Friday, August 25, 2006

Why Can't You Understand That Daniel's A LonelyGirl15 Man

The lonelygir15 drama continues, with a new video posted by danielbeast. He's going to the play!!! Isn't that sweet! No, this isn't scripted! No, could't be. Its just: To Hell With's Bree's Dad (yeah!!!!!!!)

Meanwhile, on the rest of the 'net:

Jack Tripper ruminates on the NY times coverage, excerpts a Chicago Tribune article on LG 15, and joins in those with who have debunked the music-promotion hypothesis for her existence.

Fred Bloggs makes an interesting comparison of LG15 to William H. Gibson's Pattern Recognition novel.

And On the youtube, gohepcat issues a $53 dollar challenge if you can prove she's fake. Where's that 1995 H.S. yearbook photo, anyone?

And no one has yet commented on my 80s rock band themed post titles (sigh).

FURTHER UPDATE 12:27PM EST 8/25/06: As Tim of the Jack Tripper blog points out in the comments to this thread, Virginia Heffernan at the NY Time Screen Blog unearths evidence that Bree is NOT Christian!

UPDATE 9:30AM EST 8/25/06: Hyemew posts the following good insights on Daniel's most recent video at the forum:

*moooooooaaan* That latest Danielbeast video just oozed teenage heroics- doing it for love! If that wasn't the fakest piece of regular old teenage love rubbish I don't know what is!

1. I found it hilarious that they had "Daniel" put on a half-done tie to make it look like he was IN THE PROCESS OF TYING IT when he was struck with the sudden need to put up a blog for us all- something which in his last appearance he mentioned hating ("why is that camera on?!"). But seriously, tying a tie should only take a short amount of time, there was no real reason to put it on and then suddenly decide to film this blog- except to give the apperance you were in the middle of getting ready for something.

2. Bree said, when pressed on "why is your camp just started in mid-August?!" that it had actually started in June or whenever and that the play was on the last night. At first I was like, last day of camp on a Thursday?! All the camps I've ever gone to or heard of always seem to end on a weekend, a time when parents are able to come and get then. Then again, its not impossible for it to end on a Friday, especially if its a M-F day camp, explaining why Bree can still be online and post videos (but not so much why she can do it during the day, I don't buy explanation like she probably has to come home during the middle of the day to study, etc. A camp is a camp, no parent should be crazy enough to actually make their kid come home daily to study, esp. if she does come home every night anyway.) Then again, the fact it "ends" on a Thursday is still a bit suspicious, because presumably all the parents would come to this and then take their kids home afterwards, so that indeed would mean it ends on a Thursday. A real camp would tend not to do that, well unless it only catered to the local community, because they'd have to work and stuff and some would not be able to travel on a Thursday to get them. Anything's possible, but I just think the timing's weird. At least the time they put the video jives with a Pacific DT reality and shows they are on to us, if they had put it up at 3am Eastern like most of Bree's videos we'd know it was fake right there.

3. Just an observation- how many of you think that this "Bree has no idea I'm going, actually you guys know before Bree does" is going to totally blow up in Daniel's face? For some reason I just have that feeling, though based on her last video I guess Bree will be happy to see him. Most likely though her dad already found someone else to tape the play since Daniel's been out of the picture, but maybe this means we'll actually get to see some of it, which would really give us a lot to think about if it shows real kids on stage at a camp. Oh and who else finds the title of this latest Danielbeast video dripping with irony- "To hell with Bree's dad"? I mean, considering he very well might be from there and all...

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