Wednesday, January 24, 2007

All the Lonelygirl15 News That's Fit To Print

In the land of blogs, sometimes we hear of these things called "newspapers." I bet wikipedia probably has an entry on it.

Most blogs refer to newspapers as "MSM", mostly because bloggers like cryptic anagrams. Or is that acronym? Whatever. I don't know what MSM means, actually.

Well, some rag called The New York Times published an excellent article today about the state of Lonelygirl15 today, by Virginia Heffernan, on page 1 of the Arts section:

As Her World Turns, Lonelygirl15 Seeks New Thrills

As always, Ms. Heffernan makes some insightful comments:

The “Lonelygirl15” phenomenon that initially teased viewers with its pseudo-reality has evolved into a vaguely supernatural thriller with hints of “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.” It’s inventive, with highs and lows. On balance, it’s entertaining. But devoted fans love to complain that it’s not as good as it used to be, or as it could be.


Keeping together a rollicking plot with murder, a cult, imposture and teenage romance — making it exciting but not ludicrous — isn’t easy. Striving for continuity while relaying plot information in short bytes is an especially tall order. Viewers are standing by on fan sites official and unofficial to play gotcha anytime they decide Bree and company wouldn’t have had enough time while on the lam, say, to make it to an Internet cafe for video editing and uploading between chase scenes. They’re a tough crowd. And this policing still goes on, even though fans know the series is fiction.

All very true. Longtime lg15 fans tend to romanticize the early Bree videos. In the forums, the dominant posters are rabid fans who tend to work over every possible inconsistency, or ruminate about plot theories that include just everything under the sun, froms Aliens to Zombies.

But Ms. Heffernan's respect for Jessica Rose continues to grow:

“Lonelygirl15” has kept its first unbeatable asset, the one that has nothing to do with new technology. It’s the girl: Jessica Lee Rose. As the series goes on, Ms. Rose continues to mix moodiness, charm and precociousness, and her witchcraft casts a serious spell.
The New York Times print circulation on Wednesdays is approximately 1.08 million copies. Great article, give it a read. Her sources are pretty good.

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