Thursday, January 25, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Nikki Bower .... is Alli Danziger!!

"Reporter" Nikki B. Is Really Actress and "Reporter" Alli D.! Must Credit Milowent/AnchorCove!

hellooo nikki/alli!

Roll the videotape (created by Terryfic):

One of the current remaining mysteries of Lonelygirl15 has been whether Nikki Bower (myspace | youtube) is "canon" (or official character of the series), fan fiction, or something inbetween. Nikki's uncanny ability to discover clues that no other fan could hope to determine, such as filming locations, and even the Watcher symbol, only raised more suspicions.

Well, Nikki B is definitely connected to the Creators of Lonelygirl15. She is LA based actress Alli Danziger.

With some shrewd sleuthing late last night conducted by Anchor Cove members uncovered the identity of "Nikki Bower" as belonging to actress Alli Danziger. Alli, at the very least, is a good friend of Lisa Goodfried, sister of Lonelygirl15 creator Greg Goodfried.

The search began when the sleuthers received a picture from Greg Goodfried's 2006 wedding to Amanda ne Solomon, plainly showing "Nikki B" as a member of the audience.
With the direct connection to the Goodfrieds established, it was quickly determined that "Nikki B" also appeared in the viewable picture from the private myspace of Lisa Goodfried.

hey there, nikki b!

Yet, Lisa's myspace has no google cache, so that was a dead end. However, more searching found that Greg Goodfried's brother's fiance (nice chain, huh?) was friends with an "Alli D" that also looked like Nikki B.

From there, a chain led through Alli's boyfriend Matt Seigel (the guy in her myspace profile pic), that tipped off her last name, which finally yielded GoogleGold:

Amazingly, on this website, she also has a video you can watch where she does a reporting schtick just like Nikki B, but as Alli D. Here it is:

So, there you go. I know most people figured out Nikki B was an actress, but the direct connection to the Creators had not been confirmed.

So is that the end of the road? Not quite. We still don't know who was behind Cassieiswatching or OpAphid do we? But on the other hand, Matt Seigel's myspace had an interesting comment posted on it the day after cassieiswatching's first video:

Bring me the head of cassie!

Could it be that Matt and Alli are among those behind CIW? OpAphid? Is the promise of real fan interaction only realized for those who know the Creators well? Only time, and myspace, will tell.

Sleuthing credits to: Terryfic, JayHank, Smashing, Hyemew, and Milowent. Video montage of Alli D. by Terryfic.

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