Friday, February 07, 2014

People Tweeted About The "Ring Malfunction"

At exactly 8:24pm Sochi Time (or 11:24am EST in United States), one of the Olympic rings at the Sochi opening ceremony failed to open. Here are the first ten people to tweet something about a "ring malfunction" at that moment. Kudos to StevenX (@DVDVR_DFA) for also referencing the 2010 Vancouver opening ceremony torch fail at the same moment of this fail, a truly stunning example of pop-culture referencing on the fly.  photo ring10_zpsf2f7d65e.png Kudos to @julianminksi, @yarnpiggy, @breannajaade, @dawno317, @hosea24hours, @emilytjames, @aizuhas, @sarahcastic, @DVDVR_DFA, and @__BlankFile for their lightning fast reflexes.

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