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REPOST: What Happened At Constance McMillen’s Prom - from nmisscommenter

What Happened At Constance McMillen’s Prom

(reposted from - the nmisscommentor website was down earlier today due to traffic overload - as of 1:35pm PDT i am removing the full post now that's it back up)
Here’s the news, from a source I view as extremely reliable. The prom the school district promised at the country club in Fulton was a ruse. Only seven kids, Constance, and her date showed, and at the same time, everyone else held a “real” prom at a secret location out in the county.


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From Earlier, when the original source was down:

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ETA 12:12pm PDT: MSNBC Report

ETA: 12:57 PDT: the Gawker Post on this story has been updated with a note that at least once prom-goer at Itawamba Agricultural High School has posted prom pictures on their facebook. This does check out---I doubled checked and found that if you peruse Itawamba Agricultural High 2010 profiles on facebook, there are many profile pics for the students which are clearly of prom dresses/couples.

ETA: 1:09 PDT NE Miss Daily Journal article confirms details.

ETA: 1:33 PDT nmisscommentor blog is coming back up, please read the full post there...

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