Monday, September 11, 2006

LonelyGirl15: Climbing To The Top Of The YouTube

If I had more time to write, I could probably write a book about the LG15 phenomenon. Which no one would read probably.

So, LG15 is not real. We always knew that, or, if not always, we came to realize it once we paid attention. She stands out from most of YouTube's product. If the LG15-machine can figure out a way to make money from this, we may see YouTube develop into something totally different that what I expected. It could become a mix of professional and amateur work, the former generating revenue (ad based?) and supporting and pushing eyes to the amateurs, a true entertainment destination of its own, a 24 hour pay-per-view (though hopefully free) on demand. It could rival a cable TV network one year from now. Good! Can I substitute it for Lifetime Movie Network?

Despite her "outing" (and she's not really outed is she? Who is the girl!!!), the amazing popularity of LG15 is steamrolling even faster ahead. LonelyGirl15 has passed Geriatric1927 to become the #1 most subscribed channel (i.e., highest number of dedicated watchers) on Youtube.

LG15 is also currently the #6 most viewed channel of all time on Youtube. She should slide into the #5 spot by tomorrow, I predict, and probably will make it to #3 by the end of month if she keep this up.

The best source of in-depth information and brotherhood on lg15 is at Alissa's LG15 board (Free registration required). There are at least 4 other discussion forums out there (including the official form at, but they don't have the same critical mass of intelligent posters.

One very suspicious board is The admin claims he is a dentist who determined Bree was fake by seeing her wisdom teeth in one of her videos (which you wouldn't yet in a 16-year old girl).

(Full disclosure: I am a moderator at Alissa's board, but I really don't care where you go; I'm just telling you the truth.)

And finally, as far as the MSM goes, you should also remember to check Virginia Heffernan's NY Times Screens Blog daily.

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