Thursday, October 19, 2006

NoHoGirls EXPOSED! We're Going Indie90210, Dude!

YouTuberTerryfic has the photographic proof:

NoHoGirls EXPOSED! No, Cara Brimley has not gone topless. Yet. (Sob.) But YouTube's popular NoHoGirls series (I think of it as an indie beverley hills 90210) has been proven, as most knew or at least reasonably suspected, to be fiction. In fact, Anchor Cove member Smashing opined way back on Sept. 25 that director
Scott Zakarin was behind the NoHoGirls (and their subecequent spinoff, the WeHoGirls -- I'm not making that up. Go watch if you don't believe me.)

Now, Smashing has reported this breaking news, at 2:39am ET this morning at the Cove:

"So I thought I'd see if Scott Zakarin had a myspace. He does.
Cara Brimley's in his top friends. And more importantly the actor who plays Eddie is this guy: href="
They commented on each other's pages.

These guys are so sloppy, but I still gotta pat myself on the back for guessing right back on day 4. [Zakarain] was doing the "Soup of the Day" internet miniseries before Lonelygirl came out. It had it's fair share of sexual content. The premise is a guy dating three women at the same time. It was more straight forward about it being fictional, and wasn't a viral marketing campaign for anything but itself (although they are making a movie version). I would guess NoHo's the same way. Also, one of the characters on Soup of the Day hosted a fictional internet show (just like Blue and now Daniella have mentioned in NoHo), but the show only existed with the Soup of the Day universe. I guess if we have any further questions about NoHo, we can ask Scott."

So there you have it! For the record, I always said that the NoHoGirls was a fictional series. In fact, I don't think the creators of the project were too worried about being outed, and this revelation (ZOMG!!!111) hopefully should not effect the ongoing series. So keep watching, IMS (Internet Mini Series) fans!

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