Friday, January 05, 2007

YouTube Down?

YouTube appears down this morning, and may have been for at least the last 8 hours.

Could it possibly be due to this lawsuit in Brazil? It appears some model and celebrity in Brazil has a sex-on-the-beach (or more accurately, in the water) video show up on youtube, and they can't seem to keep it off. So a Brazillian Judge has ordered YouTube to be shut down. Seems to me very unlikely this can be the cause of the YouTube outage, because i don't see how a Brazil court's order would be enforced so quickly in the U.S.


Court orders YouTube shut
A BRAZILIAN court has ordered the popular video sharing service YouTube be shut down until it removes a celebrity sex video from its site.

Daniela Cicarelli, a model and ex-wife of football great Ronaldo, sued YouTube after a video of her apparently having sex in shallow water on a beach with her boyfriend was posted to the site. For days it was the most viewed video in Brazil.

... Some copies of the video have been taken off the site but users reposted it.

.... legal experts said the ruling by the Brazilian court could be difficult to enforce in the United States, where YouTube is based.

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