Wednesday, August 23, 2006

If Only You Were LonelyGirl15

Has LonelyGirl15 brought down YouTube? It seems to be crashed at the moment. Remember when TV stations used to go out at random times and they put a test patten up? It wasn't often (though I held long grudges if there were any disturbances to my cartoon watching), but I've haven't seen that in years. YouTube should bring it back.

Anyhow, Sterogum strains to make a music connection as an excuse to post about his fascination with Bree. Those folks, in turn, direct us to a NY Magazine article with some insights into how LG15 is the bastard child of Wikipedia and video -- because everyone can help make the movie, everyone can be a spinoff!

How many more days will LonelyGirl remain a secret?

UPDATE 9:40 AM EST 8/24/06: New posts about LG15 on Virginia Heffernan's NY Times Screens Blog:

1. We Don't Stalk - With credit to youtuber terryfic, who has posted one of the best LG 15 parodies on Youtube.

2. A Pause For Some Words From Bree With a long email from Bree. Heffernan wants to dream, she wants to believe.

2nd UPDATE 5:11pm EST 8/24/06: It's official! Virginia Heffernan at the NY Times is now obssessed with Bree. She also probably still believes in Tooth Fairy, but that's ok. This is not the first time she's been duped by a youtuber . . . this month.

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