Monday, August 28, 2006

Now We're Getting Somewhere LG15! (Except We're Not)

Well, LG15 and danielbeast retain their cover as of this writing. The forum has gone from a lonely town a week ago to a very Crowded House -- posts like crazy.

Except, no ones is closer to finding her yet. But go to the forum i just linked and you'll see lots of thinkers.

In the last 48 hours, the board birthed a crazy theory that Dennis Flemming was behind all this, which Virginia Heffernan at the NY Times Screen blog posted about, eventually causing Dennis to come out and categorically deny any involvement. Even silly rumors must be debunked on the internet.

But we do know you can buy your own P. Monkey at Target here!, or perhaps you'd like a nice 2006 kittens calendar, just like Brees! - the august picture is clearly visible in the What Did Dad And Daniel Talk About video. (Credit due to Step5150 for that excellent find){2E739C06-1B19-414D-BBC6-EF58A8B18BD6}/MGID.-1/IID.22430/TTID.10/qx/display_other_product_views.htm

[can't get link to work right, just cut on paste the url into your browser]

[UPDATE 1:51AM ET 8/29/06]:
Rick just posted a very interesting comment on this blog:


A botanist looked at the "hiking" video. She said she can't say for certain-- just is not clear enough picture, but says, if you put all these pieces together it seems to have been shot in the Sierra mountains of California- mid to southern California- nothing in stone mind you. The pink flower is believed to be a California Wild Rose, there is a Big Leaf Maple, and a Kennedy-Mariposa Lilly. She says, for the lack of clarity, the flowers could just as well be petunias bought from a store, but she's not inclined to settle on that because the brush, the trees, the igneous rock, one shot of sedimentary rock, the "inland oak" ecosystem and the types of grasses indicate mid to southern Sierra Mountains- west side of the range. Says that the best picture for her to absolutely check on was a branch with thistles from .17 to .19 seconds. She says she will definitively identify that to a gnats ass. Revelation coming soon I guess as to relative locale...
Rick Graves | 08.29.06 - 1:32 am |

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