Monday, May 21, 2007

The Bree Drought: Will It Reach Biblical Proportions?

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The last Lonelygirl15 video to feature Lonelygirl15 herself, a.k.a. Bree, a.k.a. actress Jessica Rose, was What the F*@k??? on May 11, 2007. On that day, Bree voluntarily got into a car with the Order. Today is May 21, so it has been 10 days without a sign of Bree.

Breeologists, take note. This is remarkable for at least one reason: it is the longest absence of the show's star ever. The previous longest gap was nine days -- and that was WAY back last summer -- from Grillz on June 25, 2006, until My Parents Suck on July 4. And no videos were released inbetween these two videos. My Parents Suck was the 1st lg15 video to be widely viewed on youtube (and the legend goes that this is when Creator Greg Goodfried called up Creator Miles Beckett and told him it was time for him to quit being a doctor), so its not like too many people took special notice of this drought from the possibly-real Bree at the time.

The creators of lonelygirl15 have indicated before that they intend the show to carry on even if (or when?) Jessica Rose gets too big for her britches and moves on to hollywood stardom. But, were that to happen, it would also be a testament to the success of their creation.

To fill the Breegap, we have new lg15 characters in sisters Sarah and Taylor joining the cast. And they aren't bad actresses AT ALL (in fact, Alexandra Dreyfus (Sarah), and Becky Kregoski (Taylor) both appear quite talented in my opinion). However, their actual connection to the PLOT (whatever that is) is exceedingly thin.

Basically it goes like this: Taylor is a soccer-playing teen located somewhere in the vicinity of Zavalla, Texas, with a faux-emo sex-crazy older sister named Sarah. Taylor vlogged a few times about soccer and an intriguing weird competitive thing between her and her friend Sam (who we never saw) that also involved the influence of Taylor's strict mother. Then, out of the blue, Taylor also told Bree that she thinks she remembers playing soccer against Jules(or Julia), who Nikki Bower had previously suggested (with absolutely no evidence) was likely the New Girl for the Ceremony. (see this prior post for more details on that.)

Following me so far?

So, of course, Bree Daniel and Jonas drive from California to Texas to meet Taylor (and Sarah) at a park, and then proceed to find Julia with their help. Then, the crew kidnaps Julia and ties her up, because that of course is the best way to convince someone that their religion is bad and that they may be picked to do The Ceremony (whatever that is). Then Julia escapes, then they find her near a dumpster (despite houses being all over the place), and then the Order found them (of course), and took Julia. And Bree went with them, but we don't know why (of course).

So, while your head is spinning from all that, you can watch this cute vlog from Taylor and Sarah, called I Know What Boys Like.

The answer, by the way, is Bree. But we'll make do with Sarah and Taylor in the meantime. And if you are pining for Jessica Rose, let's hope you don't have to wait until the July 27th premiere of I Know Who Killed Me (which hopefully is not the title of future Bree vlog, either).

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