Friday, April 20, 2007

Attack of the Breeclones!

oops, I forgot to include Greenteagirlie. she's new.

The biggest news in Lonelygirl15 world this week is the proliferation of potential Brees, currently descending upon the Breeniverse like a biblical horde of locusts. But, instead of devouring whole crops in front of horrified settlers, this horde is just a bunch of young girls. But one of these girls is the "new girl" chosen by the Order for the dreaded Ceremony. OMG! (Disclaimer: EVERYONE believes The Ceremony should be dreaded, though we have no idea what it is. You must accept that fact, kind readers.)

(Oh, and lots of potential new girls? Yes, yes, many of us see parallels to Buffy Season 7 cropping up, but hopefully all these girls won't be descending on the Breebunker anytime soon for resistance training with Bree or the unseen-character-formerly-known as-Tachyon.)

So, to briefly recap how this development came up, in The Perfect Beach (April 13), a beautiful day for the lg15 cast at a Mexican beach was interrupted by a visit from The Order. Under the duress of Jonas' new gun, Aunt Alex let this zinger slip:
"They don't need you anymore, Bree. ...They have another girl!"
Oh My! Then, on April 16, Nikki Bower posted a video called The Ceremony Girl where she claims to have located this alleged new girl, aka CallMeJules24 on youtube, or Julia. While Julia's two videos to date are clearly suspicious and emit at least some faint lg15 canon smoke, Nikki B. has never been confirmed as canon by the Creators. In fact, when this blog identified the actress who plays Nikki B. back in January 2007, Nikki made the following comment on the official lg15 forum:
Just for the record, I am not canon. I am a fan just like all of you. While I do have anonymous sources and tipsters, I am truly investigating as one of you would.
So, with that backstory, it was not clear from Nikki's video whether or not miss jules was intended to be official or what. Could the world continue revolving with such tension?

Apparently not. Speculation evaporated the next day when Bree posted a video called New Girl which (1) referred to Nikki B. for the first time (and a reference by Bree is how Gemma and Jonas were first canonized), and (2) speculated about whether Jules is the new ceremony girl or not--and Bree needs our help to figure it out, people!!!

So, anyhow, along with Julia, crack lg15 sleuthers have identified a plethora of other suspicious videos from more young girls who appear to be candidates for lg15 canonhood/the Ceremony (shiver!). Some people like this, because they don't like Jules and hope someone else becomes a more established character in the cast. But some people like it because it is total enjoyable pandemonium to see all these girls (and note, most of them do appear to be under 18) vying to potentially become part of the lg15 cast.

Luckily, the LGPedia has compiled a list of all the candidates so far with useful links to videos, myspaces, and the like. Some of these girls are likely fanfiction, others are uncertain. Aside from Jules, Soccerstar aka Taylor seems to be a good candidate to be a production sanctioned by the Creators. Perhaps the Creators will choose "the new girl" based on fan input? It's an intriguing idea, at the very least.

Who will be the new girl? Stay tuned.

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