Friday, October 13, 2006

Lonelygirl15 was ABDUCTED BY ALIENS!

Or not. Yes, last night, 10-12-06, was THE CEREMONY(!!!), which Daniel faithfully reported from in true Blair Witch fashion. WATCH AT: or YouTube

And despite concerns that Bree would not post another video for awhile, IF EVER, she actually had time to report back this afternoon that SHE IS FINE, and the ceremony was BETTER THAN CATS. WATCH AT: or YouTube

Well, was it all worth it? Anchor Cove poster JayHenry provides this excellent summary of the past week:

I'm just hoping that something interesting happened. It's not ghoulish, but a desire for a decent plot. They've been building to this ceremony for 23 videos. If nothing happens it would be, how to say it, stupid.

But nevertheless a big week, Lonelygirl stood up for poverty, Daniel joined us in the forums, as did the benevolent Buka, we got to meet the WeHoGirls, Lonelygirl got her 50,000th subscriber, My Lazy Eye [LG15's most popular video], got it's 1,000,000th view, the U.S. got its 300,000,000th citizen, North Korea got its 1st nuclear bomb, and Bree finally completed/got pregant at/got brainwashed at the ceremony.

And, lest we forget, I should add to Jay's list that YouTube sold out to Google for $1.65 billion! Someone wake me up? Have I been transported back to 1999? Or are we seeing the dawn of internet video ascendance? Maybe the aliens will tell us.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

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