Monday, February 26, 2007

Why Jessica Rose Is A Bigger Star Than Lindsay Lohan

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Entertainment and gossip sites are all over the internet. And part of the nature of entertainment gossip is that people want to know the scoops as they are happening. They need to know, and know now! This benefits terrible shows like Access Hollywood, but also websites that are not only unafraid to talk about Britney's latest exploits, but that will show every picture they can find too.

Now I believe that the nature of internet news/gossup sites is that they tend to blow up internet-based stories, as they are all sharing the same backyard. For example, sites like TMZ (the gossip site most responsible for outing Bree), The Daily Reel and Geeksugar have posted blurbs about lonelygirl15 frequently. If something happens on the internet, its easy and and frankly natural for an internet-based outlet to consider it very newsworthy and post about it. Its the internet promoting the internet, in a roundabout way.

So, in the last week a few pictures of Jessica Rose with Lindsay Lohan have popped up on the internet (the 1st I saw was at TMZ). We know Lohan is a much bigger star than Jessica right? And we also know that Jessica's role is this film is not very big, right?

Yet, I'm seeing Jessica's star shining very brightly when the Lohan movie is discussed.

For example, Big Picture Radio says:

LonelyGirl15, aka Jessica Rose, has reportedly parlayed YouTube success into a co-starring gig in a future Lindsay Lohan movie. Moviehole has the story, and if I were Jessica, I'm not sure how to take the news. On the one hand, it is a major motion picture. On the other, relying on Lindsay Lohan to generate interest for your film at this point is kind of like buying the deed on a hilltop home in Southern California when it's raining."
OK, now Rose is "co-starring" with lohan. A big elevation in status. And, not only that, but the writer here apparently feels that using Lohan for "your film" (i.e., Rose's film apparently) is a bad idea for Jessica Rose. Someone reading this cold might well conclude that Rose is a bigger star than Lohan!

Another fun article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald online. (link) Ok, the SMH is Australian and close to Rose's New Zealand roots, but its funny to see the article note that "a number of photos of Rose and Lohan (note, that's Rose and Lohan, not Lohan and Rose) on the set of the film have cropped up on celebrity gossip websites."

And the focus is all on Jessica:

Oh, the glory of fame! "Brought up in New Zealand, Rose shot to stardom after she appeared as the home-schooled teenager "Bree" in a series of video blogs, posted on YouTube under the alias Lonelygirl15."

Elsewhere, website Geeksugar notes that Lonelygirl15 co-stars with Lohan, and Glitteratigossip reveals that she "will star opposite" Lohan. The hype is everywhere and growing. But maybe its not hype.

If you add up all the views of all lg15 videos on youtube, you have a TREMENDOUS number of people that have seen her. And its going up everyday. How many people are renting the Parent Trap today, right? Perception can become reality quickly. The more times that Jessica Rose gets compared favorably to people like Lohan, like in the articles cited article, it may well shift common opinion.

Conclusion: Jessica Rose is a bigger star than Lindsey Lohan. If you dare disagree, please speak up.

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