Monday, September 18, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: LonelyGirl15 Gets First Kiss!

Ok. This is NOT breaking news in the real sense. The mystery of who LG15 is (Jessica Rose), and who is behind it (i.e, The Creators(tm): Mesh Flinders, Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried), is all out there now. They've been on MTV, Leno, CNN, CBS, etc. Many major newspapers, and widely syndicated AP articles, have covered the outing story.

So, it's back to the real story. I mean the fake story. Umm . . . OK, the PLOT! And, in very likely response to viewer demand, Bree today (1) tells us about how Daniel clumsily tried to kiss her at a party, and (2) dubs her previously-unnamed stuffed bear "Thor":

View: My First Kiss at YouTube

View: My First Kiss at

True to her vblogging roots, the actual KISS is NOT shown in the video. But it doesn't have to be, as Bree acts it out graphically:

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Lastly, I should mention that the prominent unofficial LG15 forum has now been redubbed, after the original name used for the LG15 project in auditions. I like it.

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