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Black Flower in the White House (lyrics)

Yes, here are the lyrics to the song Muammar Qaddafi had commissioned in 2008 for his secret love, Condoleezza Rice.

Black Flower In The White House

You might be,
the U.S. Secretary of State
But you'd make,
a most attractive love-mate,

You're just a girl from Birmingham
I'm just a boy from Sirte
Why don't you pull down my pants
And check out my Libyan girth

Because I'm in love with...
A Black Flower in the White House
You know its meant to be.
Let's get together
...and strangle Dick Cheney

Come visit me at my palaces
It will just be you and me
Plus my scrapbooks filled with pics of you
and videos of Lockerbie

You denied my facebook request
You called me a Satanic pest.
But you know you want to put
Your cocoa butter skin against my hairy chest

Because I'm in love with...
A Black Flower in the White House
You know its meant to be.
Let's get together
...and commit crimes against Humanity

When I get you in the bedroom
You will not stray too far
The walls will be a shakin'
as we're screaming ALLAH AKHBAR

But what's this when I google you
Some people think you're gay?
But my 1,344 pictures of you
prove there ain't no way.

Because you're a ...
A Black Flower in the White House
Tell me you'll say "I Do"
And we'll say our wedding vows
...On an episode of The View.

Because I love you.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jenna Rose - Wikipedia

This is the Wikipedia article for Jenna Rose as it existed on October 14, 2011. It is possible that it will soon be deleted, so I am posting here to preserve the content.

Jenna Rose
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Jenna Rose Swerdlow (born September 28, 1998) is an American singer, actress, and dancer who gained media attention with her single "My Jeans". After the video went viral on YouTube and received 14 million views, Swerdlow is considered a semi-"viral star".[1][2][3][4][5][6]


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Jenna Rose Swerdlow was born September 28, 1998, in Long Island, New York.[7] She was raised in Baldwin, New York and relocted with her family to Dix Hills, New York in 2005.[5] She began performing at age 2,[5][3] and received private vocal training at age 8[1] Starting with community theater and moving on to regional productions and Off-Broadway, she has performed in over 18 plays, including principal roles in “Ragtime” and “The Miracle Worker”, as well as the title role in the new Off-Broadway play, “The Odella Williams Show”.[1] She was a finalist in Got Talent?, A Long Island talent competition, as well as the NY Knicks Kids Talent Search.[1]


In a 2009 , it was reported that Swerdlow was being coached by Billy Joel's sax player Richie Cannata,[8] and that Richie's son Eren Cannata wrote and produced three singles for her: Sweet Melody, The Remedy, and Spotlight[citation needed]. Since then, Swerdlow has collaborated with different songwriters, producers and choreographers, to record songs and music videos.

When a 12-year-old 7th grader at West Hollow Middle School in October of 2010, Swerdlow's first music video, My Jeans, which features a rap by Baby Triggy,[9] was posted on YouTube.[3] The video became a viral video, garnering over a million views and bring Swerdlow media attention.[2] My Jeans was panned by Youtube viewers,[10] earning her as of September 8th, 2011 26,355 "likes" and 295,189 "dislikes" for the video.[3] Detractors find fault not only with Swerdlow's song, but with her clothes, the shape of her mouth, and the video's production values.[5] The video nevertheless continues to be the center of various Internet jokes and parodoy videos,,ref name="Herald"/> with the original video reaching over 14 million views as of early September,2011.

Despite negative reviews of My Jeans, Swerdlow followed up with songs O.M.G in March 2011,[11] and recorded the song Don’t Give Up, dealing with "haters",[6] in April 2011.[6] Swerdlow and her parents claim the song O.M.G. deals with cybercritics and cyberbullying,[3] Though covered by media, these subsequent songs failed to meet the levels of interest that her original viral video, however both display similar negative ratings, and have been panned by critics.[6] Toward the video O.M.G., stated [sic] "The video is hyper-sexualized, uber-creepy and if you really want to talk about jacking swag, not one dance move wasn't pulled from another video circa 1998."[12]

Swerdlow has made several film and television appearances. The most recent of these following upon her internet music releases. She was featured in the recent documentary Actor, directed by Roberto Serrini, as well as the film Mouse House and the TV pilots for Family Practice and Which Way. She has also appeared in television, radio & Internet commercials for Sketchers, Jello and Canon.


In February 2009, the town board of Huntington, New York recognized Jenna Rose Swerdlow for her contributions to the performing arts community.[13]

Subsequent to the release of "My Jeans" Swerdlow has been interviewed by news networks, has been written of in several newspapers, and has performed live in concert at the Westbury Music Fair.[6]

A comparison is made between Swerdlow and Rebecca Black,[9] as both teens produce videos that fall into the same genre of bubblegum pop, are "slammed by critics as being too provocative", and both receive less-than-favorable feedback from the public.[6][5]


2009 "Sweet Melody"
"The Remedy"
2010 "Spotlight"
2011 "My Jeans"
"Don't Give Up"

Year Title Role Note
2010 Family Practice Child Patient TV series - Episode: "Hood Cat"
Mouse House Jessica
Which Way Lilith TV series
2011 Caroline of Virginia Young Caroline
Actor Herself documentary

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* Official website
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* Jenna Rose Swerdlow at the Internet Movie Database

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SO I just saw that this Swedish poet that I am sure few outside Sweden have ever head of, Tomas Transtromer, has won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Apparently he's been in the running for some years to win (though I see some crap about how Bob Dylan was the favored candidate to win? GOOD GRIEF NO. Dylan's Friday was a classic, but its not THAT GOOD.)

It seems hard to find any of Transtromer's poems amidst all this reporting, however, which seems a pity since he presumably won because the poems are good. So I will post one I found via Google Books: (more: "The Great Enigma" (2006 ed.))

Alone "Ensamhet")
by Tomas Transtromer
from Bells and Tracks (Klanger Och Spar)


One evening in February I almost died here.
The car skidded sideways on the ice, out
onto the wrong side of the wrong. The approaching cars---
their lights--closed in.

My name, my girls, my job
broke free and were left silently behind
farther and farther away I was anonymous
like a boy in a playground surrounded by enemies

The approaching traffic had huge lights.
They shone on my while I pulled at the wheel
in a transparent terror that floated like egg white.
The seconds grew--there was space in them--
they grew as big as hospital buildings.

You could almost pause
and breathe for a while
before being crushed.

Then something caught: a helping grain of sand
or a wonderful gust of wind. The car broke free
and scuttled smartly right over the road.
A post shot up and cracked--a sharp clang--it
flew away in the darkness.

Then--stillness. I sat back still in my seatbelt
and saw someone coming through the swirling snow
to see what had become of me.


I have been walking for a long time
on the frozen Ostergotland fields.
I have not seen a single person.

In other parts of the world
there are people who are born, live and die
in a perpetual crowd.

To be always visible---to live
in a swarm of eyes---
a special expression must develop.
Face coated with clay.

The murmuring rises and falls
while they divide up among themselves
the sky, the shadows, the sand grains.

I must be alone
ten minutes in the morning
and ten minutes in the evening.
---Without a program.

Everyone is queuing for everyone else.



(The poem in Swedish is here. You can hear Transtromer reading the entire poem, in Swedish, here. And April 2009 English commentary on the poem here)

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Kolbrin Bible - Wikipedia

This is the text of the Wikipedia article for "Kolbrin Bible" as it appeared on October 3, 2011. Its likely to be deleted, but I thought it would be useful for people needing quick confirmation that the Kolbrin Bible is not authentic/is a big fat hoax, etc.

Kolbrin Bible
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Kolbrin Bible (also titled as The Kolbrin) is a text which purports to be a collection of ancient texts of Egyptian and Celtic origin. Used in support of 2012 apocalyptic theories, it is widely regarded as spurious.

Structure and supposed origins
The Kolbrin Bible comprises eleven books. The first six books are said to be scribed by Egyptian writers shortly after the Exodus, and is called the "Bronzebook". The last five books are collectively called "Coelbook" or "Kailedy" and are said be authored by Celtic priests written around the time that the New Testament was being created.[1] Supposedly these texts were kept at Glastonbury Abbey and the first section transcribed to bronze sheets, allowing them to survive the fire of 1184 which the text's publishers allege was set to destroy these and other heretical texts.[2] The texts are then alleged to have been transmitted through a series of owners, including one John Culdy in the early 1300s, eventually being entrusted to "a small religious group in England" and thence to the Hope Trust, "of which little is known."[2] Finally the texts are claimed to have ended up in the hands of the Culdian Trust, formed in 1980; they claim that the current version of the text was produced by "an elderly man from the Hope Trust" around 1992, working from the original texts.[2]

At present three editions of the material are available. A hardbound edition is published in association with the Culdian Trust in two volumes, titled The Kolbrin and The Gospel of the Kailedy;[3] the same group also presents an on-line edition.[4] A softcover edition is published by Your Own World Books, ostensibly edited by one Janice Manning and with versification by Marshall Masters.[5] The connections between the various versions are obscure. The website first appears in the Internet Archive in 2004; the first reference on that site to the Culdian Trust does not appear until October of that year; the Culdian Trust website doesn't appear until February 2005.[6][7] Given the 2005 publication date of the Manning/Masters edition it might be presumed that it is derived from the other edition.

Claims and analysis
The first mention of this text is apparently in James McCanney's Atlantis to Tesla - The Kolbrin Connection, a self-published work which he put out in 2003.[8]. McCanney is, among other pseudoscientific interests, a proponent of Planet X apocalyptic theories. An early edition of Masters's version specifically lists several passages from "The Book of Manuscripts" (the fifth section of the text) in support of these claims. The text also attempts to support British Israelism as well as providing apocryphal teachings of Jesus.

Whether this was the intent of writing the text is again unclear. The text has not received a lot of critical attention but sites outside the pseudoscientific/new religion realm point to its lack of provenance and dubious history[9] and suggest that it is a hoax or at least apocryphal. One critic suggests Glenn Kimball as a possible author;[10] in 2006 Kimball published an article on the Kolbrin texts and was associated with Masters's edition of the text.[11]


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