Monday, January 22, 2007

Renetto Attacks Livevideo?

Well, well, well. If you've poked around youtube (or livevideo) in the last day, you have probably seen that Renetto posted a video yesterday (Jan 21) that brands top youtubers who have decided to start channels on as "traitors" to youtube:

Traitors or Not.. Smosh, Geriatric1927, Boh3m3, DIGITILsOuL?

Well, not surprisingly, renetto has really pissed some people off. His video already has 155 approved video responses. 155!!!!!

Among them is this brutal smackdown from geriatric1927:
Geriatric1927: Response to Renetto's insult

I'm sure there are some vids in this vortex supporting youtube and Renetto. One I noted is from DanielGardner (aka Tunafish, who used to frequent the Lonelygirl15 forums in the mystery days), who suggests that the original of something is always better than the replica (ummm... maybe that's true of store brand raisin bran, but does anybody still use altavista over google these days?). Daniel holds out hope that youtube will improve:
DanielGarner: I believe in YouTube

Meanwhile, YouTuber PeteMatrix has done a brief video questioned Is YouTube under threat from LiveVideo or Revver?. Not surprisingly, it shows that YouTube's Alexa internet ratings far outstrip livevideo or revver.

So, what's your opinion? Is Geriatric1972 a traitor? Or has Renetto become a youtube lackey?

As for me, I'll just say that livevideo does appear to work very smoothly with few technical problems. It is much smaller right now, which allows all my adoring fans to post comments to me (or post videos insulting me!

cara passes the crackers in bed test too

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