Thursday, March 18, 2010

M_____ D _______ - Wikipedia article

Removed upon request, January 2018. (See comments below; I received no requests regarding this 2010 post, which was primarily a repost of a deleted Wikipedia article, prior to these comments.)


Martin Dudziak said...

Years ago you said that you would REMOVE (DELETE) thius and related articles. It is still here in 2018. Whoever you are, you have no basais for making defamatory and negative information against me. Please remove all this article above at once - just as you claim to be wiloling to do - and Leave Me and my Family and Profeswsional activities Alone.

Martin Joseph Dudziak

Confirm the total removal by sending email to

Martin Dudziak said...

GET RID OF THIS POST. You obviously do not keep your word. Your derisive and defamatory statements here are FALSE, MISLEADING,and typical of what is evident from the rest of your blogsite and website. Show some honesty and DELETE all (ALL) pages and references to me and my family and company, etc.