Sunday, February 11, 2007

The LG15 Hierachy, and Being Featured with Paul And Andrea

casey casem says he can't figure out opaphid either.

This weekend I perused the subscriber counts of Lonelygirl15 and its subsidiary channels on YouTube to see what the most popular parts of the Breeniverse are. I found the following:

1. Lonelygirl15. As always, #1 all-time most subscribed at youtube, with 82,000+ subscribers at this point.

2. Danielbeast. Currently #15 all-time, Danni B. -- the D-Train, the Beast -- has 21,000+ subscribers, just after Renetto on the charts.

3. Gemmers19. With over 15,500 subscribers, Gemma should be around #30. But she does not appear on the youtube charts at all because her current profile pic is not from a public video, which takes you off the charts. While this little quirk may not be widely known, its not a smart move for anybody on youtube who wants traffic.

4. Jonastko. Currently #61 with just over 12,000 subscribers. Jonas has grown on me over time really. And NOT like fungus. I think Jonas just became more of a geek, and not just a skateboard poser dude.

5. OpAphid. With 5641 subscribers, should be #88 on the youtube all-time chart. But again, appears to have the private profile pic problem like Gemma. If you didn't know, OpAphid is part of the lg15 ARG (alternate reality game), which became a much more integral part of lg15 last week with OpAphid/Daniel's "Miss Me" video, which showed that Daniel had been captured by the mysterious Order. Eek.

6. Tachyon. Not in the top 100 alltime subscribed, but close at 4496 subscribers. Also part of the ARG, today's "Human Ransom" video made understanding Tachyon critical. At least, what you need to know is that Ms. Tachyon is like an Order rebel, the anti-Order if you will, which apparently has helped Bree to spring Daniel from the clutches of the cool-looking yet ineffectual Order. Oh, and Tachyon has this funky theme music that probably could make gold as a ring tone.

7. Cassieiswatching. "CiW" is the original cassie spinoff. This channel hasn't had a new video in 4 months, and ciw has long been declared dead. But she did manage to garner and retain 3,833 subscribers, mostly during the height of lg15 press coverage.

8. Nikki Bower. With 3354 subscribers, Nikki B. is the highest profile of the current lg15 fan fiction. Since Nikki B.'s connection to the Creators makes her more like what i call friendfic, this isn't too surprising. By the way, Nikki B. is in no way connected to cassieiswatching like I speculated in my last post. So, end your idle speculation on that point.

9. Lonelygirl362436. A series of three lg15 parody videos done by Carmen Electra to support Epic Movie, this channel has 3277 subscribers. Some hot moves from Carmen again proves that chicks=clicks on youtube. At least the Creators got some cash from the deal, as they made these irreverant spoofs.

10. Brother-10033. Somehow in cahoots with Tachyon, Brother bats last in the subscriber count of canon channels with 2,184 subscribers (and the only canon material to have less subscribers fanfic). His videos don't appear main-plot critical, however.

11. Paul & Andrea. I have followed the adventures of Paul & Andrea since they appeared shortly after Bree mentioned meeting Daniel's friends of the same name long ago. The fact that Paul replied in a video to a comment I made on one of their prior videos didn't hurt either. While clever fanfic, I didn't realize this channel actually has 2,152 subscribers!

A quick youtube email exchange with Paul on youtube revealed that this channel was recently featured for new subscribers on youtube. Apparently, when you sign up for youtube now, you get a chance to subscribe to some channels to start off your subscription list. Suggested channels are featured for 48 hours, and apparently Paul & Andrea recently benefited from such manna from youtube-heaven. Here's the video where Paul namechecked me:

Paul and Andrea haven't had a new video for about a month now, so if they want to take advantage of these new subscribers (not sure how many of their total), they need to move now.

12. Itscassie. With 1680 subscribers, itscassie is the 2nd most popular ever cassie spinoff. Well produced fanfiction. Will the real cassie ever appear? I still like the Bree is Cassie theory myself. But who knows.

There's lots of other great lg15 fanfic out there (like the hilarious LonesomeOctober, the scholarly Homeschoolers Aggregate, and humor from ApotheosisAZ, but no channels with over 1,000 subscribers on youtube that I'm aware of (and let me know if I'm wrong). Also, if you view the lg15 vids at, you can see a lot of fanfic posted on the right-side of the screen, all hosted on revver (though much of it is cross-posted at youtube too).

And that's your lg15 hierachy watch for now. Good night.

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