Sunday, January 21, 2007

Trying to Catch Up with Bree?

While the most recent Lonelygirl15 video (Truth or Dare) had a star turn from American Idol's Katharine McPhee, which thankfully ended up being a cute and well-done video, it is also worth nothing that it was officially the 118th video of the Lonelygirl15 series. And that doesn't even include the first few vlogs posted by Gemma and Jonas before they were canonized, or the ARG videos if you try to decipher those.

Is 118 bigger than Pluto?

118!?! 118 videos is a LOT of videos for new Lonelygirl15 watchers to digest. So, with some inspiration from the article I blogged about last week, Terryfic (an early lg15 fan adored by all) has launched a series of recap videos summarizing the lonelygirl15 series to date.

The youtube channel is called LonelyGirl15Recaps. The first two vids are already up, and show the highlights from the series from its inception through the discovery of the sinister photograph of Aleister Crowley on Bree's wall (June 16 - Aug 6, 2007). Be sure to check them out (especially all new and curious lonelygirl15 watchers)!

Recaps Vid 1

Recaps Vid 2

Lastly, leaving Bree for a moment, for the endless stream of visitors who find my blog by searching google for "cara brimley" or "are the nohogirls fake" (see here and here if you can't figure it out!), I should mention that the nohogirls recently posted a official recap of their shenanigans to date. Anyone wanting to know more about the nohos (or bree) really should visit the forums at Anchor Cove. That's all for now, folks.

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