Wednesday, January 17, 2007

LG15 Gets ... McPheever! (Yes, I do mean Katharine McPhee of American Idol)

Just when you though the plot of Lonelygirl15 could not get any weirder (her parents aren't her real parents? Her notDad is dead? She's a potential? Where's my Buffy DVD collection?), well, reality gets weirder still.

It came out in the press today that Katharine Phee, the runner up from last season's run of American Idol, will guest star in an episode of LG15 to be released on Friday January 19. It's an AP article, so its everywhere.

So is this a good or bad development for LG15? Well, first of all, she's not horrible to look at...
Crackers In Bed Approved

Second, some new publicity can't hurt the series. Increasing viewership is not a bad thing.

Is it possible the Creators will flub this one and make it incredibly painful? Will the characters be buying Katharine McPhee CDs in the episode? I think even the crazy plot of LG15 cannot withstand that. Personally, I'm hoping the next guest star is William Hung. Now, that guy is REALLY famous.

i have no regrets about my lg15 appearance

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