Monday, June 14, 2010

Fuck BP on Youtube ("Friend BP on Youtube?!!")

I just noticed this add for BP ("Friend BP on Youtube: Visit BP's page on youtube for latest gulf spill video updates.") Apparently BP has been spending big money buying up search terms and on youtube to direct people to their own narrative of their monumental fuckup oil spill. (see link, e.g.,: 1) Note that the video linked in the above graphic is rated 1 out of 5 stars, haha, BP is paying to spread their own bad publicity.


So if you stumble across one of these "Friend BP on Youtube" ads, please do not friend BP. Instead, type whereever you can find to type it "FUCK BP ON YOUTUBE"

As a corporation, BP committed a grevious fuckup in running a grossly negligent drilling operation, which led to a disaster which they completely underestimated the risk of. The liability to which BP has exposed itself it enormous, so like any huge corporation, it is fighting for its life. BP may well no longer exist within 2 years, if they are not shielded like a welfare mama from having to pay for actual damage the spill caused.


Do not "Friend BP on Youtube" BP is not your friend. It is not a good corporate citizen.

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