Monday, May 14, 2007

One Year Ago

a crazy world

Over the weekend, a milestone was passed. It has been one year since the Lonelygirl15 account was created on youtube. Of course, "Bree" did not post any videos on May 12, 2006. "Her" first video did not appear until later that month, and Jessica Rose did not protray Bree in her first vlog until June 16, 2006. To me, June 16 is the real first "anniversary" of Bree and Lonelygirl15. But I haven't posted anything in over two weeks. So there you go.

And for readers who didn't know, here is a list of critical links for lonelygirl15 fans:

  • LG15 Today Blog. With a wink and a smile, LG15 Today always brings you the latest and greatest in daily lonelygirl15 news. Such as the identity of Sarah, played by 21-year old actress Alexandra Dreyfus. Sarah is a new character on lg15, who we now know is not jailbait in real life, thanks to LG15 Today.

  • LGPedia. The LGPedia is the official, fan-authored, encyclopedia of all things Lonelygirl15. If you are interesting in learning the basic plot of the show so far, check out The Story So Far .... Of, if you want the full story of how the Creators of Lonelygirl15 were discovered, check out Down the Rabbit Hole: The Hunt For Bree.

  • The Official Lonelygirl15 Forum. The official forum for discussion of the show. Note that discussion of individual videos takes places in two places. First in individual threads of The Videos subforum of the forum, and also in the Comment Board, which simply means the main page of the site, which also allows comments to be made below each posted video. While the forum and comment board have some overlapping members, they have their own distinct in-jokes and cultures. Members of the comment board are usually easygoing souls who get drunk on slurpees and grape nehi (don't ask), and use the word "meep" repeatedly (really, don't ask). Members of the forum include fans from all generations and inclinations, from the very devoted, to the very critical.

  • The Children of Anchor Cove Forum This is the primary unofficial forum for discussion of lonelygirl15, as well as other internet episodic series including Prom Queen and Brotherhood 2.0. Anchor Cove was originally formed in September 2006 when early fans of lonelygirl15 left that show's original and failing "phorum", and made a place of their own. This proved helpful when the official forums failed multiple times in light of the intense media exposure which accompanied the "outing" of the Creators of Lonelygirl15. The "Children of Anchor Cove" was the title used by the creators of Lonelygirl15 for their original casting call. Sometimes referred to an "Rancor Cove," the Cove includes a nucleus of early lg15 fans and later adoptees who enjoy absurdly advanced and sometimes harsh discussion of lg15 and other shows. Myself and other Covians are patiently waiting for the convergence of internet video, television, and human DNA. No, it does not involve the Hale-Bopp comet.

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