thats all i know
[23:27:17] HoorayForMakingOut: I'm sorry.
[23:27:18] lets_steal_everythin: holly when do you need to make a decision
[23:27:19] twjaniak: Just don't have any Jonas nightmares.
[23:27:23] cloud_ax: meet in a location beet him up then interagate him
[23:27:23] DogNamedZippo: put a twist in the plot, do a security background check on jonas
[23:27:24] immortal1: Holly if you don't have a majority what will you do?
[23:27:25] OhEmGeeItsLily: I told you to go to bed but you kept insisting that you were fine.
[23:27:26] Treefunk: lol at tw
[23:27:29] HoorayForMakingOut: I can be stupid, I don't even remember it.
[23:27:31] HoorayForMakingOut: Yes I am.
[23:27:34] laurenesque: I hope we dont have to wait to decide before we get another video. :(
[23:27:46] Ritchie2006: i say that trusting jonas is stupid but go there anyways,itll be good for the storyline
[23:27:48] ballsymcd has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:27:49] GoodGollyItsHolly: no majority! i dont want to think about that
[23:27:54] HoorayForMakingOut: I'm sorry though, I didn't mean to offend anyone.
[23:27:58] GoodGollyItsHolly: i would have to make a decison
[23:28:04] Flautapantera has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:28:06] sleeperxii: i wish jonas wouldn't have been so secretive about certain parts of his house though.
[23:28:07] NumberoUno has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:28:08] Treefunk: don't flip flop holly!
[23:28:09] immortal1: what if the electorial vote goes one way and the popular vote goes another? no clear mandate!
[23:28:10] GoodGollyItsHolly: they cant wait around forever
[23:28:18] Treefunk: be a leader like our prez!
[23:28:25] HoorayForMakingOut: lol!
[23:28:25] adritha: LOL
[23:28:26] sweetie55: jonas may be part of the order, but its a risk they'll have to take
[23:28:27] laurenesque: Sleeper: What... like THE WHOLE HOUSE?! The only room we've actually seen is the library he films in.
[23:28:28] cloud_ax: lol
[23:28:32] Treefunk: lol
[23:28:34] Moonpies: Well, if in 24 hours they're cutting open Owen to feast on fluff filling then Jonas is the only choice.
[23:28:34] OhEmGeeItsLily: I want them to go home FIRST. Then to JONAS' because home isn't safe anyways.
[23:28:35] sleeperxii: you should put a poll on the forums to make it easier to count
[23:28:38] Treefunk: knew that would get a reaction lol
[23:28:38] lets_steal_everythin: hahahhaha
[23:28:44] Ritchie2006: prez is an idiot with bodyguards!!!
[23:28:46] Moonpies: Del Taco is pretty bad even before it hits the dumpster.
[23:28:47] OhEmGeeItsLily: They'll end up at Jonas's no matter which route they'll go.
[23:28:47] glowe126: do you think the creators are plushies, like undercover plushies, possibly furries on the weekends?
[23:28:51] Treefunk: lol at pop
[23:28:53] sleeperxii: at least he should have filmed the front of his parents room
[23:28:54] sweetie55: lol del taco
[23:28:54] shaniqua222 has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:28:55] OhEmGeeItsLily: Going home would make the series longer.
[23:28:55] samara: Well time for me to grab the watch cap and get to know you're gonna send them to Jonas'. It's okay.
[23:28:57] GoodGollyItsHolly: how was greys anatomy
[23:29:01] OhEmGeeItsLily: And...more videos for us.
[23:29:06] sleeperxii: *shouldnt
[23:29:08] glowe126: old deltaco makes me want to fight the homeless watcher
[23:29:12] laurenesque: Grey's was a rerun tonight :(
[23:29:13] brianmpei has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:29:15] adritha: oh no u didn't just change the subject LOL
[23:29:16] Treefunk: lol at incoherent aids talk
[23:29:25] sweetie55: lol holly
[23:29:26] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:29:31] cloud_ax: lol
[23:29:38] glowe126: i think the creators are plushies
[23:29:39] Ritchie2006: ME!!!
[23:29:41] GoodGollyItsHolly: oops
[23:29:45] GoodGollyItsHolly: sorry
[23:29:46] lets_steal_everythin: they area all entertaining
[23:29:49] Treefunk: HEY CREATORS!!!
[23:29:51] Ritchie2006: with jonas!!!
[23:29:52] Treefunk: MILES!
[23:29:52] lets_steal_everythin: if they weren't we wouldn't be watching
[23:29:53] ballsymcd: i'm sure this has been answered but i just got here so leave me alone!!!!! holly how did you get chosen for this
[23:29:53] sweetie55: i want a creator plushie!
[23:29:54] GoodGollyItsHolly: supposed to be a private greys message :)
[23:30:10] twjaniak: Holly, you are the one girl in all the world chosen to make this decision. The power rests entirely with you. Know that you would not have been given this responsibility if the correct choice was beyond your ability, or instinct. Go with your gut.
[23:30:19] glowe126: the creators are in an underground group called the "plushies"
[23:30:21] Ritchie2006: ...
[23:30:21] sweetie55: wow tw
[23:30:31] Treefunk: lol again at tw
[23:30:34] Treefunk: no pressure
[23:30:36] cloud_ax: gut you should go with
[23:30:37] Moonpies: Well, I don't know if Jonas is an inevitable direction here. Like "Lost" key characters can get rubbed out.
[23:30:41] GoodGollyItsHolly: hey thanks tw
[23:30:46] GoodGollyItsHolly: :)
[23:30:53] Treefunk: holly, the fate of the world rests in your hands
[23:31:00] GoodGollyItsHolly: ill be back in a bit
[23:31:01] Ritchie2006: jonas is a good plot
[23:31:02] twjaniak: Oh that and... save the cheeerleader... save the world. ;)
[23:31:03] Treefunk: until I find you at the library and take your screenname
[23:31:06] Treefunk: ...
[23:31:08] lets_steal_everythin: i love smoking
[23:31:08] sweetie55: i have faith you'll choose fine holly.
[23:31:09] laurenesque: HOLLY! YOU'RE GOING TO GIVE BIRTH TO THE MESSIAH! ;)
[23:31:10] glowe126: holly, you had it right when you said jonas and you shared the same bed, he's safe reminds me of my ex
[23:31:11] OhEmGeeItsLily: HAHA. TW.
[23:31:12] lets_steal_everythin: its delicious
[23:31:13] Ritchie2006: it has someone else to trust
[23:31:20] samara has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:31:26] Treefunk: LOL at the creators
[23:31:30] Musique36: Lily, you listening to popculture ?
[23:31:33] Ritchie2006: then they go together to the houses
[23:31:36] OhEmGeeItsLily: No i'm not Musique.
[23:31:37] Ritchie2006: *house
[23:31:38] OhEmGeeItsLily: sorry.
[23:31:41] glowe126: do you think the creators are plushies?
[23:31:43] OhEmGeeItsLily: I thought he was going to bed!
[23:31:44] Moonpies: Even if Holly won't admit it. Her mind has to be made up pro-Jonas. Choose otherwise and she'll kill LG15. GoodGollyItsTyphoidMary!
[23:31:50] GoodGollyItsHolly: send me messages if you need to tell me something
[23:31:51] Musique36: popculture's singing your praises on audio Lily !
[23:31:51] sweetie55: i'm hitting the hay, GL Holly on your decision. I'm sure it will be in their interest.
[23:32:04] GoodGollyItsHolly: i will be back later.. unless i doze off ;)
[23:32:05] OhEmGeeItsLily: He is?!
[23:32:11] Treefunk: [to Moonpies] hmm..
[23:32:13] sweetie55 has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:32:13] HoorayForMakingOut: I love youuu
[23:32:18] Treefunk: huh, to moonpies?
[23:32:21] Treefunk: this chat is weird
[23:32:28] HoorayForMakingOut: Holly
[23:32:32] Treefunk: ah sweetie left so abruptly
[23:32:33] Ritchie2006: wow
[23:32:43] lets_steal_everythin: hi rosieeeeeeeeee hahahhaa
[23:32:44] twjaniak: [to GoodGollyItsHolly] Take care, Holly. Be well-- for the sake of us all.
[23:32:47] twjaniak: [to GoodGollyItsHolly] ;)
[23:32:49] glowe126: they're totally plushies
[23:32:58] laurenesque: ...oppite.
[23:33:03] Ritchie2006: jonas & daniel in a a form of butt rape??? OMG!!!
[23:33:18] Ritchie2006: sure
[23:33:20] OhEmGeeItsLily: What...?!
[23:33:22] Treefunk: *watches chat descend*
[23:33:22] Ritchie2006: keep saying that
[23:33:24] cloud_ax: :0
[23:33:26] Musique36: LMAO
[23:33:37] Ritchie2006: itll make you feel better about yourself
[23:33:38] Musique36: popculture's giving his "two cents" on what's going to happen.
[23:33:40] Ritchie2006: EW!
[23:33:45] cyclonechemchick has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:33:53] Ritchie2006: he has like a sex dungeon
[23:34:02] Treefunk: every room contains creepy Bree shrines...
[23:34:05] OhEmGeeItsLily: What's with the sex stuff?!
[23:34:05] Ritchie2006: omg
[23:34:10] twjaniak: Is this Second Life again?
[23:34:10] dreamerose has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:34:14] Treefunk: lol
[23:34:17] Sadpinkmidget has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:34:20] Treefunk: what did happen in 2nd life anyway?
[23:34:22] popculture: kmy audio lily
[23:34:23] cloud_ax: what has this become
[23:34:30] Moonpies: I still think that they should have given Gemma the flexibility to travel and then have Holly (or everyone) choose between Jonas or Gemma.
[23:34:32] laurenesque: TWJ : If it is, I will cry. Cassie broke my heart
[23:34:36] Musique36: Hello Pinky !!
[23:34:38] Ritchie2006: cold?
[23:34:39] Moonpies: As it stands, it's just too easy a choice.
[23:34:46] Ritchie2006: same
[23:34:48] Treefunk: where are you pop?
[23:34:58] Treefunk: lol
[23:35:00] HoorayForMakingOut: its still 70's by me
[23:35:03] Treefunk: it's cold in chicago too
[23:35:03] twjaniak: Cassie took my hamburger when we went to church together. ;)
[23:35:07] HoorayForMakingOut: HAHAHA
[23:35:09] Treefunk: grr at hooray
[23:35:09] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:35:10] Treefunk: lol
[23:35:18] dreamerose: was a decision made?
[23:35:21] Ritchie2006: im cold!
[23:35:23] Ritchie2006: im cool!
[23:35:26] Treefunk: I made a decision!
[23:35:33] cloud_ax: did someone say hambuger
[23:35:34] khjq: I MADE A DECISION!
[23:35:36] laurenesque: Oh, I remember that picture of you two sitting close.
[23:35:36] twjaniak: GGH is going to sleep on it.
[23:35:37] Treefunk: lol
[23:35:47] twjaniak: Yeah... I still have that pic.
[23:35:52] dreamerose: ah, thank you twj--- a useful answer
[23:35:52] Ritchie2006: will you?
[23:35:55] Ritchie2006: plz do
[23:35:55] laurenesque: So did you kill Cassie?
[23:35:58] Moonpies: I too have made a decision. It will be waffles for breakfast tomorrow. Waffles for sure!
[23:36:01] sleeperxii has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:36:03] cyclonechemchick: anything been going on? any objects thrown?
[23:36:08] Treefunk: How is it to be an admin tw?
[23:36:08] OhEmGeeItsLily: I say go HOME. They'll end up at JONAS' either way. HOME is just a longer route to it...
[23:36:09] adritha: ewwwww waffles
[23:36:10] twjaniak:
[23:36:17] Ritchie2006: im hungry now...THANK YOU!
[23:36:26] Ritchie2006: ..
[23:36:29] cloud_ax: did someone say waffles
[23:36:39] Ritchie2006: ooo ihop
[23:36:43] HoorayForMakingOut: CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES!
[23:36:43] Ritchie2006: ?
[23:36:49] khjq: GUESS NOT
[23:36:49] twjaniak: I have gotten random videos e-mailed to me from my phone... I should make a new video of it.
[23:36:49] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:36:59] Moonpies: Cloud, yes, I did hear someone say waffles. Pecan waffles actually.
[23:37:01] Sadpinkmidget has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:37:02] cyclonechemchick: well, this is productive...
[23:37:04] Ritchie2006: YUP!
[23:37:05] beachlovr9: bye everyone, my daugther just woke up from her nap
[23:37:06] adritha: NOOOOO
[23:37:09] laurenesque: Haha, I still think it's funny her hands are like... in her pants. Cassie had the hots for TWJ.
[23:37:13] adritha: stop talkin bout waffles
[23:37:18] HoorayForMakingOut: I think Pinky is upset
[23:37:18] Ritchie2006: or at least no french toast made by a guy
[23:37:23] Treefunk: hey cyclone
[23:37:24] cloud_ax: pecan waffles:)
[23:37:28] HoorayForMakingOut: POP SHUT UP
[23:37:28] Treefunk: did you miss all this?
[23:37:29] beachlovr9: bye musique
[23:37:29] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:37:32] adritha: nooooooo
[23:37:33] khjq: I EAT WAFFLES ALL THE TIME
[23:37:33] beachlovr9 has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:37:39] HoorayForMakingOut: did you see what she wrote?
[23:37:40] glowe126 has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:37:45] cloud_ax: french toast..... yes!!
[23:37:46] HoorayForMakingOut: that it wasnt fair
[23:37:48] cyclonechemchick: stop taking about breakfast food! there's no ihop where I live!
[23:37:57] OhEmGeeItsLily: THAT SUCKS CYCLONE!
[23:37:58] Treefunk: yikes
[23:37:59] HoorayForMakingOut: scroll up right before she signed off
[23:38:02] OhEmGeeItsLily: I wanna go to iHop now.
[23:38:03] cyclonechemchick: I know
[23:38:04] Ritchie2006: sorry but waffles sound good
[23:38:04] cloud_ax: make your own
[23:38:07] OhEmGeeItsLily: GRRR
[23:38:10] Rosie_b has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:38:11] Moonpies: Waffles, a scoop of Haagen Dazs vanilla and thick maple on top -- a treat 24/7, my friends.
[23:38:17] cyclonechemchick: I need the orgasmically good pancakes from ihop
[23:38:23] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:38:23] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:38:23] cloud_ax: o yeah
[23:38:31] adritha: my ihop delivers
[23:38:34] khjq: FREAKS GO TO IHOP
[23:38:37] Treefunk: ihop delivery?
[23:38:39] Ritchie2006: i want waffles
[23:38:40] Sadpinkmidget has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:38:44] OhEmGeeItsLily: I want crepes.
[23:38:47] cloud_ax: me too
[23:38:49] Musique36: wb Pinky
[23:38:50] HoorayForMakingOut: What Musi?
[23:38:52] Moonpies: IHOP delivers? Yikes.
[23:38:53] Treefunk: I've got a great pancake house with no name by my apt
[23:38:55] laurenesque: JONAS CAN MEET B&D AT AN IHOP. Oh man, I'm awesome.
[23:38:59] Ritchie2006: can you hit her?
[23:39:01] twjaniak: I got a crepe making kit a few days ago.
[23:39:03] Treefunk: the only way to order is to say a number
[23:39:05] cyclonechemchick: good idea lauren!
[23:39:05] adritha: whose pinky?
[23:39:07] Ritchie2006: PLZ!!!
[23:39:13] cloud_ax: ihop delivery whats next
[23:39:16] twjaniak: I've been making crepes like crazt
[23:39:19] lets_steal_everythin has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:39:19] OhEmGeeItsLily: TW
[23:39:20] Ritchie2006: ...
[23:39:20] twjaniak: *crazy
[23:39:23] OhEmGeeItsLily: DON'T TEASE ME.
[23:39:27] laurenesque: Crepes are yum.
[23:39:27] Sadpinkmidget: ,im pinky
[23:39:28] OhEmGeeItsLily: I REALLY WANT SOME CREPES.
[23:39:30] Ritchie2006: i was just going for broken bones but ok
[23:39:40] Ritchie2006: lol the emo song
[23:39:41] Moonpies: Yep, if the YouTube guys sealed the deal with Google at a Denny's -- why not an IHOP for Bree and Daniel and Jonas.
[23:39:48] Ritchie2006: ive seen it like 20 times
[23:39:50] adritha: well its not actually ihop its a company u call and they go pick up what u ordered and deliver it to ur house...
[23:39:55] cloud_ax: broken bones are not as fun as ihop
[23:40:09] twjaniak: [to Musique36] They were chocolate crepes with orange-strawberry whipped cream.
[23:40:12] cyclonechemchick: nothing is better than ihop
[23:40:17] cloud_ax: that is a fact
[23:40:20] twjaniak: I mean that for all.
[23:40:21] Moonpies: Oh, we have that here too. They charge too much to hit up Tony Roma's, Chili's, etc.
[23:40:29] Ritchie2006: im an emo kid not conforming as can be,youd be not conforming to it if you look just like me,i have poaint on my nails & maybe on my face,im almost emo enough to start shaving my legs
[23:40:32] OhEmGeeItsLily: :(...crepes...
[23:40:44] cloud_ax: del taco?
[23:40:46] adritha: r u from cinninati?
[23:41:03] Ritchie2006: great to know tear jerker
[23:41:05] Moonpies: Lily, get over the crepes. Even though crepes is really the only good thing that goes with Nutella. 'nuff said.
[23:41:09] khjq: I've never eaten at a del taco, its like a taco bell right?
[23:41:13] Treefunk: Bliny
[23:41:16] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:41:19] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:41:24] Sadpinkmidget: dont be sad dillon
[23:41:25] cloud_ax: me neither
[23:41:27] OhEmGeeItsLily: haha, Moonpies.
[23:41:29] cyclonechemchick: ooooo!! nutella and crepes is yummy!
[23:41:29] Sadpinkmidget: youll regive me cancer
[23:41:32] twjaniak: OMG... nutella is ambrosia from the gods!
[23:41:32] adritha: chipotle!! mmmmm i ate that when i went to chicago
[23:41:34] doncheetoh has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:41:39] Ritchie2006: i will!
[23:41:39] laurenesque: NUTELLA!
[23:41:44] OhEmGeeItsLily: I LOVE NUTELLA!!!!!!!
[23:41:44] Ritchie2006: butv itll cost you
[23:41:45] laurenesque: And ORANGINA!
[23:41:53] Moonpies: Like a taco bell. Only slightly less cheap. Not up to the Chipotle/Baja Fresh/La Salsa category.
[23:41:53] cloud_ax: nutella?
[23:41:56] HoorayForMakingOut: I WANT CHOCOLATEEEEEEEEEEE
[23:42:01] OhEmGeeItsLily: MEE TOOO
[23:42:07] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:42:17] cyclonechemchick: I have leftover hallowe'en candy
[23:42:18] shaniqua222: we used to have a crepe place at school but they replaced it with ice cream
[23:42:20] laurenesque: Oh god... Chipotle.
[23:42:20] adritha: i just at a chocolate peanut butter bear lol
[23:42:22] khjq: I want carrot cake
[23:42:23] laurenesque: I'm hungry.
[23:42:27] khjq: I love carrot cake
[23:42:29] Ritchie2006: what happened to the Braniel conversations?
[23:42:34] adritha: mmmm chipotle
[23:42:35] twjaniak:
[23:42:37] cyclonechemchick: I think we're all hungry
[23:42:38] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:42:44] laurenesque: I have a sonic blast.
[23:42:46] adritha: our hunger has taken over
[23:42:48] laurenesque: With oreos.
[23:42:48] OhEmGeeItsLily: Hehehe, people are using BRANIEL. I'm happy.
[23:42:49] cyclonechemchick: I would make pancakes, but the last time I did that I set my stove on fire
[23:42:50] Moonpies: Carrot Cake? Ahhh, time for a late night run to Cheesecake Factory.
[23:42:51] HoorayForMakingOut: Musi POP IS LEAVING!
[23:42:55] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:42:57] adritha: mmmm sonic!!!!!!
[23:42:57] Treefunk: lol at lily
[23:43:00] HoorayForMakingOut: OOO HAHA
[23:43:05] HoorayForMakingOut: OKAY I WILL
[23:43:10] HoorayForMakingOut: LMAO
[23:43:14] HoorayForMakingOut: GOODNIGHT!!!
[23:43:22] HoorayForMakingOut: I LURVE YOU POP
[23:43:23] Ritchie2006: slap yourself!
[23:43:23] OhEmGeeItsLily: I feel like I gave birth to it or's like the Brangelina of LG15.
[23:43:27] cloud_ax: wow fictional charcters lives may be at stack and we're talking food:|
[23:43:29] Treefunk: adieu pop
[23:43:30] cyclonechemchick: lol!!!
[23:43:34] Moonpies: adritha, if you're from Cincy how come you're not giving any love to Skyline Chili?
[23:43:35] popculture: goodnight lilyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
[23:43:37] OhEmGeeItsLily: Bye popculture.
[23:43:42] OhEmGeeItsLily: Goodnight
[23:43:51] twjaniak: I'm going too... Goodnight everyone... see you later.
[23:43:51] Treefunk: no more food talk!
[23:43:51] OhEmGeeItsLily: I luveeerrrsss yoouuu.
[23:43:54] Ritchie2006: i stay late
[23:43:55] adritha: im not but i live in ohio
[23:43:56] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:43:57] OhEmGeeItsLily: BYE TW!
[23:43:59] MissKiwiTwist has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:44:01] Treefunk: I overdid it on the pasta
[23:44:02] Sadpinkmidget: GNIGHT DILLON!!
[23:44:02] Ritchie2006: myspace is a disease
[23:44:04] adritha: my boss is from cincy
[23:44:05] Treefunk: adieu tw
[23:44:16] twjaniak has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:44:17] laurenesque: Bye TWJ!
[23:44:19] Sadpinkmidget: GNIGHT DILLON!!
[23:44:20] laurenesque: Aw, boo.
[23:44:22] adritha: bye!!
[23:44:24] popculture: pink
[23:44:26] cloud_ax: Pasta!!
[23:44:27] popculture: audio
[23:44:29] OhEmGeeItsLily: GOODNIGHT DILLON
[23:44:31] popculture: real quick
[23:44:36] Moonpies: Ahhh, Ohio is nice -- as long as Cedar Point is in season.
[23:44:42] ballsymcd has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:44:45] adritha: i hate it here
[23:44:48] Treefunk: cedar point?
[23:44:55] cyclonechemchick: everyone is leaving :(
[23:45:04] adritha: im still here!! i'll be here for a long time
[23:45:06] OhEmGeeItsLily: Don't be sad.
[23:45:07] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:45:11] OhEmGeeItsLily: You have me!!!
[23:45:11] Ritchie2006: ooo cookies!
[23:45:16] Sadpinkmidget: CANCER COOKIES?
[23:45:18] Treefunk: adritha, who are you really?
[23:45:19] adritha: that didn't make sense
[23:45:25] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:45:26] MissKiwiTwist: I vote for trusting Jonas! They're desperate right now and have no other choice. Jonas seems sincere. I think they should go to his place, but stick together and keep precautions up. They don't have to fully trust him, but they should atleast give it a shot!
[23:45:29] adritha: what do u mean who am i really?
[23:45:30] khjq: AIDS BROWNIES?
[23:45:33] Treefunk: lol
[23:45:36] Treefunk: kiwi is too late
[23:45:43] cloud_ax: cedar point + pasta great combo:)
[23:45:44] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:45:45] Ritchie2006: who put their cam on family guy?
[23:45:46] MissKiwiTwist: lol oh
[23:45:50] adritha: yeah kiwi is...we are on food now
[23:45:50] Treefunk: who are you and why should we trust you adritha?
[23:45:58] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:46:01] Ritchie2006: butt rape
[23:46:01] MissKiwiTwist: did she decide?
[23:46:12] Treefunk: no but holly's afk
[23:46:12] Ritchie2006: in the sex dungeon that is his room
[23:46:14] cyclonechemchick: not yet, I don't think
[23:46:18] MissKiwiTwist: ooh
[23:46:22] Moonpies: Cloud, indeed. Midway Market at Cedar Point will fit both cravings in all you can eat fashion.
[23:46:23] HoorayForMakingOut: POP SHUT UP
[23:46:24] Sadpinkmidget: BUT SECKS?
[23:46:25] Ritchie2006: !
[23:46:31] laurenesque has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:46:31] adritha: lol...i am but a mere fan of LG15 and what did i say to not make u trust lost
[23:46:33] cyclonechemchick: I think we all know what holly is going to say, though
[23:46:37] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:46:40] cloud_ax: yes!!
[23:46:44] adritha: Jonny Rockets...i love the dancing
[23:46:46] Ritchie2006: dillan is obsessed!
[23:46:51] Treefunk: adritha is the Order
[23:46:54] Moonpies: Holly said she was going to sleep on it. But she's leaning pro-Jonas.
[23:46:57] MissKiwiTwist: personally i think they should have went a long time ago. the story pacing is in SNAIL SPEED
[23:46:58] adritha: lol i am no
[23:47:01] adritha: not*
[23:47:03] khjq: HE BETTER BE
[23:47:10] Treefunk: you are not a fan?
[23:47:13] HoorayForMakingOut: LOLLLL
[23:47:13] Treefunk: that is clear!
[23:47:16] OhEmGeeItsLily: Me too khjq
[23:47:16] Ritchie2006: pink was having only a slight seizure
[23:47:19] HoorayForMakingOut: WTFFF
[23:47:19] Treefunk: you are the order!
[23:47:21] Musique36: LMAO
[23:47:23] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:47:25] adritha: i am a fan but not the order
[23:47:25] HoorayForMakingOut: L
[23:47:29] khjq: I'M A FAN, I JUST WANT SOME ACTION
[23:47:32] HoorayForMakingOut: LIES!
[23:47:34] khjq: THATS ALL
[23:47:34] adritha: im confused on the whole order ordeal
[23:47:34] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:47:35] doncheetoh has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:47:39] HoorayForMakingOut: POP IS A LIAR!
[23:47:41] cyclonechemchick: we all want action
[23:47:41] Treefunk: khjq protests too much methinks...
[23:47:43] Sadpinkmidget: WHEN WAS I HAVING A SEIZURE?
[23:47:45] adritha: i think their imagination
[23:47:47] Rosie_b has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:47:49] Ritchie2006: ok enough with the sex of the butts!
[23:47:53] Treefunk: must be Order!
[23:47:54] cloud_ax: does the order like ihop and cedar point?
[23:47:56] khjq: NO BUTT SEX
[23:47:56] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:47:59] HoorayForMakingOut: DILLON SHUT THAT HOLE IN YOUR FACE
[23:47:59] OhEmGeeItsLily: If Braniel do go home and it's not safe, and they end up at Jonas's and HE'S evil, then in a sense, the Order REALLY is everywhere.
[23:48:03] Ritchie2006: wouldnt you like to know?
[23:48:05] adritha: i don't know do they
[23:48:11] HoorayForMakingOut: lol omg
[23:48:11] Sadpinkmidget: DILLON LIKES BUTT SECKS
[23:48:12] Ritchie2006: !
[23:48:14] HoorayForMakingOut: OMGGG
[23:48:18] Ritchie2006: hexxa mean
[23:48:19] OhEmGeeItsLily: Stop with the sex!
[23:48:19] The Creators: Hey, calm down guys
[23:48:20] OhEmGeeItsLily: Geez.
[23:48:24] shaniqua222: I think bree and daniel should try living on the moon
[23:48:26] Treefunk: "Braniel do" lol awesome grammar
[23:48:27] cloud_ax: wow!!
[23:48:28] Musique36: Noooooo... Dillon likes high heeled shoes.
[23:48:28] khjq: HEY CREATORS
[23:48:29] cyclonechemchick: Jonas is cute, but who gives a house tour of their HALLWAY?
[23:48:31] Treefunk: LOLOL at the Creators!!!!
[23:48:33] Musique36: His closet is FULL of them.
[23:48:35] Treefunk: HAHAHA
[23:48:35] shaniqua222: just leave earth
[23:48:36] The Creators: :D
[23:48:38] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:48:41] Ritchie2006: OMG!
[23:48:45] cuddlebunni has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:48:48] cyclonechemchick: omg, the creators are here!!!
[23:48:49] adritha: why are we omging???
[23:48:53] Ritchie2006: now im having a slight seizure!
[23:48:54] cloud_ax: hallway tours are lame
[23:48:55] Treefunk: They've been here for the whole chat guys
[23:48:56] Treefunk: lol
[23:48:59] The Creators: behave like the adults that we all pretend to be
[23:48:59] Musique36: oh my gawd
[23:49:02] cyclonechemchick: oh, I'm lame
[23:49:04] Treefunk: HAHAHA
[23:49:06] Musique36: *covers her face while she listens to popculture*
[23:49:09] cloud_ax: Adults!
[23:49:12] The Creators: *hiding again*
[23:49:13] adritha: lol
[23:49:13] OhEmGeeItsLily: Hey Creators. How's it going?:D
[23:49:13] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:49:15] khjq: I'LL PRETEND
[23:49:18] HoorayForMakingOut has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:49:19] Musique36: LOL
[23:49:28] Treefunk: Hooray left in shame lol
[23:49:30] Sadpinkmidget: I don't pretend to be an adult
[23:49:37] Ritchie2006: the image of dillan in high heeled shoes is pasted to the back of my head
[23:49:38] Musique36: I dont pretend to be one either.
[23:49:49] Treefunk: Dillon, it's not at all midnight
[23:49:51] Treefunk: ah!
[23:49:56] Treefunk: my clock's wrong!
[23:49:56] Ritchie2006: its 9 here
[23:49:59] Treefunk: it's late!
[23:50:03] cloud_ax: cool
[23:50:05] Sadpinkmidget: dillon it is 10:49
[23:50:07] Treefunk: :0
[23:50:09] cyclonechemchick: adulthood is way overrated
[23:50:10] adritha: 11:49 here
[23:50:11] Ritchie2006: WEST COAST!
[23:50:15] cloud_ax: true
[23:50:17] OhEmGeeItsLily: I never want to grow up.
[23:50:21] Ritchie2006: san fran
[23:50:22] OhEmGeeItsLily: Hehe.
[23:50:22] MissKiwiTwist has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:50:24] cloud_ax: me neither
[23:50:31] Treefunk: yay!
[23:50:37] shaniqua222: hey I am near san fran
[23:50:39] Ritchie2006: LOL!
[23:51:02] cyclonechemchick: lucky CA people, you don't have snow
[23:51:07] Ritchie2006: a good excuse is to say you were chatting all night about butt sex & you in high heeled shoes!
[23:51:13] shaniqua222: california has snow
[23:51:16] cloud_ax: WOW
[23:51:23] adritha: the northern half
[23:51:25] Ritchie2006: oh god!
[23:51:29] cyclonechemchick: really?
[23:51:33] Ritchie2006: SEIZURE!
[23:51:34] cloud_ax: no more snow
[23:51:35] Moonpies: Cyclone, the grass is always greener -- where the grass is greener and free of snow.
[23:51:45] adritha: snow is a cuss word!!! lol
[23:51:46] Ritchie2006: lol wow
[23:51:49] cyclonechemchick: true, the grass is all frosty here
[23:51:56] cyclonechemchick: it's like below 0
[23:51:56] OhEmGeeItsLily: I didn't even get snow yet!
[23:51:58] OhEmGeeItsLily: :(
[23:52:00] cloud_ax: i cant see grass
[23:52:03] shaniqua222: I don't have to deal with snow, thank God
[23:52:08] cyclonechemchick: where are you from lily?
[23:52:08] adritha: we've had a dusting
[23:52:08] khjq: I GOT ICE, NO SNOW THOUGH
[23:52:09] Ritchie2006: lol wow
[23:52:13] Moonpies: Be grateful for snow. Where I live there hasn't been snow since 1977. And even then it was just flurries.
[23:52:15] Ritchie2006: this is weird
[23:52:17] OhEmGeeItsLily: I'm from good ol' connecticut.
[23:52:19] cloud_ax: ice is bad too
[23:52:23] khjq: I'M FROM TEXAS
[23:52:26] Ritchie2006: crying in a seizure
[23:52:33] cyclonechemchick: we had an ice storm tues, it sucked
[23:52:38] Ritchie2006: both!
[23:52:39] khjq: YUP GOOD OL' TEXAS
[23:52:50] adritha: where u from moonpies
[23:52:50] OhEmGeeItsLily: It's just been raining.
[23:52:52] shaniqua222: I never want to live in the snow
[23:52:53] OhEmGeeItsLily: and getting colder.
[23:52:56] Musique36: He bends both ways
[23:52:58] shaniqua222: I wouldn't know how to deal with snow
[23:53:05] Ritchie2006: i wish i did
[23:53:06] dreamerose has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:53:12] OhEmGeeItsLily: The first snow always makes me happy.
[23:53:15] Ritchie2006: 70!!!
[23:53:15] adritha: snow sucks...especially drivining in it
[23:53:18] OhEmGeeItsLily: When it turns to mush..then i'm done.
[23:53:18] Ritchie2006: i have 9!
[23:53:19] cloud_ax: khjq is it true we should not mess with texas?
[23:53:19] OhEmGeeItsLily: Hehe.
[23:53:20] shaniqua222: I am close enough to visit the snow, that is enough for me
[23:53:22] cyclonechemchick: yeah, and then you have to shovel
[23:53:31] Musique36: I am sooo with Lily on that. I can't wait for it to snow here !
[23:53:35] Treefunk: I love driving in snow
[23:53:35] Ritchie2006: is it normal?
[23:53:40] Treefunk: in ice especially
[23:53:41] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:53:45] HoorayForMakingOut has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:53:46] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:53:51] Treefunk: hey again hooray
[23:53:52] adritha: lol
[23:53:52] OhEmGeeItsLily: But snow is kind of making me depressed after what happened to that Oregan family.
[23:53:53] cloud_ax: snow is overated
[23:53:54] OhEmGeeItsLily: I'm sad.
[23:53:56] Ritchie2006: i only have vans & converse
[23:53:59] Treefunk: it's ok the Creators left, now you can feel safe
[23:54:03] shaniqua222: that is sad lily
[23:54:15] shaniqua222: how would you know the creators left?
[23:54:16] Ritchie2006: i dont have any nice shoes for my tux
[23:54:18] HoorayForMakingOut: what oregan family?
[23:54:18] Treefunk: no, hooray they left
[23:54:20] Treefunk: it's ok now
[23:54:21] OhEmGeeItsLily: Well, they were from California actually and trying to get home.
[23:54:21] adritha: what happened to the people in oregon??
[23:54:25] Ritchie2006: 13
[23:54:25] Treefunk: no need to be scared anymore
[23:54:26] Moonpies: Lily, indeed. Yet I still don't get how a CNET editor doesn't have a GPS system.
[23:54:33] Ritchie2006: oh god
[23:54:34] cloud_ax: where are they hiding??
[23:54:41] khjq: THEY'RE INVISIBLE
[23:54:47] shaniqua222: how do you know the creators are gone treefunk?
[23:54:49] Ritchie2006: slut much?
[23:54:50] cloud_ax: should i check under the carpet
[23:54:53] OhEmGeeItsLily: Um this Family went on vacation to Oregon and they were headed home and got lost.
[23:54:54] Treefunk: I am the Creators
[23:54:55] Corynne has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:54:57] Treefunk: see my profile
[23:55:01] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:55:02] Sadpinkmidget: hey corynne
[23:55:04] OhEmGeeItsLily: they stopped for A NIGHT and got snowed in their car.
[23:55:05] adritha: did they all die?
[23:55:09] adritha: awwwwww
[23:55:09] HoorayForMakingOut: OMG
[23:55:10] Corynne: Corynnes here.
[23:55:10] Musique36: Heya Corynne
[23:55:11] Treefunk: hey corynne
[23:55:17] OhEmGeeItsLily: And it was like a week before the dad went out to get help.
[23:55:22] HoorayForMakingOut: what lily told me
[23:55:22] OhEmGeeItsLily: The mom and two daughters are fine.
[23:55:26] cyclonechemchick: a week?
[23:55:30] Ritchie2006: my boyfriend needs some new shoes though,no high heels just regular heeled shoes
[23:55:31] cyclonechemchick: wow
[23:55:33] OhEmGeeItsLily: But unfortunately, the dad died.
[23:55:38] HoorayForMakingOut: awwww
[23:55:39] adritha: awww
[23:55:42] khjq: MY DAD IS DEAD
[23:55:42] adritha: that's horrible
[23:55:42] Ritchie2006: awwww
[23:55:43] cloud_ax: downer
[23:55:44] Ritchie2006: guy
[23:55:46] OhEmGeeItsLily: Yeah.
[23:55:52] Ritchie2006: boy
[23:55:55] OhEmGeeItsLily: I was reading an article on it today.
[23:55:56] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:55:56] cherkahn has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[23:55:58] OhEmGeeItsLily: I cried.
[23:56:02] HoorayForMakingOut: Queen whatttt
[23:56:03] Ritchie2006: why?
[23:56:05] Treefunk: lol
[23:56:07] Ritchie2006: so...
[23:56:12] adritha: my foot is numb.....
[23:56:13] HoorayForMakingOut: Lily, did the creators leave?
[23:56:14] Ritchie2006: isnt it?
[23:56:18] Treefunk: myspace is for spying
[23:56:18] OhEmGeeItsLily: I"m not telling you Mimo
[23:56:19] OhEmGeeItsLily: haha.
[23:56:21] cloud_ax: i think i heard it on the news
[23:56:25] Ritchie2006: EW!
[23:56:28] OhEmGeeItsLily: It's a surprise for you!
[23:56:34] HoorayForMakingOut: Why did they say to calm down?
[23:56:36] HoorayForMakingOut: what happened
[23:56:37] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:56:37] shaniqua222: I feel like I am spying on ppl on myspace
[23:56:39] Moonpies: Yep, it's a big story. How can folks who know every line from "Proving Science Wrong" not know about the top new story earlier this week.
[23:56:44] Treefunk: hooray, they left, it's ok now
[23:56:46] OhEmGeeItsLily: People were being inappropriate.
[23:56:47] OhEmGeeItsLily: that's all.
[23:56:50] Treefunk: you don't have to be scared
[23:56:50] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:56:52] HoorayForMakingOut: ooooooh
[23:56:56] khjq: THE CREATORS GOT SCARED
[23:56:57] HoorayForMakingOut: im not scared!
[23:56:57] Ritchie2006: not be drag maybe?
[23:56:59] Treefunk: lol
[23:57:02] HoorayForMakingOut: I didnt do anything!
[23:57:04] Ritchie2006: 17
[23:57:08] HoorayForMakingOut: im a good girl!!
[23:57:10] Treefunk: oh yeah hooray?
[23:57:10] khjq: I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!
[23:57:13] Treefunk: c|_|?
[23:57:15] HoorayForMakingOut: yea!!
[23:57:15] Ritchie2006: ok
[23:57:16] Ritchie2006: 70?
[23:57:17] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL TREE
[23:57:20] HoorayForMakingOut: SHUT UP!
[23:57:24] Treefunk: ;)
[23:57:25] Ritchie2006: thought so
[23:57:27] OhEmGeeItsLily: Hehe, Maggie.
[23:57:39] Ritchie2006: ew old guy in strappy stilettos!!!
[23:57:40] Moonpies: Goodnight all. Here's hoping Holly makes the right call tomorrow.
[23:57:40] HoorayForMakingOut: haha I lovvvvvee Treefunk
[23:57:44] Treefunk: hmm, internet age discounting puts popculture at 24 years old
[23:57:44] HoorayForMakingOut: Im hopelessly addicted
[23:57:47] OhEmGeeItsLily: Goodnight Moonpies!
[23:57:48] Ritchie2006: no
[23:57:50] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:57:58] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL POP
[23:57:59] Sadpinkmidget: my myspace is
[23:57:59] cyclonechemchick: night!!
[23:58:00] adritha: Bye Moonpies
[23:58:00] HoorayForMakingOut: EMOOOOOOOOOoo
[23:58:00] Ritchie2006: i heard about it
[23:58:07] Moonpies has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:58:14] adritha: im bored.....
[23:58:17] khjq: MEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOW
[23:58:20] Ritchie2006: like the vomit in the tank thing
[23:58:20] adritha: KITTY
[23:58:20] Corynne: Guess who got in a car wreck today!
[23:58:22] HoorayForMakingOut: My myspace is
[23:58:31] adritha: who
[23:58:31] Rosie_b has left the room `Should they go?`.
[23:58:36] OhEmGeeItsLily: I thought Mr. Popculture was going to bed!
[23:58:37] Corynne: Corynne did!
[23:58:39] HoorayForMakingOut: its all pimped out for xmas!!
[23:58:40] adritha: here KITTY KITTY KITTY
[23:58:40] Sadpinkmidget: nope, and were not admins for the moment, except holly because she was "chosen"
[23:58:41] OhEmGeeItsLily: He said goodnight and didn't leave!
[23:58:45] Ritchie2006: lol
[23:58:46] OhEmGeeItsLily: Whadddup with dat?!
[23:58:48] adritha: awww poor corynne are u ok
[23:58:50] Sadpinkmidget: like ohnodillon?
[23:58:53] Corynne: yeah
[23:58:54] Ritchie2006: hell be on till manana
[23:58:57] OhEmGeeItsLily: Yeah I did Mimo.
[23:59:01] Corynne: I just hit a truck and took out our headlight
[23:59:01] Musique36: I'm making Dillon pay for being bad.
[23:59:02] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:59:04] OhEmGeeItsLily: Or actually, was that ninas?
[23:59:05] HoorayForMakingOut: Its the best!
[23:59:07] cyclonechemchick: corynne that sucks
[23:59:09] Ritchie2006: i got a cold
[23:59:10] adritha: well as long as ur ok
[23:59:16] popculture: lily
[23:59:17] Corynne: yea no ones hurt
[23:59:17] HoorayForMakingOut: Well look at mine Lily!
[23:59:23] OhEmGeeItsLily: Popculture.
[23:59:24] popculture: listen to my audio
[23:59:28] OhEmGeeItsLily: I don't wannaaa
[23:59:31] adritha: their was a 3 semi 12 car pileup on our major hi-way today
[23:59:33] Ritchie2006: maybe some new converse will get me better *hint hint* *wink wink*
[23:59:34] HoorayForMakingOut: Queen do you have myspace
[23:59:35] OhEmGeeItsLily: I'm afraid of what I might hear.
[23:59:36] Musique36: Corynne, everything ok?
[23:59:40] HoorayForMakingOut: lol
[23:59:41] popculture: do ittttttt
[23:59:49] OhEmGeeItsLily: Ughhh
[23:59:49] HoorayForMakingOut: the song wont scare you
[23:59:52] HoorayForMakingOut: its not loud
[23:59:53] popculture: serious sailor moonn talk
[23:59:54] HoorayForMakingOut: lol
[23:59:56] OhEmGeeItsLily: LMAO
[23:59:58] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[23:59:59] Ritchie2006: ew
[00:00:00] OhEmGeeItsLily: Oh Sailormoon
[00:00:01] cherkahn has left the room `Should they go?`.
[00:00:04] Ritchie2006: god sailor moon
[00:00:05] Corynne: No stuffs gone wrong all day. But I'm physically fine... as far as I know
[00:00:06] HoorayForMakingOut: MOON TIARA MAGIC!
[00:00:09] cyclonechemchick: I guess it's bedtime. NIGHT ALL!!
[00:00:11] OhEmGeeItsLily: Haha
[00:00:15] Ritchie2006: i got the panic at the disco cd
[00:00:18] OhEmGeeItsLily: Yes dillon
[00:00:19] HoorayForMakingOut: no it doesnt!
[00:00:19] adritha: bye cyclone
[00:00:22] cyclonechemchick has left the room `Should they go?`.
[00:00:23] HoorayForMakingOut: You suck Queen!
[00:00:24] OhEmGeeItsLily: I can hear you, love.
[00:00:28] Ritchie2006: lol
[00:00:29] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[00:00:30] OhEmGeeItsLily: LMAO
[00:00:31] Treefunk: Adritha, seriously
[00:00:32] Corynne: WHOS ON AUDIO?
[00:00:40] Musique36: I am !!
[00:00:40] HoorayForMakingOut: its like listening to yourself, right Dillon?
[00:00:42] cloud_ax: we have goten way off topic so my -final thought- - b&d should give jonas a chance and check out their houses together.
[00:00:43] adritha: what????
[00:00:44] Ritchie2006: really?
[00:00:45] OhEmGeeItsLily: because she's 14 with powers.
[00:00:47] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[00:00:49] OhEmGeeItsLily: DILLON.
[00:00:49] HoorayForMakingOut: EWWWW
[00:00:51] OhEmGeeItsLily: OMG.
[00:00:52] OhEmGeeItsLily: SHHH
[00:00:53] Ritchie2006: WOW LOL!
[00:00:55] OhEmGeeItsLily: BEHAVE.
[00:00:55] HoorayForMakingOut: OMGGGGG
[00:00:56] khjq: OMG
[00:00:57] OhEmGeeItsLily: OMG
[00:00:57] Ritchie2006: OMG!
[00:00:59] khjq: OMG
[00:01:03] OhEmGeeItsLily: OMGGGGGG
[00:01:06] HoorayForMakingOut: ZOOOO MAAHH GAHHH!
[00:01:08] cloud_ax: i got to go see ya
[00:01:09] Ritchie2006: BAD IMAGES!
[00:01:11] OhEmGeeItsLily: I knew I shouldn't have listened!
[00:01:12] Treefunk: Adritha
[00:01:14] adritha: ummm excuse me sir....serious about what???
[00:01:14] OhEmGeeItsLily: I KNEW IT
[00:01:15] Treefunk: ...
[00:01:20] HoorayForMakingOut: LOL
[00:01:21] Sadpinkmidget: listen dillon, imma play it
[00:01:23] Ritchie2006: OMG!
[00:01:24] adritha: ????
[00:01:32] Treefunk: :E
[00:01:32] HoorayForMakingOut: YOURE IN TROUBLE DILLON!
[00:01:34] cuddlebunni has left the room `Should they go?`.
[00:01:35] Ritchie2006: ...
[00:01:41] Ritchie2006: this sounds monk-like
[00:01:42] Corynne: I'm lost
[00:01:42] HoorayForMakingOut: THEY ARE COMMING FOR YOU
[00:01:49] HoorayForMakingOut: THE JIG IS UP
[00:01:51] Corynne: Did JD ever Make those Rules?
[00:01:52] adritha: WHAT??!!!
[00:01:57] Treefunk: ...
[00:01:58] cloud_ax: bye:(
[00:02:03] Treefunk: adieu cloud
[00:02:04] OhEmGeeItsLily: Bye Cloud.
[00:02:05] Corynne: bye cloud
[00:02:10] adritha: bye cloud
[00:02:10] Sadpinkmidget: can you hear it dillon?
[00:02:11] cloud_ax: se ya
[00:02:12] OhEmGeeItsLily: Are you leaving?
[00:02:13] cloud_ax has left the room `Should they go?`.
[00:02:16] Sadpinkmidget: you have to type your anser
[00:02:18] OhEmGeeItsLily: Uh..that's a yes.
[00:02:21] Corynne: HEY. JD EVER MAKE THE RULES?
[00:02:24] Sadpinkmidget: no
[00:02:26] popculture: pink
[00:02:31] adritha: tree seriously....what are u talking about
[00:02:31] Treefunk: huh corynne?
[00:02:33] popculture: turn it offffffff
[00:02:35] Treefunk: adritha!!!
[00:02:41] OhEmGeeItsLily: MAGGIE!
[00:02:43] adritha: what?!
[00:02:44] Corynne: See. I leave for 2 days andnothing happens
[00:02:44] OhEmGeeItsLily: Stop teasing her.
[00:02:51] OhEmGeeItsLily: Tell her what "seriously" means.
[00:02:52] Treefunk: Explain yourself!
[00:02:57] adritha: about?
[00:02:57] Flautapantera has left the room `Should they go?`.
[00:03:07] Treefunk: ah, woops, never mind
[00:03:08] adritha: im so confused i turn my head and im being blamed for something
[00:03:11] Ritchie2006: yea loud
[00:03:12] Corynne: I hear a Dillon
[00:03:15] OhEmGeeItsLily: haha...aww adritha.
[00:03:34] adritha: lol someone should hug a tree!!!!
[00:03:37] Ritchie2006: aww no private!
[00:03:38] Corynne: adritha, are you new or have I just missed you?
[00:03:44] OhEmGeeItsLily: DENDROPHILIAC.
[00:03:48] Ritchie2006: LOL!
[00:03:49] adritha: im new...just joined monday
[00:03:50] Ritchie2006: wow
[00:03:52] Treefunk: lol at lily
[00:03:54] Corynne: ahh
[00:04:00] Corynne: see I've not really been on in forever
[00:04:01] OhEmGeeItsLily: Haha
[00:04:02] Treefunk: good gre word
[00:04:06] Treefunk: ;)
[00:04:09] OhEmGeeItsLily: :D
[00:04:10] Corynne: wheres Buggar?
[00:04:17] Treefunk: yeah, where is buggar?
[00:04:25] Treefunk: she never made our decision for us
[00:04:36] OhEmGeeItsLily: It's like 2:30pm in Aussie land.
[00:04:40] OhEmGeeItsLily: she might be with her kids
[00:04:40] adritha: *whining* im booooooooorrreeeeeeedddddddddd
[00:04:41] Corynne: which P!ATD song?
[00:04:52] Ritchie2006: im sick of anime/manga
[00:04:57] Corynne: Which Sooooong?
[00:05:17] Treefunk: Musique, do you take requests?
[00:05:20] Corynne: what desicion Tree?
[00:05:23] khjq has left the room `Should they go?`.
[00:05:33] Ritchie2006: any1 watch the shows that i like?
[00:05:42] OhEmGeeItsLily: What shows might that be Ritchie?
[00:05:45] Treefunk: The decision!
[00:05:46] adritha: what shows do u like
[00:05:48] Treefunk: lol
[00:05:57] Treefunk: I like LG15!
[00:05:59] Ritchie2006: the weird sci-fi stuff as in buffy/angel/charmed
[00:06:04] Treefunk: ;) at creators
[00:06:05] HoorayForMakingOut: SORRY if im not talking!
[00:06:07] OhEmGeeItsLily: Haha, Treefunk.
[00:06:12] HoorayForMakingOut: im on the phone
[00:06:13] Ritchie2006: david boreanez is HOT!
[00:06:16] Treefunk: In your own sweet way
[00:06:17] HoorayForMakingOut: EWW
[00:06:19] adritha: ewwwwwww
[00:06:20] Corynne: TREEEE What desicion?
[00:06:24] OhEmGeeItsLily: I'm currently watching Bones.
[00:06:26] OhEmGeeItsLily: I love that show.
[00:06:27] Treefunk: The ultimate decision!
[00:06:30] Ritchie2006: ?
[00:06:32] HoorayForMakingOut: Im on the phone soooooooooooooo BRB!!
[00:06:35] Corynne: which desicion?
[00:06:35] Treefunk: I said "In your own sweet way"!
[00:06:37] Ritchie2006: not now
[00:06:42] adritha: im watching everyone type on the screen
[00:06:49] Treefunk: ah, don't know it...
[00:06:51] Treefunk: how bout
[00:06:51] Ritchie2006: NOT NOW! GODDAMN!
[00:06:54] Treefunk: Funky Town?
[00:06:57] Ritchie2006: lol
[00:06:58] Corynne: haha
[00:06:59] Treefunk: lol
[00:07:02] Treefunk: please!
[00:07:04] adritha: but i hear march of the penguins playin on the tv casue my roommate is watching it
[00:07:06] Ritchie2006: lol
[00:07:09] Corynne: Tree. Dear. Which Descion?
[00:07:13] Treefunk: I tried 50's music, but you didn't know it
[00:07:18] Ritchie2006: hola
[00:07:24] Treefunk: In your own sweet way?
[00:07:35] Treefunk: Bill Evans
[00:07:41] Treefunk: lol at corynne
[00:07:42] Sadpinkmidget: ok
[00:07:45] Ritchie2006: ooo i have it on my iPod
[00:08:01] Treefunk: wait musique, I'll think of another
[00:08:01] Treefunk: lol
[00:08:17] Corynne: oooh play... Camisado
[00:08:21] Ritchie2006: ICK!
[00:08:24] Treefunk: Musique: "How Insensitive"
[00:08:26] Ritchie2006: COUNTRY SUCKS!
[00:08:32] Corynne: countrys cool
[00:08:37] adritha: are people talking??? cause i can't hear them
[00:08:37] Ritchie2006: NO!
[00:08:43] Ritchie2006: go to audio
[00:08:47] Treefunk: Corynne: whether Braniel should go to Jonas!
[00:08:51] Corynne: Oh
[00:08:52] Ritchie2006: no
[00:08:53] OhEmGeeItsLily: HEHEH BRANIEL!
[00:08:56] OhEmGeeItsLily: I LOVESSS ITTT
[00:08:56] Corynne: was that Buggars decsion?
[00:08:57] Treefunk: ;)
[00:09:17] Sadpinkmidget: have you ever heard the song tim mcgraw by taylor swift?
[00:09:18] Corynne: PLay Camisado
[00:09:19] Treefunk: you know funkytown?
[00:09:31] Ritchie2006: me either
[00:09:38] Ritchie2006: is it country?
[00:09:44] Sadpinkmidget: yes
[00:09:45] Treefunk: Musique: "I'm beginning to see the light"
[00:09:47] adritha: why don't u take me to funkytown....d
[00:09:49] Ritchie2006: & that is why i havent heard it
[00:09:55] Ritchie2006: FUNKYTOWN!
[00:09:59] Treefunk: I've got good recommendations, but you only know Funkytown!
[00:10:03] Treefunk: Oh, that was 20s sorrry
[00:10:06] Ritchie2006: take me to funkytown
[00:10:09] Treefunk: ;)
[00:10:14] Treefunk: it's a standard!
[00:10:25] Ritchie2006: yup
[00:10:37] Treefunk: we all want funkytown..
[00:10:40] Ritchie2006: any1 elses cousin obsessed with fergalicious?
[00:10:45] Treefunk: it would make this chat worthwhile
[00:10:50] Ritchie2006: oh gawdz
[00:10:52] Treefunk: lol
[00:11:02] OhEmGeeItsLily: Heh heh, Dillon.
[00:11:05] Ritchie2006: wait a minute by pussycat dolls?
[00:11:10] OhEmGeeItsLily: You are!
[00:11:13] OhEmGeeItsLily: What are you talking about!
[00:11:14] OhEmGeeItsLily: HAHA
[00:11:38] adritha: i hate that song ritchie
[00:11:39] Ritchie2006: dillon,have you heard wait a minute by pussycat dolls?
[00:11:46] Ritchie2006: oh
[00:11:51] GoodGollyItsHolly: i like that song
[00:11:53] adritha: not wait a min but fergalicious
[00:11:53] Ritchie2006: lol
[00:11:59] adritha: it's holly!!! she's back
[00:12:04] adritha: yay holly!
[00:12:09] OhEmGeeItsLily: Holly.
[00:12:18] OhEmGeeItsLily: I didn't tell you that I loved you today.
[00:12:19] Corynne: huh?
[00:12:21] GoodGollyItsHolly: eh.. sort of
[00:12:22] GoodGollyItsHolly: :)
[00:12:23] Treefunk: hey holly
[00:12:28] GoodGollyItsHolly: ive got noes to wade through
[00:12:43] GoodGollyItsHolly: notes
[00:12:45] Ritchie2006: ooo i need to log on to myspace
[00:12:46] Treefunk: lol, there is pity across the Breeniverse for holly tonight
[00:12:56] adritha: yes yes their is
[00:12:56] Corynne: Theres seriously no one else in any other chat
[00:12:58] GoodGollyItsHolly: dont pity me :)
[00:13:02] GoodGollyItsHolly: ive got the golden ticket
[00:13:03] adritha: my myspace is boring....
[00:13:07] GoodGollyItsHolly: the location and time
[00:13:15] GoodGollyItsHolly: :)
[00:13:19] Corynne: my myspace is black
[00:13:19] adritha: to much *puts hands to head* pressure for me
[00:13:20] OhEmGeeItsLily: On accident....hehe
[00:13:25] Treefunk: lol
[00:13:25] OhEmGeeItsLily: GOODNIGHT DILLON.
[00:13:25] Corynne: NIGHT DILLON
[00:13:26] Ritchie2006: 26 NEW MESSAGES!!!
[00:13:28] Musique36: *SMACKS Dillon for blocking her on accident*
[00:13:30] adritha: mine has a black butterfly
[00:13:37] Ritchie2006: lol
[00:13:44] Ritchie2006: wow dillon
[00:13:47] Treefunk: lol at Pop's rendition
[00:13:49] Corynne: Mines... teh_camera_whore
[00:13:50] Treefunk: hahaha
[00:13:51] Ritchie2006: OMG!
[00:13:57] Ritchie2006: dillon youre weird
[00:14:05] Treefunk: "I've got the world on a string"
[00:14:08] OhEmGeeItsLily: AHEM.
[00:14:09] OhEmGeeItsLily: DILLON
[00:14:11] OhEmGeeItsLily: GO TO BED.
[00:14:11] adritha: whose dillion?
[00:14:14] Treefunk: awwww
[00:14:15] Ritchie2006: who listens to emo songs? lol
[00:14:24] Treefunk: I'm a jazz musician...
[00:14:25] Ritchie2006: YAY?
[00:14:27] Corynne: DILLON. BED
[00:14:34] adritha: yay??? huih
[00:14:35] Ritchie2006: i do
[00:14:39] OhEmGeeItsLily: SLEEP DILLON SLEEP.
[00:14:43] Ritchie2006: i habe the ultimate emo band
[00:14:49] Treefunk: ooooh!!!
[00:14:49] adritha: i kind of do...i don't really know what's not emo anymore
[00:14:50] Treefunk: do it
[00:14:52] Ritchie2006: evanescence
[00:14:53] Treefunk: Don't know why...
[00:14:58] Corynne: I love Cartel
[00:14:59] adritha: MY ROOMMATE HAS A KNIFE!!
[00:15:00] Treefunk: Ain't no sun up in the sky
[00:15:04] Treefunk: yay
[00:15:04] OhEmGeeItsLily: I'M A HYPNOTIST. You are getting sleepy...your eyes are getting heavier.
[00:15:07] Ritchie2006: sure
[00:15:10] adritha: evanescence is NOT emo
[00:15:12] Treefunk: ;)
[00:15:15] jlyn0983 has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[00:15:19] Ritchie2006: sure it is lol
[00:15:21] Treefunk: one of my favorites
[00:15:22] adritha: no it's not
[00:15:23] Corynne: go. bed. now
[00:15:30] GoodGollyItsHolly: did you guys watch greys tonight
[00:15:33] Corynne: me cave man
[00:15:33] jlyn0983: hello!
[00:15:33] GoodGollyItsHolly: i missed it
[00:15:33] adritha: Cartel is
[00:15:36] GoodGollyItsHolly: :`o
[00:15:37] Sadpinkmidget: sing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
[00:15:40] Ritchie2006: high heeled problem?
[00:15:42] GoodGollyItsHolly: all for daniel and bree
[00:15:44] Treefunk: lol
[00:15:44] jlyn0983: it was a repeat!
[00:15:48] OhEmGeeItsLily: "Hello. My name is Dillon and I'm addicted to Lonelygirl15"
[00:15:51] Treefunk: lol at pink that is
[00:15:51] GoodGollyItsHolly: SCORE!!
[00:15:52] adritha: lol
[00:16:02] Ritchie2006: lol me too dillon
[00:16:05] Corynne: I do that too Dillon
[00:16:08] OhEmGeeItsLily: "Hello Dillon! Welcome to Lonelygirl15's anonymous!"
[00:16:16] Ritchie2006: lol youre describing me
[00:16:23] adritha: Treefuck=Dillion???? am i right
[00:16:26] OhEmGeeItsLily: No
[00:16:27] anil has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[00:16:28] GoodGollyItsHolly: my name is holly, and i have a problem
[00:16:31] Ritchie2006: lol
[00:16:32] OhEmGeeItsLily: Treefunk is Maggie.
[00:16:34] Treefunk: huh?
[00:16:34] GoodGollyItsHolly: a big big big one
[00:16:34] adritha: ok
[00:16:36] Treefunk: NO!
[00:16:36] Ritchie2006: OMG!
[00:16:38] Treefunk: lol
[00:16:38] Sadpinkmidget: no, dillon is popculture
[00:16:39] GoodGollyItsHolly: :)
[00:16:44] adritha: oh lol okay okay
[00:16:46] Corynne: So. Should they go????
[00:16:48] Treefunk: I'm the funky one
[00:16:53] Ritchie2006: "n" isnt even close to the "c"
[00:16:54] GoodGollyItsHolly: what do you think cory
[00:17:00] Corynne: I think so.
[00:17:00] GoodGollyItsHolly: i havent heard from you
[00:17:01] adritha: he's not talking....or atleast i can't hear him
[00:17:04] OhEmGeeItsLily: "Hello. My name is Lily and my last video was a few hours ago."
[00:17:16] GoodGollyItsHolly: what lily?
[00:17:19] GoodGollyItsHolly: oh ahahahah
[00:17:26] Ritchie2006: myspace then
[00:17:30] Corynne: I do myspace. Vampirefreaks then LG15
[00:17:38] Corynne: yo utotally should
[00:17:39] Sadpinkmidget: you DO myspace?
[00:17:41] Corynne: and add me
[00:17:41] Sadpinkmidget: oh dear
[00:17:44] Ritchie2006: vampirefreaks?
[00:17:47] OhEmGeeItsLily: LG15 has placed first in place of myspace.
[00:17:49] Corynne:
[00:17:53] Ritchie2006: oh i should be there
[00:18:02] Ritchie2006: lol hang on
[00:18:04] Corynne: I'm
[00:18:12] Sadpinkmidget: corynne, add me on myspace
[00:18:14] adritha: adritha is a type of succubus which is a type of vampire.....
[00:18:27] Treefunk: adritha is a brand of orange slurpee
[00:18:30] adritha: but i am neither i just like the name...
[00:18:34] Treefunk: and succubus is not a vampire!
[00:18:39] adritha: what is up with the orange slurpee i dont' get it
[00:18:41] Treefunk: lol
[00:18:45] OhEmGeeItsLily: EWW DILLON!
[00:18:46] Corynne: last name/e-mail?
[00:18:48] OhEmGeeItsLily: that was in my ear!
[00:18:49] adritha: good someone was paying attention
[00:18:49] Treefunk: search lgpedia for orange slurpee
[00:18:53] Treefunk: and you'll understand
[00:18:55] OhEmGeeItsLily: Heheh
[00:18:56] adritha: i don't wanna just tell me
[00:18:57] Sadpinkmidget:
[00:19:03] OhEmGeeItsLily: Haha
[00:19:05] Treefunk: too complicated lol
[00:19:16] Corynne: turn your age up
[00:19:18] GoodGollyItsHolly: even my myspace has been flooded tonight :)
[00:19:22] Corynne: if you're under 16 they make you do it
[00:19:24] Treefunk: lol at corynne
[00:19:37] Corynne: I"m 86
[00:19:55] Ritchie2006: [to popculture] not yet
[00:20:01] Ritchie2006: [to popculture] no
[00:20:01] Corynne: I'm acctually 16 now. But I was 15 so I had to turn it up
[00:20:02] OhEmGeeItsLily: I'll be right back.
[00:20:05] Ritchie2006: [to popculture] lol
[00:20:06] Ritchie2006: [to popculture] wow
[00:20:07] Corynne: link me!
[00:20:09] Musique36:
[00:20:14] popculture: /ohnodillon
[00:20:21] Nat has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[00:20:23] adritha: hey i hear people!! yay!!!
[00:20:38] Treefunk: lol at pop
[00:20:51] adritha: i had the volume down!!! BLONDE!!!!!!
[00:21:07] Corynne: *adds Dillons silly bum*
[00:21:08] Ritchie2006: [to popculture] did you get my username?
[00:21:14] Treefunk: Musique, turn up your volume
[00:21:20] Ritchie2006: [to popculture] ummm ok
[00:21:20] adritha: nothign wrong with being blonde
[00:21:22] Treefunk: Pop's way louder
[00:21:25] adritha: i just had a moment
[00:21:28] Treefunk: hard to hear you
[00:21:28] Corynne: /ohnodillon
[00:21:38] Corynne: I'm
[00:21:42] adritha: i want im a lonely soul
[00:21:45] Corynne: /teh_camera_whore
[00:22:07] Corynne: Its my Niece!
[00:22:07] adritha: baby???
[00:22:11] adritha: oh ok
[00:22:17] Ritchie2006: [to popculture] its saying that its not a real myspace thing
[00:22:28] Ritchie2006: [to popculture] just copy/paste the entire link
[00:22:28] Nat has left the room `Should they go?`.
[00:22:31] Corynne:
[00:22:32] Corynne: baby
[00:22:44] popculture:
[00:22:55] Ritchie2006: there ya go dillon
[00:23:10] Treefunk: pop is from Zimbabwe?
[00:23:12] Corynne: Ritchie, whats yours?
[00:23:12] Treefunk: figures
[00:23:15] adritha: freak out!!
[00:23:19] Ritchie2006: ok youre added dillon
[00:23:21] adritha: lol
[00:23:23] Treefunk: I thought you looked like museveni
[00:23:27] A_leon has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[00:23:34] Treefunk: tutsis are from Rwanda... god
[00:23:36] Ritchie2006: really?
[00:23:38] Musique36: You all realize, after popculture adds you, he's going to ask for a blood contract from you all? It's all part of this Order thing he's part of.
[00:23:42] Musique36: Order of the hooker boots.
[00:23:44] Ritchie2006: ...stalker...
[00:23:46] Treefunk: lol
[00:23:48] GoodGollyItsHolly: tree youve been here almost as long as me
[00:23:50] GoodGollyItsHolly: hehehe
[00:23:51] Treefunk: ;)
[00:23:52] GoodGollyItsHolly: adict
[00:23:54] Ritchie2006: lol
[00:23:58] Treefunk: I have papers to write...
[00:24:08] Treefunk: yes
[00:24:09] adritha: ooooh soooo culture ur the one they were saying about the heels.....
[00:24:14] Treefunk: social expiriment
[00:24:25] OhEmGeeItsLily: experiment.
[00:24:31] Treefunk: stop being so quiet Musique
[00:24:35] Treefunk: thanks lily...
[00:24:40] OhEmGeeItsLily: You are very welcome.
[00:24:42] HyeMew has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[00:24:42] Treefunk: ;)
[00:24:47] Treefunk: turn up the volume!
[00:24:49] HyeMew: how long was this chat down
[00:24:50] Ritchie2006 has left the room `Should they go?`.
[00:24:52] Treefunk: or Pop turn your's down!
[00:24:54] OhEmGeeItsLily: Hey its hyemew!
[00:24:57] Corynne: haha so?
[00:25:06] anil has left the room `Should they go?`.
[00:25:11] Treefunk: hey hye
[00:25:17] OhEmGeeItsLily: Hehe
[00:25:17] HyeMew: I was kicked out hour ago
[00:25:17] Corynne: hahahaa
[00:25:19] Sadpinkmidget: send me his myspace
[00:25:20] HyeMew: and finally got back
[00:25:22] adritha: please don't i have head phones in
[00:25:29] HyeMew: and the site seemed to be down
[00:25:42] Corynne: Night Dillon!
[00:25:42] Treefunk: adieu pop
[00:25:43] adritha: bye
[00:25:43] OhEmGeeItsLily: Goodnight, Dillon.
[00:25:47] Treefunk: say goodbye to the creators
[00:25:47] HyeMew: I huddled a the corner with Daniel, Paul&Andrea, and NikkiBower episodes, crying to myself
[00:25:59] Treefunk: lol at hye
[00:25:59] Ritchie2006 has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[00:26:04] GoodGollyItsHolly: hey hyemew
[00:26:05] Corynne: hahaa
[00:26:11] Corynne: he's in here now
[00:26:13] GoodGollyItsHolly: whats cookin good lookin
[00:26:22] Treefunk: for whatever reason I really like the Paul & Andrea episodes
[00:26:24] Ritchie2006: sorry people got clicked out on accident
[00:26:24] HyeMew: so did we vote already?
[00:26:28] Treefunk: I wish they'd put out some more
[00:26:32] popculture: holly
[00:26:36] popculture: kick me
[00:26:41] popculture: please
[00:26:42] Treefunk: lol
[00:26:47] Corynne: I've been messaged
[00:26:47] Ritchie2006: brb lost dog
[00:26:53] shaniqua222: I didn't like the last paul and andrea episode like I did the others
[00:26:55] HyeMew: I think P&A is one of the better limbo shows (aka not officially known as canon)
[00:26:57] Treefunk: who messsaged you corynee?
[00:27:05] Treefunk: yikes, my spelling is going down hill
[00:27:10] Corynne: My friend. Ann
[00:27:10] popculture has left the room `Should they go?`.
[00:27:10] HyeMew: certainly better than the only other currently active one, IRIS1009
[00:27:15] Treefunk: lol at iris
[00:27:22] Treefunk: did you see the lgpedia nonsense today?
[00:27:22] HyeMew: that thing is such utter crap it makes me sad
[00:27:23] adritha: and he's gone.....
[00:27:28] Sadpinkmidget: :(
[00:27:33] HyeMew: yes, I was the one who screamed at him
[00:27:34] milowent: i think iris2009 is CANON. really.
[00:27:36] Treefunk: lol
[00:27:43] Treefunk: me too, as I'm sure you saw
[00:27:44] Ritchie2006: back
[00:27:45] HyeMew: He actually Pmessaged me before things started
[00:27:49] Corynne: I think I'm cannon
[00:27:52] Treefunk: oh yeah?
[00:27:54] HyeMew: and said "just so you know, I'm not canon"
[00:28:00] HyeMew: and i was like OH REALLY? (to myself)
[00:28:06] Treefunk: look up cannon on lgpedia musique
[00:28:11] HyeMew: you mean the annoying kid who everyone hates ISN'T canon?!
[00:28:17] milowent: holly is canon, though, that's really official now.
[00:28:18] Treefunk: lol
[00:28:20] adritha: exactly musique
[00:28:24] Corynne: I'm Canon
[00:28:24] adritha: it's a pain in the butt
[00:28:31] Treefunk: Iris was harassing Marbella a while back...
[00:28:32] OhEmGeeItsLily: ::sigh
[00:28:34] HyeMew: he had already annoyed me to no end by continuously making comments like he was one of the creators
[00:28:34] GoodGollyItsHolly: hahaha
[00:28:40] GoodGollyItsHolly: you guys are funny
[00:28:48] HyeMew: he kept answering questions directed towards the Creators
[00:28:49] Treefunk: yeah, I liked how he posted that creator email
[00:28:52] HyeMew: as if he was them
[00:28:52] OhEmGeeItsLily: Hollian
[00:29:03] Treefunk: my best guess is that he's a bit off his rocker
[00:29:07] Corynne: forums are for squares
[00:29:11] Treefunk: his writing is pretty incoherent
[00:29:27] HyeMew: I was disappointed the Creators accepted his videos as responses
[00:29:30] Treefunk: It's Kassie!
[00:29:31] HyeMew: the one was a FREAKING CLOCK
[00:29:38] Treefunk: lol
[00:29:39] HyeMew: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-12
[00:29:42] Treefunk: the clock was really bad
[00:29:45] Corynne: 11?
[00:29:49] OhEmGeeItsLily: Haha
[00:29:51] OhEmGeeItsLily: Where's 11?
[00:29:55] Corynne: its MISSING
[00:29:57] HyeMew: I love reading how he promotes himself on his wikipedia page
[00:29:58] Corynne: its a CLUE
[00:30:02] Treefunk: but I think it's more annoying that he keeps trying to create lgpedia articles for himself
[00:30:02] GoodGollyItsHolly: lillian
[00:30:04] GoodGollyItsHolly: :)
[00:30:04] Ritchie2006: [to shaniqua222] did dillon leave?
[00:30:07] OhEmGeeItsLily: Hollian
[00:30:07] HyeMew: he actaully has a complete investigation INTO HIMSELF on it
[00:30:08] OhEmGeeItsLily: :D
[00:30:12] Treefunk: He was making them even when he didn't have a video up!
[00:30:12] GoodGollyItsHolly: 1..2.. freddys coming for you
[00:30:15] Treefunk: lol
[00:30:16] Ritchie2006: [to shaniqua222] did dillon leave?
[00:30:16] adritha: does everyone know about the forum vote
[00:30:21] GoodGollyItsHolly: 3..4..better lock the door
[00:30:24] OhEmGeeItsLily: Haha..
[00:30:26] ballsymcd has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[00:30:26] Ritchie2006: did dillon leave?
[00:30:27] HyeMew: things like "in this post, iris2009 admitted he's AN ACTOR!" (updated by iris2009)
[00:30:28] OhEmGeeItsLily: and here it comes.
[00:30:31] GoodGollyItsHolly: 5..6..get your crusifix
[00:30:32] OhEmGeeItsLily: Hey Ballsy!
[00:30:34] milowent: iris put himself on he front page of the lgpedia last week.
[00:30:39] ballsymcd: hey lily!
[00:30:39] HyeMew: I took him down
[00:30:39] Treefunk: That's why I asked him, how is fan fiction posting wiki articles?
[00:30:41] HyeMew: personally
[00:30:45] GoodGollyItsHolly: 7..8..better stay up late
[00:30:48] HyeMew: he also added himself as a "notable fan"
[00:30:48] Treefunk: I was wondering who that was lol
[00:30:51] adritha: what is this preschool time/
[00:30:52] HyeMew: I removed that too
[00:30:52] Ritchie2006: the creepy song is the halloween song
[00:30:53] Treefunk: I saw
[00:30:54] Treefunk: lol
[00:31:03] GoodGollyItsHolly: iris.. pft
[00:31:04] Treefunk: Where was he on the front page milo?
[00:31:05] Sadpinkmidget: 9..10 never sleep again
[00:31:06] GoodGollyItsHolly: thats what i say
[00:31:15] GoodGollyItsHolly: :)
[00:31:16] Ritchie2006: halloween the movie,with michael meyers
[00:31:17] GoodGollyItsHolly: thanks midge
[00:31:19] HyeMew: Tonight I wrote a thing screaming at him for his constant monopolization of the recent update boards
[00:31:20] GoodGollyItsHolly: i forgot it!
[00:31:22] milowent: somewhere he shouldn't be, tree, i can't recall exactly
[00:31:29] HyeMew: He seriously needs to be banned from lgpedia
[00:31:31] Treefunk: Yeah, I saw that one
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[00:31:34] Treefunk: I agree
[00:31:37] HyeMew: every time he tries to update his page, he does it 500 times
[00:31:44] Corynne: I think I'm gunna go. I had a bad day.
[00:31:48] Corynne: byeeeee
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[00:31:49] HyeMew: so the entire page of 50 most recent things is iris2009 all the way
[00:31:49] Treefunk: I thought you were an admin there hye, was I wrong?
[00:31:53] Ritchie2006: duh duh duh duh.........duh duh duh duh duh duh
[00:31:54] OhEmGeeItsLily: Goodbye, Corynne.
[00:31:54] HyeMew: not at LGpedia
[00:31:58] Treefunk: ah
[00:31:59] JoAnnP38: So what's the consensus?
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[00:32:05] HyeMew: and tehcnically just a mod at the Phorum... the admin twjaniak hates me
[00:32:07] Ritchie2006: gonna leave you guys now
[00:32:10] Ritchie2006: bye ppl
[00:32:11] Treefunk: lol
[00:32:13] Treefunk: why's that?
[00:32:18] OhEmGeeItsLily: Bye Ritchie.
[00:32:19] HyeMew: He tried to fire me
[00:32:21] A_leon:
[00:32:22] adritha: bye ritchie
[00:32:25] Ritchie2006: bye
[00:32:30] Treefunk: adieu ritchie
[00:32:32] HyeMew: because I was being too down on the new characters
[00:32:36] Treefunk: ah
[00:32:36] HyeMew: so he asked me to leave
[00:32:48] HyeMew: and I'm like uhh I've been here since the beginning, who are you to tell me off
[00:32:50] GoodGollyItsHolly: there is a lean towards trusting jonas
[00:32:51] subucni_incubus: SO, i've been on this chat almost all day off and on, and I leave for a few hours and miss all the action.
[00:32:52] GoodGollyItsHolly: thats for sure
[00:32:52] HyeMew: so I just ignored him haha
[00:32:54] Sadpinkmidget: you have the right to your opinion
[00:32:55] Treefunk: I usually don't make it too far into the forums
[00:33:01] GoodGollyItsHolly: but im still getting messages
[00:33:06] Sadpinkmidget: holly
[00:33:06] GoodGollyItsHolly: and im going to sleep on it
[00:33:10] GoodGollyItsHolly: so we will see
[00:33:11] Treefunk: I've been over there recently looking for lgpedia info though
[00:33:14] Sadpinkmidget: i think they should go to jonas'
[00:33:16] HyeMew: I think Holly was fed some lines
[00:33:19] milowent: hyemew was dubbed the dauntless dean of all lg15 fans by the NY Times, they can't take that away . . ..
[00:33:23] OhEmGeeItsLily: I think they should go home!
[00:33:25] Treefunk: lol at milo
[00:33:25] Sadpinkmidget: no
[00:33:27] Sadpinkmidget: NO
[00:33:31] GoodGollyItsHolly: i think hye loves me :)
[00:33:32] Sadpinkmidget: they should go to jonas
[00:33:33] OhEmGeeItsLily: Then Jonas's because Home will not be safe.
[00:33:36] Treefunk: ah, btw, the Creators are lurking in here guys
[00:33:40] OhEmGeeItsLily: This time they'll know for sure that home isn't safe.
[00:33:40] HyeMew: because she said multiple times that "she'd feel awful if anything happened to Bree on her advice"
[00:33:41] Treefunk: just so you're aware
[00:33:43] Sadpinkmidget: thats a new idea
[00:33:44] Treefunk: ;) at the Creators
[00:33:55] HyeMew: Holly you said the same line multiple times, I think the Creators told you to say that to look impartial
[00:33:56] JoAnnP38: I think trusting Jonas is just too easy
[00:34:07] Treefunk: Holly did NOT have an easy task
[00:34:11] adritha: it doesn't matter they know where she lives...they need to stake the place out
[00:34:16] shaniqua222: what do you think they should do joann?
[00:34:25] GoodGollyItsHolly: i just know that if they go there and get hurt i will be cast out of the community
[00:34:30] GoodGollyItsHolly: you all will blame me!
[00:34:34] GoodGollyItsHolly: and that would suck...
[00:34:36] GoodGollyItsHolly: :)
[00:34:39] khjq has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[00:34:41] OhEmGeeItsLily: I wouldn't blame you Holly.
[00:34:43] shaniqua222: we can't blame you for something we told you to do
[00:34:43] OhEmGeeItsLily: I love you.
[00:34:43] Treefunk: hey k
[00:34:47] GoodGollyItsHolly: thanks lillian
[00:34:49] adritha: exactly
[00:34:52] GoodGollyItsHolly: *gold star*
[00:34:55] Treefunk: who are you khjq?
[00:34:55] OhEmGeeItsLily: Yay.
[00:34:58] Treefunk: really?
[00:34:59] Sadpinkmidget: i wouldnt blame holly
[00:35:06] khjq: ?
[00:35:07] A_leon: ok I need to go to bed. night al
[00:35:08] GoodGollyItsHolly: *hugs*
[00:35:09] JoAnnP38: I would like them to use DB's skills and check out her home (after all he broke into a watcher's pad!)
[00:35:10] Treefunk: I'm asking
[00:35:11] adritha: bye
[00:35:15] khjq: what do you mean?
[00:35:19] OhEmGeeItsLily: But seriously, I want them to go home because I still feel like they'll end up at Jonas' no matter what route they take.
[00:35:20] HyeMew: so holly
[00:35:24] HyeMew: I think you should not take that chance
[00:35:26] Treefunk: I mean: who are you?
[00:35:26] khjq: I'm me
[00:35:27] HyeMew: so you don't have to worry!
[00:35:27] OhEmGeeItsLily: Going home first will just make it a little longer.
[00:35:30] Treefunk: who's that?
[00:35:30] khjq: thats who
[00:35:38] khjq: you don't know me
[00:35:38] HyeMew: about people being down on you when Jonas kills Bree and wears her skin
[00:35:46] immortal1: if anything happens to them it just means that you were with the Order this whole time!
[00:35:47] Treefunk: me was the Creators on the comments before user registration existed
[00:35:49] Kiddo1221 has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[00:35:49] JoAnnP38: Ewwww
[00:35:49] HyeMew: if you tell them to not trust him there'll be no worries.
[00:35:52] Treefunk: I'm asking who you are
[00:35:58] khjq: I'm who I've always been
[00:36:00] adritha: EXACTLY!!!!!!!
[00:36:03] kelkel has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[00:36:05] Treefunk: who's that?
[00:36:08] khjq: khjq
[00:36:10] Treefunk: hey kel
[00:36:11] Treefunk: ah
[00:36:14] adritha: they need to go back home...seriously
[00:36:15] Treefunk: thanks for clearing that up
[00:36:16] kelkel: howdy
[00:36:17] GoodGollyItsHolly: that oppy could be standing in brees room with an axe for all we know
[00:36:20] GoodGollyItsHolly: shes a sneaky one
[00:36:29] milowent: i think they should go to disneyland on jonas' credit card.
[00:36:32] subucni_incubus: Op Aphid is a person?
[00:36:32] JoAnnP38: So's O'n
[00:36:33] jsmith has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[00:36:33] OhEmGeeItsLily: They need to find out that HOME isn't safe for sure. They can't keep wondering.
[00:36:35] Treefunk: She watches jonas' videos too though
[00:36:46] Treefunk: Jonas' house = Opaphid + loony Jonas
[00:36:50] Treefunk: Home = just Opaphid
[00:36:51] HyeMew: I agree Bree shouldn't go home either
[00:36:56] ballsymcd: the order will find bree no matter where she goes
[00:36:56] Sadpinkmidget: JD!
[00:36:58] adritha: TENT!!!
[00:37:03] Treefunk: lol at Musique's pronunciation
[00:37:04] Treefunk: hehe
[00:37:05] HyeMew: we need something creative like her staying at Nikki's house while Nikki investigates
[00:37:12] khjq: I just hope where ever B&D go there is action
[00:37:13] JoAnnP38: Plus, would a 16 year old teen just forget her parents?!!?
[00:37:22] subucni_incubus: Yeah we haven't heard a word about them
[00:37:24] GoodGollyItsHolly: how can we trust nikki more than jonas
[00:37:26] GoodGollyItsHolly: you know?
[00:37:30] Treefunk: OpAphid is a code word for the Order's um, protection agency?
[00:37:34] kelkel: they should MEET jonas in public. post a video, and everyone decide from that. :D
[00:37:35] Sadpinkmidget:
[00:37:36] shaniqua222: I do trust niikki more than jonas
[00:37:37] adritha: no...but she dont' need to worry about them right now she needs to take care of herself
[00:37:40] Treefunk: It's like the CIA of the Order
[00:37:40] OhEmGeeItsLily: Ohhh Midget..
[00:37:44] GoodGollyItsHolly: why?
[00:37:46] HyeMew: are you going to say that about EVERYONE else Holly ;-)
[00:37:48] OhEmGeeItsLily: NOO!
[00:37:49] immortal1: I don't understand OpAphid. Does the Order have a special division to make it's MTV style vids?
[00:37:51] OhEmGeeItsLily: I'm frozen!
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[00:38:03] Sadpinkmidget: ..
[00:38:03] shaniqua222: I just get a better feeling from nikki than I do jonas
[00:38:05] HyeMew: do you mean his picture from Playgirl Sadpinkmidget?
[00:38:06] Treefunk: Because Nikki isn't going crazy trying to lure them to an isolated house!
[00:38:08] saralady19 has joined the room `Should they go?`.
[00:38:08] Treefunk: !
[00:38:09] Treefunk: !
[00:38:13] kelkel: did my internet just die?
[00:38:14] khjq has left the room `Should they go?`.
[00:38:16] saralady19: Hi everyone!!
[00:38:17] Moondoogle: Aha! So this is where everyone is hiding.
[00:38:19] shaniqua222: and jonas isn't begging them to stay with her
[00:38:20] JoAnnP38: How about a homeless shelter?
[00:38:21] Treefunk: hey doogle
[00:38:25] Kimmy: Isn't Nikki a fan....?
[00:38:25] shaniqua222: I meant to say nikki
[00:38:28] shaniqua222: opps
[00:38:32] Moondoogle:
[00:38:34] GoodGollyItsHolly: she could be the silent murderous type
[00:38:36] adritha: oh no its messing up again!!!
[00:38:39] Treefunk: lol
[00:38:40] HyeMew: uh I can't see what's being said
[00:38:41] HyeMew: what happened
[00:38:41] kelkel: hello?
[00:38:46] adritha: kick!