Monday, November 12, 2012

Wikipedia Speculation About Petraeus Affair - 10 Months Ago

The day after Paula Broadwell appeared on The Daily Show in January 2012 to promote her book "All In" about General David Petraeus, a very brief wikipedia page was created for Broadwell by a new editor who appears to be a Daily Show fan. Within one hour of creation, an anonymous editor (IP address, their only edit ever to wikipedia) edited the page to add:

"Petraeus is reportedly one of her many conquests."

This was removed about an hour later by an infrequent editor (DSutton) with the commentary "Remove libel / vandalism." No attempt was made to re-add the information. About a month later, the article was speedily deleted as not showing how Broadwell was "notable". After deletion, this editing history was hidden from public view until after a new article on Broadwell was created on November 9 when news of her affair with Petraeus broke.

Hard to know whether this anonymous editor had real knowledge, or was just reacting to Broadwell's awkward interview on The Daily Show, but it appears no one commented on the video of Broadwell's interview at the Daily Show website (posted the day after her appearance) until the story broke, at least based on the comments that are currently available.

ETA 2:07 PT 11/12: Thanks to LGF for linking me and confirming the info. He could not trace the IP either.

ETA 8:53pm PT 11/13: New post: More wikipedia weirdness


sparkzilla said...

Petraeus Scandal wiki timeline: #libya #Benghazi

Anonymous said...

Can't trace? Is all right here:

Same address - which appears to be residential - is confirmed by June 2010 records as well:

This IP address was associated with a property located in Castle Rock, Colorado in June 2010.

So, your "anonymous" editor isn't really so anonymous. Welcome to America.

Anonymous said...

Those reverse IP sites not very reliable. Put my location at 400 km from actual location. But at least they got my country right!

Anonymous said...

Actually those reverse ip addresses, while not accurate for residences are accurate for commercial establishments with fixed IPs. The IP resolves to a bank in Colorado just outside of Denver where Broadwell lived a few years ago and where she has traveled to speak at GOP fundraisers and other talks the past year. IE it is notable this comes from somewhere where she resided and presumably people know her.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous 3rd. This IP address is traceable from 2010 to the present day to the same location in Colorado, so its accurate.

Unknown said...

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